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  1. 1. JOURNAL “Facilitating Trade & Investment Between Indonesia and Britain” AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012 Angel Investing Imports of Fruit & Indonesian Entrepreneurs torical ties Indo His for Emerging Vegetables into Indonesia- - as the Agents of Change rs ne a sia ye -UK 200 Entrepreneurs An update on New in Facing Eurozone Crisis in Indonesia Regulations Impact to Indonesia Economy PAGE 32 PAGE 38 PAGE 47 Success Means Entrepreneurs (are) smalleragustus-september_16august.indd 1 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  2. 2. 2| AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd 2 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS EVENTS 40 When Japanese Customers 8 Young Professionals Group are Actually Right and Truthful Indonesia’s Investment Outlook contributed by BritChams 9 HR Sector Group Seminar. Manufacturing & Retail Sector 10 Luncheon: Developing People - It’s a Group Our patron: leader’s job and makes life easier 42 The Hunting Knife Versus the 11 Business & Social Gathering - June & Penknife contributed by BritChams July 2012 HR Sector Group 12 Professional Womens Group - Wisdom from Extra-ordinary SME SPOTLIGHT Proudly sustained by: Experience and Breast Cancer 43 The Rich are Getting Younger Awareness contributed by ActionCOACH 13 Professional Womens Group - Effective Networking THIS MONTHS FEATURES Strategies 44 Entrepreneurship Policies for Sustainable Economic Growth BUSINESS & ECONOMICS contributed by BritChams Young 15 The Power of Action Learning in Professional Group Creating Sustainable Competitive 47 Indonesian Entrepreneurs - as the Advantages Agents of Change in Facing Eurozone contributed by PT. People Power Crisis Impact to Indonesia Economy 18 Health, Wealth and Happiness contributed by Jennifer Hadinugraha (please) contributed by One Asia 48 Are Team Building Trainings Really 20 Killer Sales Presentations Worth the Investment? contributed contributed by Think8 by Outward Bound Indonesia 22 Are You LinkedIn? contributed by 50 New Tax Plan for SMEs contributed Infotech SF Consulting 24 Renewable Energy in Indonesia 52 The success of Indonesia’s SME contributed by PT. Serdang development contributed by The Biopower Executive Centre INDONESIAN BUSINESS LIFESTYLE & HEALTH NEWS 53 Minimal Access Neurosurgery - fiction or reality? contributed by 26 Angel Investing for Emerging Raffles Entrepreneurs in Indonesia 54 Naked Conversation - Book Review contributed by HIPMI JAYA 55 This Month in History 28 Trade and Investment Opportunities 56 The Games in Numbers - Myth for Indonesia in Special Economic Airline partner of the year 2011/2012: Zones of India contributed by KADIN MEMBERS INDONESIA ANNOUNCEMENTS 57 New Members BANKING & FINANCE 59 Members Announcements 30 Global Connections Report contributed by HSBC This publication is not for sale. It is distributed free to members 34 Indonesia – Investment-grade of the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (BritCham). A euphoria fades contributed by number of articles in Up.Date have been provided to us by outside sources, including Concord Consulting and Castle Asia, and have Standard Chartered Bank been reproduced in this newsletter largely without editing. The 36 Are High Investment Returns Still articles selected represent a range of views on significant current issues in Indonesia. The views expressed in this journal cannot be Possible Today contributed by PPI assumed to represent the official views of BritCham as a whole nor Indonesia of its Board of Management and Executive Office. Any errors of fact that occur in the articles are the responsibility of the contributing author or publisher. SECTOR GROUPS The articles conntributed by CastleAsia are summary translations 38 Imports of Fruit & Vegetables from the original Indonesian language sources for inclusion in their into Indonesia- An update on own publication, Indonesia Country Program; Executive Highlights. The contents and views expressed do not necessarily represent New Regulations contributed by those of CastleAsia or BritCham. The translations may not be literal. BritChams FFFA Sector Group The articles are not intended as formal advice and should not be relied upon as such. | 1agustus-september_16august.indd p1 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  4. 4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS For further information or to make a reservation, please contact or call DHINI at +62 21 522 9453 For Associate sponsorship, please contact THURSDAY August’s Business & Social Gathering 30 AUGUST Sponsored by Government of Riau Island Shangri-La Hotel | |18.00 – 12.30 THURSDAY Breakfast Panel Briefing 6 SEPTEMBER “Business Risk & Security” 18.00 – 12.30 | 5* CBD hotel Wisma Metropolitan I, 15th Floor Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31 Jakarta 12920 – Indonesia PHONE +62 21 522 9453 FAX +62 21 527 9135 EMAIL THURSDAY European Business Partners: 13 SEPTEMBER BRITCHAM, EKONID, IFCCI, INA & Eurocham Hosted by BritCham, Sponsored by CEO Suite 18.00 – 12.30 | TBA OFFICERS CHAIRMAN Haslam Preeston VICE CHAIRMAN Maxi Gunawan HONORARY SECRETARY ACTING James Bryson HONORARY TREASURER Daniel Hankinson MONDAY BritCham in association with The Fry Group: SECTOR GROUPS CHAIRMAN OF ENERGY 17 UK Tax Seminar - focusing on Residency & Domicile 18.00 – 20.30 |TBA (Refer to page 14) SECTOR David Braithwaite MBE CHAIRMAN OF HUMAN RESOURCES David Knowles CHAIRMAN OF INFRASTRUCTURE Scott Younger OBE SEPTEMBER CHAIRMAN OF MANUFACTURING & RETAIL Joseph Hwang CHAIRMAN OF FOOD, FORESTRY, TUESDAY Breakfast Briefing: An Introduction To Navigating 18 FISHERIES & AGRICULTURE Roger Pinder Business Opportunities in Myanmar SECTOR COMMITTEES CHAIRMAN OF Sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield MEMBERSHIP SECTOR COMMITTEE Aziz Adam SEPTEMBER 07.30 – 09.00 |TBA Sattar CHAIRMAN OF SME SECTOR COMMITTEE Cynthia Wihardja CHAIRMAN OF YOUNG THURSDAY PROFESSIONALS GROUP Jay Singgih CHAIRMAN 4 Breakfast Briefing: OF PROFESSIONAL WOMEN COMMITTEE Sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield Juliette Williams BOARD MEMBERS Tom OCTOBER 07.30 – 10.00 | TBA Aaker, John Arnold OBE (Former Chairman), James Bryson, David Burke, Rob Daniel, John Galvin, Colin Harvey, Malcolm Llewellyn OBE WEDNESDAY (Former Chairman), Tonny Pranatadjaja, Harun 17 Breakfast Briefing: The Journalists Perspective of Reksodiputro, John Slack, Darwin Silalahi Indonesia EX OFFICIO Debbie Clarke – Director of UKTI, OCTOBER 07.30 – 10.00, | TBA Keith Davies OBE – Director of British Council, Heru Dewanto – IABA (CORRESPONDENCE FOR THURSDAY October’s Business & Social Gathering BOARD MEMBERS may be addressed to: info@ 25 OCTOBER Sponsored by Allied Pickfords, Colliers, Etihad, FTI Consulting EXECUTIVE OFFICE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Chris Wren ( 18.00 – 20.30 | TBA EXECUTIVE ASST Irawati Nataadidjaja THURSDAY BritChams Professional Womens Group ( SALES 25 OCTOBER 16.00 – 18.00 | TBA & MARKETING COORDINATOR Shinta Permatasari ( EVENT COORDINATOR Dhini Puspitasari (events@ FINANCE OFFICER Daliana THURSDAY September’s Business & Social Gathering UK Alumni Tiono ( PUBLICATIONS 27 Sponsored by Global Assistance, The Haven, Prudential & Robbie Stone ( Santa Fe BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Hans Mohammad OCTOBER 18.00 – 20.30 | TBA ( 2| AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p2 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  5. 5. British Chamber of Commerce TUESDAY 16 in Vietnam ( BritCham Economic Briefing with Roman Scott OCTOBER SATURDAY 15 BBGV HCMC supports AusCham WEDNESDAY 31 Annual Ball “Arabian Nights” Collaborating across the Supply Chain SEPTEMBER for Green Growth OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER BBGV HCMC’s luncheon with the Lord Mayor of the City of London British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand ( SUNDAY TUESDAY 30 BBGV HCMC FUN RUN FOR CHARITY 4 Special BCCT Luncheon (Bank of Thailand) SEPTEMBER OCTOBER British Chamber of Commerce in THURSDAY THURSDAY 20 & 18 Singapore ( Third Thursday Networking Evening THURSDAY SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 13 Entrepreneur / SME Inter-Chamber Networking Night TUESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER Business Breakfast British Business Association Cambodia FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28 SEPTEMBER Energy & Utilities Briefing British Chamber of Commerce in Philippines ( THURSDAY 4 OCTOBER 13th Annual Business Awards TUESDAY 4 Business Lunch Philippine Consumer Trends & SEPTEMBER Ecconomic Outlook BritCham members in Indonesia are invited to attend Chamber events at BISEA Conference participating Chambers. USE YOUR BritCard. EDITORIAL TEAM The Executive Office:, Robbie Stone. DESIGN, LAYOUT AND PRINTING PT. PHOENIX Communications. Jl. Benda Raya No. 98 A-B Cilandak 12560 T:+62-21 781 3212 | F: +62-21 781 2476 | E: | UP.DATE is published by BritCham (British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia). This publication may not, in whole or part, be lent, copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable form without the express written permission of the publisher. | 3agustus-september_16august.indd p3 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  6. 6. CHAIRMANS MESSAGES Despite somewhat overblown fears arising Reform, stated Indonesia’s Civil Service from a lack of private security guards faced five key problems: and understandable concerns about the weather and transport infrastructure, 1. Over-complicated and excessively London put on an absolutely spectacular staffed organisational structure show. The organisational challenge in 2. Under-staffing and lack of specialists hosting the world’s premier sporting in critical areas of competence event in one of its largest cities, with 3. Difficulties in measuring the delivery London’s creaking tube and commuter and outcome of services rail network, notorious shortage of hotel 4. Poor quality of most public services rooms, overburdened roads and all the 5. Overlapping laws horrors of Heathrow, cannot be under estimated. Beijing faced similar difficulties, The encouraging news is that Pak Eko and but benefited from the iron control of the his boss, Administrative Reform Minister, state over pretty much everything in the Pak Azwar Abubakar, understand the pursuit of national glory. That cannot be nature of the problem. But, rather as with said for London and it says huge amounts the KPK tackling corruption (part and parcel for the capabilities of the organising of administrative reform), one wonders committee and supporting government whether the resources and commitment institutions that things have largely gone to sustain a long-term effort can be Haslam Preeston pretty smoothly. marshalled. Put another way, is there the political will to effect real change. Equally Looking at Indonesia, I wonder what important is that the desire and impetus for Britain, Britain, Britain... would need to change in order for Jakarta change should also come from within the I must admit I fell victim to host a successful Olympic Games. The bureaucracy itself. However, the current starting point would be winning the right standoff between the national police and to the Olympics hype. to host the Games in the first place. The KPK over the arrest of a two-star police Badminton has never been city and national governments would need general does not seem encouraging. The so gripping as watching Lin to create and sustain an organisation to protection of established privileges and mount a credible bid against international practices appear to be more important Dan (China) snatch Gold from competitors, and after winning the bid, than effecting perhaps painful change for Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia). push through necessary infrastructure the greater good. If that remains the case, investment whilst adhering to an inflexible and until society demands otherwise, then Whilst perhaps hours of timetable. the efforts of the cluster of technocrats ping pong coverage was at the highest levels in government will wearing (yes, I was watching Indonesia’s civil service has struggled to achieve far less than they otherwise might. deliver infrastructure projects of far greater – China appears to own the importance than mere sporting venues and To return to my original point on hosting sport), catching Alistair and it is this failure to execute that is concerning. the games here: unless the government Inspiring targets, articulate ministers and can accelerate the drive for administrative Jonathan Brownlee take Gold reams of (hopefully) well-thought out reform, a “Jakarta 202X” Games would be and Bronze for Great Britain legislation and regulations will find it less Beijing 2008, and more like New Delhi in the Triathlon, in front of difficult to surmount a venal and corrupt 2010. bureaucracy. Things are in a parlous state 250,000 spectators on a when one often reads in the media that A final point on the Olympics: the churlish course around Hyde Park, business regards payments to government decision by the UK’s Football Team Captain, officials to expedite processing of licenses, Ryan Giggs, not to sing the national anthem was a wonderful moment. permits and so on as a necessary “tax” for reasons generally lost on the rest of The medal standings have to ensure they can simply do business. the world (born in Cardiff, he grew up also given the rather surreal I remember a newspaper article in the in Manchester and is part West African Philippines several years ago lamenting – surely a great advertisement for our feeling of seeing Australia a research report that rated only India modern United Kingdom, rather than trailing Kazakhstan....I have and Indonesia as having more inefficient Welsh nationalism?). A real leader would bureaucracies. have either turned down the captaincy, quietly hidden my Australian or swallowed his pride for the unity of his passport. Writing in the Jakarta Post in June, Eko team and country. Prasojo, Deputy Minister for Administrative 4| AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p4 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  7. 7. In the future, there will be no markets waiting to emerge. By 2050, it is forecast that 19 of the 30 largest economies by GDP will be countries we now call ‘emerging’* But how will . this new world order stack up for your business? At HSBC we understand emerging markets – 150 years ago we were set up to facilitate trade between China and Europe. Our Trade teams, on the ground in over 60 countries, can help you navigate local markets while keeping your eye on the bigger picture. There’s a new world emerging. Connect to the latest international business insight at *Source: HSBC “The World in 2050” Jan 2011. . Issued by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. | 5agustus-september_16august.indd p5 8/16/12 7:33 PM
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE UPDATE Most importantly, by the end of October, to you. This will be work-in-progress from we will be able to offer members the mid September. added complimentary facility of conducting meetings at BritCham when more convenient, EIBD - ACTIVE or when the BritCham setting might be more BritCham is one of the collaborating conducive to opening or closing a deal. Chambers for the EU-Active project. An annual focal point is the EIBD (Euro-Indo CHRISTMAS PARTY Business Dialogue) which is a B-2-B forum Well, we have billed this years Christmas for providing essential input for G-2-G party as a Right Royal event. We have all deliberations on trade issues. The main enjoyed the Silver Jubilee celebrations that purpose is to create a better environment to have been beamed across the world and mutually exploit business opportunities. This perhaps many of us were amazed at HMs years EIBD will be held in Bali on November interphase with 007 for the opening of the 8 and 9. It is intended to assemble 25 London Olympics 2012. This years BritCham senior executives from each of Europe and Christmas Party is to be our celebration of Indonesia to participate in specific sectoral two great landmarks in British history. Tickets and cross-sectoral working groups. Both will be announced as on sale at the Special President SBY and the EU President will be Alumni B & S Gathering on Sept 27th and you in attendance to hear the output and for Chris Wren can guarantee a sell-out within a couple of a wider plenerary session that is likely to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR weeks, as last year. Our corporate members attract around 400 delegates. BritCham has have been quick to sign up to sponsorship specific responsibility for the Infrastructure opportunities. With Gold fully subscribed sector. If you would like to actively participate SMART OFFICE BRITCHAM and HSBC having taken the banking slot in or receive an invitation, please contact me Following the signing of the Platinum, one further Platinum slot remains personally. and a couple of Silver and Associate. MOU between BritCham and AMNESTY UK ABC ( UK Asean Business EVENTS Each year a small percentage of our members Council) during the PMs As we enter the last trimester of 2012, lapse and yet we continue to meet them BritCham is delighted to draw members periodically at various events. It may be recent visit, we are delighted attention to a long list of events that that the separation has been inadvertent, to report that our follow-up is feature sector updates, alternative country so if you are a lapsed member from 2011 a full refurbishment and very perspectives, valuable information on current or 2012, we will be offering you an amnesty trends and the eagerly awaited launch of the enabling you to renew before the end of fresh look for our BritCham BritCham Business Confidence Index. Many September without having to pay a new Executive Office. additions to our events list are pending, so Admin fee. Please keep an eye open for please do keep a close eye on each Mondays your personalised invitation detailing the Forthcoming Events mail. special amnesty terms. The MOU committed BritCham to providing British SMEs, looking at opportunities DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in Indonesia, with on-demand smart- We listen very carefully to your comments office facilities with the unique privilege and suggestions. One thing has been clear Your comments and suggestions are always of mentoring and assisting, including and that is the need to rejuvenate our important and welcomed. Please contact match-making. In order to honour this communication platforms. A very significant me directly on: commitment we have now contracted a step towards this is a complete overhaul full re-furb of our Wisma Metropolitan 1 of our database management system. The facility that includes 2 smart-offices for 4 result will provide you with more opportunity and 6 persons respectively, as well as hot to use the BritCham website for bookings desks so that BritCham is in a position to take and information retrieval and for us to learn on temporary additional staff for specific more about your preferences. Our objective business services and projects. is to be alerting you about the events and issues that you are telling us are important 6| AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p6 8/16/12 7:33 PM C Chris
  9. 9. | 7agustus-september_16august.indd p7Ch i tChristmas_2012_FLYER a4 ok.idd 1 2012 FLYER 4 k idd 8/16/12 2:16 PM 7:34 8/16/12 2 16 PM
  10. 10. EVENTS britchams young professionals group On 14th June 2012, the BritCham Young Professionals Group (YPG) hosted an event with the theme of “Indonesia’s Investment Outlook”, with speakers Mr. Daniel Budiman (Founding Partner of Mahanusa Capital) and Mr. Tigor M. Siahaan (Chief Country Officer of Citibank Indonesia), moderated by Mr. James Bryson (Director and Founding Partner of PT HB Capital Indonesia). The event was hosted at the Financial Club Jakarta and was attended by young professionals from various sectors including financial services, management consultancy, investment banking and investment management. Tigor M. Siahaan (Chief Country Officer of Citibank Indonesia). Haslam Preeston (BritCham Chairman), Daniel Budiman (Founding Partner of Mahanusa Capital), Tigor M. Siahaan (Chief Country Officer of Citibank Indonesia) and Jay Singgih (Chairman of Young Professionals Group). Jay Singgih (Chairman of Young Professionals Group) delivering his opening remarks. Tigor M. Siahaan (Chief Country Officer of Citibank Indonesia) delivering his words. James Bryson (BritCham Board Member), Tigor M. Siahaan (Chief Country Officer of Citibank Indonesia), Daniel Budiman (Founding Partner of Mahanusa Capital). Jay Singgih (front) and audience listening Guests Enjoying the buffet. to Tigor M. Siahaan and Daniel Budiman. Nicky Yuventius Andrew Sutedja (BritCham YPG Committee (BowerGroupAsia) putting Member) third from left , with Guests. forward his question. T he event, which took place as a panel discussion forum, provided an insight on investment outlook in the various sectors in Indonesia, including government regulations, regional/global economy and its impact on short and long-term investments in Indonesia. The panel discussion also raised issues which should be improved, such as further investments on education and human capital as well as introducing policies and further investments in infrastructure which would create a more conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation in Indonesia. These would need strong leadership and government support/ commitment; however, working together on this with private enterprise would ensure Indonesia’s increased competitiveness in the regional and global stage, as well as an increased sustainable development and economic growth. BritChams YPG would like to take this opportunity to thank our speakers, Mr. Daniel Budiman and Mr. Tigor M. Siahaan, as well as Mr. James Bryson as the moderator for our event. We would also like to thank the BritCham Executive Office, BritCham Board Members, Mr. Haslam Preeston and Mr. Chris Wren for the continuous support and mentorship to our Group. Last but not least, we would like to thank all our guests and attendees for all the continuous support and we very much look forward to seeing all of you at the next BritCham YPG event. Jay Singgih - Chairman of BritChams Young Professionals Group 8| AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p8 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  11. 11. BritChams HR Groups seminar Five Ways Business Leaders Use Mediation To Their Advantage by Raymond Lee SPONSORED BY : & How Your Company can Change to Retain Talent: How to use Employee Engagement Surveys by David Knowles Mr. Raymond Lee, a mediator with the Indonesian Mediation Centre (Pusat Mediasi Nasional) presented a lively case for mediation. As business leaders, Lee argued, our task is to achieve a certain outcome for a certain cost within a certain time. Why then, when faced with conflict, do many in business turn to a conflict resolution tool that offers an uncertain outcome, uncertain costs, and an uncertain time frame, namely adjudication? ( continued on page 42 ) Raymond Lee (indonesian Mediation Centre delivering his talk. Chris Wren (BritCham Executive Director) offering his thanks to David Knowles and Raymond Lee. David Knowles (PT OPUS Management Indonesia) delivering his talk. David Knowles (PT OPUS Management Indonesia) delivering his talk. | 9agustus-september_16august.indd p9 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  12. 12. EVENTS SPONSORED BY : Outward Bound Indonesia Luncheon: Developing People It’s a leader’s job and makes life easier - with Noke Kiroyan A very special Luncheon, kindly sponsored by Outward Bound Indonesia, was held at the Intercontinental Midplaza on 27th June 2012. Noke Kiroyan (Chief Consultant of Kiroyan Partners) spoke on the role a CEO has to play in the development of an organisation and the development of its staff. Experienced Noke Kiroyan shared Noke Kiroyan (Kiroyan Partners) delivering his talk. John Slack (BritCham Board Member), Noke Kiroyan, Wendy Kusumowidagdo (Outward Bound Indonesia), John Arnold (BritCham Board Member), Chris Wren (BritCham Executive Director). his key insights into the successful leadership he himself has enjoyed over his long career. His practical approach offered a refreshing contrast to the slick concepts and models provided by many purveyors of ‘leadership’. Noke Kiroyan (Kiroyan Partners) delivering Guests enjoying the opportunity to Nokes sense of humour working with his final words of thanks to the Guests. listen to Noke. the guests. 10 | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p10 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  13. 13. SPONSORED BY : Business & Social Gathering 2 3 5 1 T he BritCham Business & Social Gathering of June was held on Thursday 28th. The Mercantile Athletic Club kindly opened up the lounge area for more relaxing setting than usual. A 4 6 big thanks to Fortice, The Haven, Tauzia, and Paulaner Bräuhaus PHOTO CAPTIONS for their Kind sponsorship and a special mention to the MAC team 1. Chris (Tauzia), Teo (BritCham), Haslam Preeston (BritCham Chairman), Shinta who organised a superb buffet. (BritCham), Roger Smith (JAC Business Center), Chris Wren (BritCham Executive Director), Steve Barber (Indonesian Rugby), Guest. 2. Hernoko D. Wibowo (SUDJONO & REKAN), Guest, Sarah Howe (AmCham) Door prizes and Winners 3. Clive Philips (Detmold Packaging), Sugianto (Mercantile Athletic Club), Jürgen Domani Dining vouchers from Paulaner Bräuhaus & Dining vouchers (Mercantile Athletic Club), John Slack (BritCham Board Member). Mercantile Athletic Club: 4. Tinneke Agustina (Asian tigers), Poonam Sagar (PT InfoTech Solutions), John Corbett (People Solutions). Roger Smith (JAC Business Center) 5. Haslam Preeston (BritCham Chairman) Vica Valentina (Irlen Dyslexia Centre) 6. Rob Daniel (BritCham Board Member), Rob Phillips (RP Digital Security Pte Ltd) SPONSORED BY : A larger than expected number turned out for July’s 1 2 Business and Social Gathering. It was held at the Maroush Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Guests enjoyed a delicious selection of Middle Eastern Dishes to buka puasa (break the fast). A big thank you to the Voffice and Maroush for their 3 kind sponsorship. Door Prizes & Winners 1.Free Voffice platinum plan for 1 year valued at Rp. 7,800,000 – Victor Dumitrescu (Pedersen & Partners) 4 5 2.Free Voffice platinum plan for 3 months valued at Rp. 2,550,000 PHOTO CAPTIONS – Marina Spisiakova (United nations ESCAP) 1. Grigoriy Ryabtsev (PT Serdang Biopower), Theodora Schiop (Allied Pickfords), 3.Free Voffice meeting room voucher valued at Rp. 600,000 – Guest. Virawati (PT. Rajawali Pialang Asuransi) 2. Personel from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade taking the opportunity to network. 4.Dining voucher from Madeleine Bistro valued at Rp. 400,000 - 3. Poonam Sagar (PT Infotech Solutions), Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment), Debbie Nigel Landon (PT. EnviroSolutions & Consulting) Clarke (UKTI). 5.Dining voucher from Maroush and Anatolia valued at Rp. 4. Adji Sujianto (Maroush), Chris Wren (BritCham Executive Director), Sean Tham, (Voffice) Malcolm Llewellyn (BritCham Board Member) 400,000 - Michelle Sanchez (PM Communications) 5. Marc Joly (PM Communications), Chris Wren (BritCham Executive Director), 6.Pinot Noir wine - Francois Rousselle (Safeway Relocations) Michelle Sanchez (PM Communications) | 11agustus-september_16august.indd p11 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  14. 14. EVENTS Wisdom from Extra-ordinary Experiences and Breast Cancer Awareness Professional Womens Group June, 28th 2012 event Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment) weloming Shinta McDonald (DMAC), Esti McMillan Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment), Esti McMillan Poonam Sagar (PT Infotech Solutions), left, the guest speakers to the stage. (EMC Home Search), Mariko Yoshihara (EMC Home Search), Poonam Sagar (PT and Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment), right, (PT. JAC Indonesia), Sony Jethnani (JAC Infotech Solutions), Mariko Yoshihara (PT. JAC presenting a certificte of apreciation to Dr. Recruitment) during the pannel discussion. Indonesia), Tinneke Agustina (Asian Tigers Felicia Tan (Raffles Hospital Singapore). Indonesia) Mina lie (Gelamisto). N early sixty women packed into the she keeps healthy by choosing foods that minimum insurance for hospitalisation crowded function room at the Mercantile are antioxidant and anti–cancer. She stays benefits and stressed the importance for Athletic Club for the Professional energetic and vibrant through her hobby income providers of the family to take out a Women Group’s Thursday, June 28th event. of dancing, working hard and having fun. life-insurance policy to ensure their families would be taken care of should something Following our usual half hour coffee break Mariko shared the most important lesson unfortunate happen to them. and networking time, we started our panel she had leant. This was to be mindful and discussion with Mariko Yoshihara, CEO of present in the moment and not concentrate Mariko also advised to consider acquiring PT. JAC Indonesia and PT. JAC Business too much on 5 & 10 year goals, which had a source of earning passive income for our Center, who is one of the survivors of the been her main focus before the incident. “old age” and times when we are unable JW Marriot Bomb blast of July 17, 2009 She is living more in the NOW and has let to work due to illness or accident, as this and Esti McMillan, Founder & Director go of all attachments to material things. will provide us with security and financial of EMC Home Search, who has overcome She is not afraid to be fully herself in all freedom to continue maintaining our current breast cancer. situations. She reminded us to love ourselves, standards of living. our family and friends. We chose these two women to share their The panel discussion was followed by a stories with our group as they are living The most important lesson detailed and graphic presentation on the examples of how they took the wisdom from [is] to be mindful and Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer their individual extraordinary experiences and present in the moment and by Dr. Felicia Tan, Specialist in General continue to live with passion and purpose. Surgery at Raffles Hospital Singapore. Dr. Their vision and determination for what they not concentrate too much Tan is actively involved in promoting breast want out of their lives and their self-belief on 5 & 10 years goals cancer awareness internationally. Her research are the qualities, which propelled them interest lies in breast oncology. through these life-threatening challenges. Our third panellist, Shinta Mc Donald - F ounder of DMAC- explained how Esti and Dr. Tan explained breast cancer is the No 1 Both women were very light-hearted and jovial Mariko both benefitted since the treatments cancer in the world right now. The ratio of about their experiences and answered my they had to undergo would have been a women to men with breast cancer is about questions, which they found to be deep and huge financial burden on them had they 100 to 1. Incidence of cancer in today’s world intense, with humour and grace. I explained not acquired insurance protection. Mariko is around 1 in 8 women. Research has not to them that some of us have moments required medical treatment for around 6 come up with the cause of breast cancer as when we struggle with our emotions, and months. Esti is still undergoing chemotherapy yet. Our genes play a major role and older hearing their stories would help to inspire us in Singapore, 3 years after her initial diagnosis. age, radiation and hormonal medicines can to look beyond the events and circumstances All the expenses these women have incurred increase the risk of breast cancer. to learn the lessons and stay positive and for their recoveries have been reimbursed determined to live our lives as best we can. by their insurance coverage, enabling them Overall, the vulnerable and open sharing of all Esti shared that the breast cancer made her to maintain their standard of living. the speakers made us all feel connected and become aware of her priorities - which are united for having been part of this truly special herself and her two children. Since her surgery, Shinta recommended all women acquire and unique session of real-life inspiration. 12 | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p12 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  15. 15. Effective Networking Strategies Professional Womens Group July, 26th 2012 event Golden Rule of Networking : “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to those people they know, like and trust.“ Guests listening to Sonny’s talk I n today’s business world, off-line or face- to-face networking is still a required aspect of conducting business for most of us, despite the rapid and continual growth of online networking, especially amongst the X & Y generations. Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment), Poonam Sagar (PT Sony Jethnani (JAC Recruitment), receiving thanks from Juliette Williams (BritCham Board Member) for her talk. Infotech Solutions), Tinneke Agustina (Asian Tigers Indonesia) with guests. For anyone who is considering networking or already an avid networker, three useful attitudes I recommend are; 1) Be Enthusiastic – have an attitude of enjoyment and fun and be positive 2) Be willing to share and give information – Don’t ask “what can you do for me”, ask Sony delivering her talk Guests enjoying the chance to network “what can I do for you.” 3. Be Present. A networking event is an person remember us for our uniqueness 3) Be open to learning – everyone we meet opportunity to talk to people face-to-face and the value of what we are representing. knows or does something that we may not and involves interaction and connection. already know and having a willingness to This requires us to listen, talk, ask Taking notes when talking to someone who listen and learn will encourage others to questions and make introductions. Don’t is interested in your company or service and share and talk to you. be distracted by past meetings or your going out of your way to connect two people next meeting. Don’t focus on your phone you know during an event are other good Combine the above attitudes with the or blackberry. Recognise this uniqueness traits you want to make efforts to practice. following three qualities and you will be of offline networking – it’s those one-to- ensured to have a productive networking one conversations and connections that “You get what you bring” from an event session : may turn into leads, referrals and potential so be conscious and mindful of the energy clients for you. you are bringing and your thoughts and 1. Be Prepared. Choose the event that you actions while you are networking. attend carefully and do your research on Online research shows that for networking the Chamber and its members. Check if the to be successful, we need to do at least 6.5 Please join our Facebook page : http://www. participants are your target audience. Prepare hours of networking per week, or attend 3 and practice your 10 second introduction events for 2 hours each. at-BritCham/168739736491714. speech. Bring at least 30 name cards – especially if your aim is to collect name We will only see the results from our cards for your database. networking activities, when we use the name cards collected to add to our database 2. Be Positive. Speak with appreciation and also send follow up emails to those who and gratitude. A networking event is an we met. Again, online research shows that Sony Jethnani Life Coach - Mindfulness, Values & opportunity to meet people. There are follow up contacts lead to a business deal Well-being usually between 50-100 people so, don’t between the 7th to 20th follow up action. www.sonyjethnani Email: only focus on the food, drinks and venue. We need patience and persistence and we Realise the potential of the event by being need to be authentic and creative in our style “people-minded”. of follow up. The key is to make the other | 13agustus-september_16august.indd p13 8/16/12 7:34 PM
  16. 16. agustus-september_16august.indd p14 8/16/12 7:35 PM
  17. 17. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS THE POWER OF ACTION LEARNING IN CREATING accumulated through natural resources, more capital and superior technologies or SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE better economies of scale. It is becoming increasingly clear that the dominant competitive force in the twenty-first century I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand. will be the capabilities derived from people (Confucius, 551-479 BC ) and better economies of scope. While conventional capital depreciates, intellectual capital appreciates with use. It has been widely acknowledged, particularly over the past two decades, that the source of corporate wealth is no longer material, but information and knowledge, applied at the workplace to create value. Consequently, the vital process of managing corporate knowledge and intellectual capital for generating and sustaining competitive advantage has gained the mainstream recognition that it so truly deserves. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Within the context of organisations, ‘development’ could be defined as ‘creating the realisation of optimum potentialities’. It is not a state or condition, but a process. It is an increase in capacity and potential for improvement, and not necessarily an increase in attainment. It is more a matter of motivation, knowledge, understanding and wisdom than it is of material wealth. THE “WAKE-UP CALL” technology and variety are becoming It is a means of creating organisational The latter half of the 20th century evidenced a available at relatively low cost, the only sustainability and value creation. One quantum leap in technological development. sustainable competitive advantage that a of the most effective means of creating Major trends towards globalisation, company can create may be the ability to sustainable competitive advantage is through virtualisation, shorter product life cycles, learn faster than its rivals and to anticipate a ‘differentiation’ strategy that generates faster imitation of products and services, changes in the business environment”. ‘causal ambiguity’, which is defined by cheaper labour rates in developing Lipmann and Rumelt as “possessing multi- economies, and the ever increasing pace Recent phenomena such as the global dimensional competitive advantage, each of mass communications challenged the economic crisis, the unfolding economic of which is based on complex bundles of validity of a number of existing management crisis in the Euro-zone and shift of economic capabilities rather than individual resources paradigms. The ‘information era’ brought power to emerging super powers such as and capabilities, such that it is more difficult with it major changes in our personal and China and India have been a ‘wake-up call’ for a competitor to diagnose the determinants work interactions. Earlier this year, the for Captains of Industry. A paradigm shift in of success” At the heart of this definition is the impact of social media during the ‘Arab management thinking and a quantum leap vital need for optimising individual, team and Spring’, was credited with catalysing major in developing and sustaining competitive organisational learning, which leads to the political and social change and indeed the advantage has become the ‘mantra’ for conclusion that organisational development fall of many despotic regimes. ensuring survival. For companies to succeed is the most effective means of generating in this millennium, they would have to ‘causal ambiguity’ and consequently creating Arie De Geus (Dutch Shell) once pointed out innovate ways of managing the present sustainable competitive advantage. the startling statistic that 30% of Fortune by looking to the future rather than the 500 industrial companies listed in 1970 past. This implies that organisations should GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT had vanished by 1983, and suggested that excel in developing the future potential of Growth and development is not the those that did survive were those whose their capabilities and competencies. same thing. Growth can take place with “rate of learning was greater than the rate or without development, and vice-versa. of change of their operating environment”. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Growth is an increase in size or number. There is now widespread recognition that Development is more closely associated with Senge (1991) endorsed this view and the sources of competitive advantage have the quality of work life and the realisation cautioned that “In an age when quality, changed. In the past corporate wealth was of an organisation’s optimum potential. | 15agustus-september_16august.indd p15 8/16/12 7:35 PM
  18. 18. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The principal limits to growth are external abrasion’. AL is based on the premise that Questioning insight, Revans emphasis was and imposed from without, while those to there is no learning without action and based on critical reflection and using peers development are internal and self-imposed. no deliberate action without learning. It is to generate action plans and generating Development consists of a desire and ability an integrative approach that inter-relates learning from reflection on practice and and therefore cannot be imposed on another. academic and workplace domains, and it reasoned that “The mark of a person is Organisational development is therefore is this synergy that holds out the greatest not in the statements they make but in the about encouraging and facilitating another’s promise for promoting learning. questions they ask”. The grounded theory learning and motivation. here is that people learn more effectively Zuber Skerritt (1993) from their peers, because more creative ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING describes AL as reflection is achieved. Argyris (1990) asserts that organisational “Learning which learning occurs whenever “Errors are is experiential and Schon (1990) endorses this detected and corrected, or when a match reflective – that is, by arguing that life-long between intentions and consequences is people can learn and learners practice ‘reflection produced for the first time”. He adds that create knowledge on the in action’ – the ability to there are two ways to correct errors. One is basis of their concrete reflect on one’s thinking to change behaviour. This kind of correction experience, through observing and reflecting while acting. He adds that requires ‘single-loop learning’ (concern on their experience, forming abstract phrases such as thinking with improving efficiency). The second concepts and generalisations, and testing on your feet, keeping your wits about you, is to change the underlying programme, the implications of these concepts in new and learning by doing suggest that we can or master programme. This, he refers to situations, which will lead to new corporate not only think about doing but also that as ‘double-loop learning’, which style is experience and, hence, the beginning of a we can think about doing something while more radical and challenges existing beliefs new cycle” actually doing it. Argyris supports this view and paradigms, and is concerned with by asserting that the learning skills of action effectiveness, including the effectiveness There are three essential features which must science are based on the skills of reflection of existing goals, assumptions and beliefs. be present in any legitimate AL programme: and inquiry. P and Q are therefore very Senge (1990) suggests five major pillars for • There must be action in the real clearly two mutually dependent parts of organisational learning as follows; world rather than in some simulation the total developmental process. • Personal mastery • The activity must be conducted in a • Surfacing mental models way which involves others, Based on the argument that for organisations • Building shared visions specifically other participants to survive in this very dynamic and volatile • Team learning, and who are working on the same economic environment, organisational • Systems thinking or quite different projects, and learning must be faster than the rate of Despite the various definitions a common • The emphasis must be upon learning, change of the environment, it is reasonable thread runs through – the challenge of not just the taking of action, and that to assume that the key to generative learning educating, mind, body and soul. One of is what differentiates action learning within an organisation is through working in the tried and tested learning methods from project team membership teams on real life business issues whether which encourages individual, team and they are within or from across particular organisational learning, and is therefore Reg Revans (1982) functions. This is precisely what AL provides. ideal for generating sustainable competitive proposed that learning advantage, is described below. (L) was a function of The corner-stones of AL are as follows: programme knowledge • Experiential learning ACTION LEARNING (AL) (P) and questioning • Creative problem solving AL is an approach pioneered by Reg Revans insight (Q), and that • Acquisition of relevant knowledge, and (1982), who defined it as a “means of effective learning is equal to the sum of • Co-learner support group development - intellectual, emotional and programme knowledge (P) and questioning physical, that requires its subject, through insight (Q), which produced the equation: It must be emphasised that AL is about responsible involvement in some real, complex attacking problems, not puzzles. A problem and stressful problem, to achieve intended has no existing solution, whereas a puzzle change sufficient to improve his observable has a solution that isn’t presently known, Learning = behaviour henceforth in the problem field”. for example a cross-word, how to measure It can be defined as a method by which Programme Knowledge costs, how to simplify delivery systems people learn best, with and from each + etc. Action learning poses questions from other as they attempt to identify and then Questioning Insight conditions of ignorance, risk and confusion, implement solutions to their problems or when nobody (including the experts) knows development issues. The heart of AL is the (L = P + Q) what to do next. It is not about finding “action learning set”, a diverse group that solutions to symptoms but rather about elicits the maximum amount of ‘creative identifying the root cause of the problem 16 | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012agustus-september_16august.indd p16 8/16/12 7:35 PM
  19. 19. before solving it. Ackoff (1981) refers to this as “problem-dissolving”, (those that deal with the recall or recognition of knowledge and and emphasises that solutions derived through creative problems the development of intellectual abilities and skills). It does not solving are ‘optimising’ (as opposed to ‘satisficing’). balance the need to develop the affective domain (those describing The obvious benefits of AL are: changes in interest, attitude and values, and the development of • Learning about the job (personal mastery) appreciation) or the psychomotor domain (those dealing with • Creating alignment between the corporate culture and the manipulative, or motor, skills). strategic vision (‘ideological’ indoctrination) • Learning about the future (scenario planning) This is perhaps why it is often found that university graduates • Learning about the operating environment, supply chains are unable to integrate academic theory with practice. AL fills etc. (systemic thinking) this lacuna. In the corporate world the concept of competence • Challenging ingrained paradigms (avoiding ‘corporate focuses on what is expected of an employee at the workplace myopia’, generating and evaluating options) rather than on the learning process, and embodies the ability to • Developing an organisational memory (the ability to capture transfer and apply skills and knowledge to new situations and and store knowledge and expertise, i.e: intellectual property) environments. AL is a more holistic approach to executive learning that conceptualises the ability to draw in and integrate a variety Learning by doing may be sufficient, if you are attempting to acquire of knowledge, skills and attitudes to address realistic workplace a basic mechanical skill, like riding a bicycle. If you try often enough problems. It encourages individual, team and organisational learning and succeed often enough, you will eventually learn how to do it while educating mind, body and soul. efficiently whenever you wish. In the complex world of problem solving however, doing does not in itself, lead to learning. You will not learn anything about solving your next problem purely from the act of solving your present problem. For learning to take place you need to do more than just experience solving your problem effectively; you need to reflect on that experience in order to identify exactly what it is you have learned, internalise the lessons that you can learn from it, and pragmatically devise action plans, so that you can take effective action in the future in a new and different situation. That is what action learning does. That is how it varies from learning by doing. CONCLUSION PEOPLE POWER ACTION LEARNING CENTRE is the exclusive COGNITIVE THE HEAD THINKING Accredited Study Centre in Indonesia for the professional qualifications awarded by THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MARKETING (CIM-UK @ and is commited to AFFECTIVE THE HEART FEELING the action learning paradigm of organisational learning. PSYCHOMOTOR THE HANDS DOING Dr. Suresh Marcandan One of the major criticisms of the conventional learning method Completed his DBA and MBA degrees through the action learning method of executive is that it does not encompass the three basic domains identified learning.PP-ALC could be contacted by email at: or or by phone at + 62 21 2555 8597 or + 62 878 8173 in Bloom’s (1956) taxonomy of educational objectives, and is too 1900. heavily weighted towards development of the cognitive domain | 17agustus-september_16august.indd p17 8/16/12 7:35 PM