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Great Place To Work 2010 UK Report


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The annual Great Place to Work. list of the Best Workplaces in the UK was first produced in 2001 using the same methodology as that developed by the Great Place to Work Institute in the USA. This is the 2010 report

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Great Place To Work 2010 UK Report

  1. 1. UK’S BEST WORKPLACES GREAT PLACE TO WORK® SPECIAL REPORT MAY 2010 Baringa Partners: The Best Workplace in the UK Trust: Driving loyalty and growth in tough times The Upturn: How Best Workplaces are preparing th y on r iti rsa 10 The views and comments in this publication are those of Ed ive the Great Place to Work®Institute UK and are not backed n or in any way endorsed by The Financial Times Limited. An
  2. 2. BEST WORKPLACES 2010 CONTENTS 4 16 Preparing for the The Trends 24 The Experts Upturn Professional services This year, the Great Place As we emerge from the and consulting is one to Work® Institute UK, has recession, business has a of the best performing introduced a new Special rare chance to become sectors in this year’s Best Category Excellence more competitive by Workplaces Programme. Award – for learning and focusing on employees, We examine the other development. We outline says Nic Paton trends that have the winners of this and the 4 emerged in the UK and rest of the awards 6 Europe The Winner A culture emphasising 18 European Top 100 26 divide Generational communication and The Best Workplaces With generational diversity trust has helped Baringa Programme in Europe being such a hot topic in Partners to scoop the top covers the top 50 small and today’s workplace, how do award of best workplace medium-sized workplaces Best Workplaces manage in the UK. Widget Finn across the continent different age groups? explains how Andy Allen finds out 20 22 8 A healthy approach Growing numbers Small and perfectly formed With rock solid 28 A common good Organisations can no of businesses are retention rates and staff longer afford to ignore recognising the encouraged to contribute corporate responsibility importance of health and suggestions at any issues, especially the wellbeing, particularly the time, it’s not surprising environment. But it is in Best Workplaces. Kate Centor Insurance and the truly great places to Hilpern explains Risk Management have work that responsible 10 28 won the Best Small business practices are part Workplaces Award 2010, of the DNA, writes Hannah Word from the EDITOR says Widget Finn Prevett Anna Scott top 30 What are the key assets 22 DESIGN an organisation holds that Redactive Media Group make it a Best Workplace? Trust: the smallest Hall of Fame PUBLICATION DIRECTOR We asked the people at Williams Johnson word that makes the For the first time in the top biggest difference the history of the Best 12 PROJECT COORDINATION Paula Melo It drives loyalty and Workplaces Programme in Vijay Mistry growth and can help Europe, two organisations UK Top 50 organisations survive in have received the Great PEER REVIEW From biotechnology Richard Widdowson tough times. Liz Hollis Place to Work Masters to social services and looks at why a culture trophy for achieving a RESEARCH AND ASSESSMENT government, this year’s of trust is essential for a place in the UK ranking for Great Place to Work® Institute UK 50 Best Workplaces in the great workplace 10 consecutive years UK covers a wide range of PUBLISHED BY Redactive Publishing Ltd, 17-18 Britton Street, sectors London, EC1M 5TP, Tel +44 (0)20 7880 6200 DISTRIBUTED BY The Guardian The Financial Times 15 UK Best Small This year, for the first time, Business Life Magazine we highlight the top 10 FRONT COVER best small workplaces in MEESON/ the UK Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  3. 3. BEST WORKPLACES 2010 FOREWORD This year we celebrate the 10th A key element of our but it is what they do on a daily edition of the Best Workplaces mission is to create role model basis to earn and sustain the Programme. Since its inception workplaces. In a year in which trust and respect of their people. in the UK, the initiative has role models have seemed to Leaders of Best Workplaces have been welcomed and employed be few and far between in long understood that progressive by some of the largest and most both business and political people management practices respected organisations in the arenas evidenced by the many and generous bene its could only country. scandals that were constantly get them so far in this journey Tom O’Byrne In this period, we have in our media headlines, we feel and unless they are backed up Chief executive officer, recognised more than 500 a renewed sense of purpose with real meaning and substance Great Place to Work® Institute UK exemplary UK workplaces from awarding the Institute’s these ingredients won’t equate to and over 4,000 workplaces in Masters Award, for the irst time a great workplace culture. In this Europe across our 17 national in the history of the programme 10th anniversary, let’s celebrate Best Workplaces initiatives. But, in Europe, to two outstanding the examples of these workplaces it’s not all about recognition. workplaces. Wragge & Co and and their leaders who so clearly We have worked with these Admiral Group have received demonstrate that leadership is organisations and their leaders this life-time award after 10 not just about commanding trust to measure their workplace consecutive years of success in and respect but giving it and climate and give them metrics our rankings. setting the example. and intelligence to assess So what makes these how they were doing in their workplaces and their leaders Tom O’Byrne journey to create their own role models? It’s certainly not the Chief executive of icer, Great great workplace cultures. fact that they won this accolade Place to Work® Institute UK We all know it when we come across it, even if we lack a common language to WHAT MAKES THEM describe it. It’s that buzz, that something. That X factor. ROLE MODELS IS WHAT If those organisations and workplaces that have it could THEY DO ON A DAILY bottle it up and sell it, they BASIS TO SUSTAIN TRUST could diversify into a sure-fire Will Hutton Executive, vice chair, winning product. But instead, AND RESPECT The Work Foundation as we all know, it takes years of subtle application, wrong turns and downright hard work to developing the practices, is it so rare? Is it weak incentives, get right. structures and (whisper it) ignorance, inertia, a conscious So what is it? It is easy to terms and conditions that help decision to keep trundling on overdo the mystery. Thanks people feel valued and well the low road? to the efforts of researchers, treated and facilitate their Both policy and business we know much that we didn’t participation in the life and worlds are right to worry in previous generations about objectives of organisations. away at the problem. In the what makes for good work But knowing the recipe does meantime, however, let’s and good workplaces. It is not mean we can all make the celebrate (and study) the in the mix of performance, dish. One of the conundrums of stellar examples that are engagement and fairness: the modern workplace is why showing the way. a steely commitment to “high performance” or “people excellence and quality; a sense centred” management is so Will Hutton of integrity and high trust in patchy. Some do it brilliantly. Executive, vice chair, working relationships; and Most don’t. But if it works, why The Work Foundation 3
  4. 4. 15.4% BEST WORKPLACES’ AVERAGE REVENUE GROWTH IN THE PAST BEST WORKPLACES 2010 YEAR PREPARING FOR Appetising offer: a hospitality apprenticeship has THE UPTURN helped McDonald’s As we emerge from however well you deal with it. We the recession, those had never made redundancies businesses that have before, so it was a massive culture been focusing on shock,” she says. their employees are Yet the irm went to great likely to prove more pains to ensure there was not competitive, writes a communication vacuum into Nic Paton which morale-damaging gossip, rumour and intrigue could rush. Unemployment may inally be hiring new people over the next Initiatives included posting up an on a downward trend but, as few months. Even in irms where extensive question-and-answer workers and businesses begin the outlook remains uncertain, document on the company to feel more con ident again, so there are signs of growing intranet. Every question posed employers face the return of an con idence among workers. through the staff council or directly old, pre-recessionary challenge While two in ive workers in a on to the site was answered and – retention of staff. Not only are poll earlier this year by the Keep then added to it. “It was a massive we starting to see signs of hiring Britain Working campaign said commitment but it meant if one again in some industries as order they anticipated being asked to person asked a question – which books slowly pick up, but workers reapply for their jobs because perhaps 10 others had wanted to who have perhaps stayed put of continuing recessionary ask but had not wanted to raise for longer than they might have pressures, nearly two in three also their head above the parapet – it done otherwise because of the said they would now be prepared got answered,” says Ms Bellis. uncertain climate are becoming to take their chances rather than In a second round of more prepared to dip their toes do so. redundancies in the summer of last agrees Jez Langhorn, head of back into the jobs market. What all this indicates is year the company ensured senior talent and education at McDonald’s In March, a poll of almost 400 that the irms that may have the partners also got closely involved in the UK. managers by recruitment irm competitive edge as we go into the and that the emphasis on honest, “Almost everyone has StepStone Solutions found that new business climate are those open communication continued. experienced some sort of effect one-third expected to lose key that have gone out of their way to “People do not want it dressed up from the recession, whether it is in people as the recovery gathered look after their workers during or spun. We have intelligent and their family life or in their income. pace, while four out of 10 chief this recession, and managed to highly skilled people here, and they So it is important that companies executives in a poll by consultancy maintain rather than erode trust, just want to be treated as adults,” make every effort to engage with PricewaterhouseCoopers in loyalty and engagement – in other adds Ms Bellis. their people and provide additional February said they expected to be words, those irms that appear Teams were asked to come support,” he advises. on the Great Place to Work® up with their own solutions. The Recent initiatives at the fast- “If one person Institute’s latest list of the UK’s Best Workplaces. process led to 86 staff members temporarily moving on to more food chain, which employs 80,000 staff and runs 1,200 restaurants in asked a This recession has been a bruising experience for many, lexible working patterns in, says Ms Bellis, almost 86 different ways. the UK, have included the launch in January last year of a hospitality question – says Linda Bellis, HR director at “It might have been, from the HR apprenticeship scheme, offering which perhaps law irm Wragge & Co, one of two organisations that has achieved a point of view, a bit of a nightmare to manage, but it did make people staff the chance to gain the equivalent of ive GCSEs. 10 others place in the ranking 10 consecutive times. The irm, which employs just feel they were more in control of their destinies.” “The average crew member stays with us for about three had wanted over 1,000 people, was forced to Even in irms that have had years, while managers stay on to ask – it got make 97 people redundant during the downturn, 42 of them through a relatively “good” recession, how people have been treated and average for 15 years. Our turnover has never been lower than it is answered” compulsory lay-offs. “People still feel wounded, managed is vital when it comes to preparing for the upturn, now,” says Mr Langhorn. “People do value it when an Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  5. 5. 2.2% AVERAGE INCREASE IN THE NUMBER 6,000 NUMBER OF JOB APPLICATIONS OF EMPLOYEES IN EUROPEAN BEST BEST WORKPLACE WL GORE WORKPLACES, DESPITE THE RECESSION RECEIVED IN THE PAST YEAR THE UPTURN KEY LESSONS: ■ Firms that have managed to maintain trust, loyalty and engagement may have the competitive edge in the new business climate ■ Open and honest communication with employees is essential ■ How staff are treated and managed is vital when it comes to preparing for the upturn “In our business, clients come to us because of our people; because they want to work with our people. So their ability to manage their contacts and those relations, and the enthusiasm and engagement they project in the process, are important. We have been fortunate to pick up some of our biggest clients during this recession,” adds Ms Theobald. For Wragge & Co, which opened a new of ice in Paris in April, things have certainly begun to pick up. And Ms Bellis is hoping the company’s hard work in maintaining morale and trust during the tough times should put it in a stronger position for 1,100 people. the key,” says Sam Theobald, HR the future. “We made The company, for example, has over the past 18 months developed manager at brand communication company IncrediBull, which “You are never going to get rave reviews from handling a point of a new L&Q Leadership Academy employs 25 people. “We, for redundancies. But when you sharing for managers, with around 170 managers so far having gone example, made a point of sharing information, including why we look at some of the disastrous reviews other law irms have got, information, through its three-day residential programme. were not able to hire anyone extra, or why people might have I think the things we did, and the reputation we have generally including why “It is about developing been having to work longer hours. towards our people, will help us people might leadership skills, but also looking at our culture and how we can But it is also important to be true to your words.” with recruitment and retention,” she says. have to work work more collaboratively,” says Mr Nicholls. longer hours” The company has also developed a new bonus scheme linked to THE BEST FOR investment is made in them, even in a recession. When the economy resident satisfaction, launched in April last year, whereby staff receive QUALITY OF LIFE does turn the corner, those people a bonus of up to 5% of salary that When asked the following statement: “People are encouraged will be more loyal,” he adds. comes out of any additional pro it to balance their work life and their personal life.” Honesty and openness are made as a result. essential if you want to maintain “It has been more important Rank Company trust and therefore build than ever to be able to demonstrate 1 Impact International momentum going into the recovery, to people that we are prepared 2 Tandberg 3 Taff Housing says Tom Nicholls, group HR to listen and respond,” says Mr 4 Total Jobs Group director of London and Quadrant Nicholls. 5 McDonald’s Restaurants UK Housing Trust, which employs “Open communications are 5
  6. 6. PAST WINNERS 2009 2008 2007 2006 BEST WORKPLACES 2010 DANONE GOOGLE BEAVERBROOKS BAIN & CO THE WINNER Baringa Partners Head Office: London Website: A culture that emphasises to have someone to answer simple archy, which encourages a free low communication and trust questions such as ‘how do I do my of information around the organi- has helped Baringa Partners timesheet?’ or ‘where are company sation. Senior management is scoop the top award of best meetings?’ – the sort of thing you committed to being frank and open workplace in Britain. Widget don’t want to bother your manager about bad news as well as good Finn explains how with, but which are vital to getting tidings, says Jim Hayward, senior up and running straight away.” partner with responsibility for All staff members, as part of HR. “E-mails are sent to everyone their induction, are also assigned a applauding signi icant individual career advisor who acts as a mentor efforts and congratulating people “I love this place and I love the job I large consultancy, he found Barin- throughout the individual’s time at who have been promoted. Updates do.” So says one of the employees at ga’s recruitment process “friendly Baringa, providing guidance, iden- and summaries of the latest client the winning company of this year’s and amiable. After the irst round of tifying opportunities and training, engagements are circulated. Best Workplaces award, Baringa interviews, candidates are encour- and evaluating career progress. E-mails inform all employees of Partners. “I believe we are all excep- aged to talk to someone who is at a Communication and trust are individual resignations, personally tionally proud to work for such a similar level in the company to ind essential to Baringa’s success, written by a director and detail- unique, encouraging and fair com- out what it’s like to work here.” claims Mr Mansour. “We have no big ing the employee’s successes and pany,” another staff member adds. Successful candidates are sent central of ice where everyone gets conveying the company’s thanks. Baringa, a management con- a bottle of champagne, and their together round the coffee machine. We also strive to give honest expla- sultancy that specialises in the arrival is announced to the whole Our consultants spend most of their nations when we have to request energy and utilities markets and company via email. At their irst time at client sites, so we use regu- short-term extra efforts and longer the inancial services industry, has company meeting, they’re pre- lar company meetings every six hours, so that everyone under- a company culture that focuses on sented with a company t-shirt to weeks to catch up with colleagues, stands the reasons.” supporting and growing talented show they’ve joined the team. meet new joiners, get up to date Celebrating success is a key way and motivated staff, says managing As a new joiner, Mr Munton was with strategy and achievements, to motivate people. Baringa gives partner Mohamed Mansour. “All paired with a “buddy” for his irst and give everyone an opportunity a quarterly award of £500 to an our senior people are involved in year. “Everyone has a buddy who to have their say.” The meetings individual who has demonstrated every recruiting decision we make. can provide advice and unof icial contribute to the open, honest and an exceptional contribution to We use personal networks, select- help. I received a phone call from consistent communication needed the company’s core values, with ing the best people we have worked my buddy on my irst day in the to build trust. annual awards for Team of the Year, with, alongside more traditional of ice to welcome me. It was great The meetings are followed by the Star Player, One to Watch and methods of inding new talent.” more casual interaction, adds Mr Cheerleader. Teams hitting mile- Recruiting in this way makes a dif- Mansour. “After the of icial meet- stones mark the achievement with ference to the psychological contract ‘Everyone ing, there are informal drinks to drinks and dinners, company away Baringa has with its employees: the which partners are invited. We hold weekends celebrate successes emphasisis is not just on ensuring is open, the events in London or a country with families, and, importantly, staff are suitable for the organisa- tion, but also that the organisation honest and hotel, and later this year the whole company plus partners are meeting promotions are based on skills and contribution, not time served. is suitable for staff. The company approachable in Sorrento, Italy.” Management consultancy is a provides a budget for all new pro- One employee says: “Everyone male-dominated profession, with spective employees to be taken out with a can-do is open, honest and approachable, women accounting for only around socially to understand more about the company. attitude to with a can-do attitude to getting things done as a team. Nobody is 25% of staff. The Baringa Women’s Forum is a support network for Guy Munton, who joined getting things left to do things on their own, which the 33 women in the company. Baringa in 2008, is in charge of is excellent and a vast improvement Pentony O’Hagan at Baringa sees recruitment within the inancial done’ on previous places I have worked.” it as a forum for discussing and services practice. Coming from a Baringa Partners has a lat hier- monitoring women’s issues in Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  7. 7. 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 ?WHAT IF! ?WHAT IF! ASDA ASDA CISCO SYSTEMS WINNER PROFILE The company’s CSR programme started with a “last day pro its donation” says Nicola Salmon, who is responsible for the charity pro- gramme. “The day’s pro its for the last day of the inancial year goes to four charities,” she says. “We’re now getting staff involved in volun- teering schemes. A group went to a local primary school to do a garden Pride and camaraderie: two makeover, turning a concrete area members of the into a play area. It was a good team- Baringa ‘family’ building day, giving us a chance to get out of the of ice.” And it’s not just management that sees the CSR programme as a source of pride and engagement for employees. One employee says: “I think the company has worked hard to improve its impact on wider society, implementing the CSR ini- tiative and exploring opportunities KEY LESSONS: nity package is in its inal draft. It’s start, you are guided and accepted to take part in the carbon agenda.” great to see something that the into the Baringa ‘family’. There are What’s more, Baringa Partners ■ A friendly and amicable Women’s Forum has identi ied and ups and downs in any business; has continued to grow its business recruitment process changed.” however, everyone from the senior despite the recent recession. “Our helps new starters with a Mansour believes that: “Being management to lower levels, sticks success has been built on the qual- “buddy” for the first year a successful company and creating together and makes the best of the ity of our people and the culture and a careers advisor an enjoyable working environ- situation. This gives the feeling that they’ve developed,” says Mr Man- ■ A flat hierarchy ment are intrinsically linked. The you are never alone in any of the sour. “I’m proud to see our staff’s encourages a free flow of combination creates a GPTW cul- challenges you face in your work- careers grow in a workplace that information ture and motivated staff who have ing – and personal – life, since you gives them the opportunity to real- a high impact on clients. We ind have the Baringa support crew.” ise their full potential.” ■ A sustainability programme gives a source that our corporate social respon- of engagement and pride sibility (CSR) programme, where individuals and teams take part in voluntary work and charity events, THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER the workplace. “For example, we is a great way of having fun. People looked at our recruitment statistics enjoy giving something back to the How many people applied for jobs in the past year (excluding current employees)? and saw that women were more community.” successful as candidates, but there Baringa exempli ies two of the Rank Company Applicants were fewer female applicants. We key characteristics of best work- 1 McDonald Restaurants Ltd 350,000 identi ied that our maternity policy places identi ied by the Great Place 2 KFC UK and Ireland 100,000 wasn’t offering the best options to Work® Institute – pride and 3 Maybourne Hotel group 26,000 – and for many women the mater- camaraderie. One employee says: 4 British Gas 17,000 nity package is more important “This company has a true family 5 Beaverbrooks the Jewellers Ltd 14,000 than remuneration. A new mater- feeling where, from the day you 7
  8. 8. 76% OF BEST WORKPLACES PROVIDE MENTAL HEALTH CARE BEST WORKPLACES 2010 UNDER THEIR HEALTH BENEFITS A HEALTHY APPROACH Health kick: many Best Workplaces provide free fruit to staff Growing numbers of business leaders are recognising how important health and wellbeing are lexible working has meant an as business issues, extended service to clients. Happy particularly those is also experiencing a lower turno- from organisations in ver of staff, a more committed and the Best Workplaces engaged workforce, and a reputa- ranking. Kate Hilpern tion that means higher numbers explains of quality candidates apply when new positions come up. The Happy At Happy Ltd, you’re more likely to physiological but psychological brand has, in short, excelled owing hear the word “wellness” than “sick- too,” says Mr Stewart. “In fact, we to its holistic focus on health and ness.” Having decided to switch the go one step further, recognising wellbeing. focus as part of its health and well- that family is often at the heart of Around 170 million working being strategy ive years ago, the people’s wellbeing. To that end, days are lost to sickness absence training company has since experi- we offer 100% of our people the every year, according to the latest enced a 75% drop in the effects of right to choose to work lexibly. We CBI/AXA Absence Survey. It’s a staff sickness, as measured by the accept that things such as childcare problem that the Chartered Insti- Bradford Factor – a bespoke tool arrangements can sometimes go tute of Personnel and Development that recognises that a person taking pear-shaped, in which case children reports as costing UK plc £692 per two weeks off for an operation has are welcome to come to the of ice. employee per year – and in the less impact on the business than We also recognise that people typi- thick of the recession, probably someone taking one or two days cally leave their manager, not their more. Indeed, recent research by of those who do acknowledge their off every month. job, and we therefore enable people mental health charity MIND found existence, many don’t think they are Happy’s irst move was to give to choose who manages them. Staff that one in 10 people have visited prevalent. Even employers who do all staff a £100 wellness budget can even change their manager at their GP for mental health support realise there’s a problem often act every year. “They spend it on what- anytime if they want to.” as a result of recession-induced half-heartedly, focusing on getting ever they feel will help keep them Happy’s philosophy is simple stress. Mental health problems bottoms on seats. According to healthy. Examples so far include a but effective. Last year alone, it alone cost British businesses £26bn the Health and Safety Executive, in light to Venice, a massage, a Wii Fit saved the equivalent of 4% of a year, says the charity, whose new 2008/09 1.2 million people who board and game and some vitamin pro its. Meanwhile, the focus on campaign “Taking Care of Business” worked were suffering from an tablets,” says chief executive Henry aims to tackle this problem. After all, illness they believed was caused Stewart. this sum equates to 70 million lost or made worse by their current or Happy then set about giving every employee their birthday off “Strategies and workdays each year – more than that caused by heart disease and past work. It is not all doom and gloom, if they’ve scored well in their indi- policies are stroke combined, and three times however. Growing numbers of vidual Bradford Factor. Meetings and emails were set up to keep usually easy more than that caused by cancer. Obesity is another major problem business leaders are, like Happy, recognising this is an important staff abreast of health and well- being issues and annual appraisals to replicate – costing 18 million sick days and about £1bn a year. business issue, with 81% of FTSE 100 companies now reporting started being used as an opportu- and don’t Perhaps even more worry- publicly on employee health and nity to ask the question: “How does Happy help you achieve a good life necessarily ing than the igures themselves is employers’ attitude. Forty- ive per wellbeing, according to Business in the Community (BiTC) research balance?” with results being meas- ured. “We see wellness not just as cost much.” cent of employers believe there are no mental health issues at work and from 2007. Employees are wising up, too, with 6 in 10 workers Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  9. 9. 1.2m NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH 68% OF BEST WORKPLACES COVER AN ILLNESS THEY BELIEVE WAS ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS SUCH CAUSED BY WORK IN 2008/09 AS ACUPUNCTURE HEALTH AND WELLBEING THE BEST FOR LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Responses when asked: “On average, how many hours per year do the employees of the largest occupational group receive formal job training?” Company name Hours of training FactSet Europe LTD 180 DIAGEO GB 125 British Gas 125 Bright Horizons Family Solutions 124 UKFast 120 these companies, sickness absence state, with follow-up support if is 30% lower than the national required. “That’s about taking the average,” says Mr Johnson. “That’s stigma away from stress, as much at least a saving of £20,760 in a as anything else,” she says. company of 100 people, and if you As with many Best Workplaces, take a company like The Co-oper- Novo Nordisk regularly surveys ative Group, which has 120,000 staff on the issue of health and well- employees, that is a saving of over being. “We use external auditors to £24m. These are massive igures see what’s working and what isn’t, that can be achieved just by look- and we always take action where ing after employees better.” gaps are identi ied,” says Ms Tait. Even better news for employ- A focus on health and wellbe- ers, says Kirsty Tait, director of ing doesn’t have to mean people corporate affairs at Novo Nordisk, work less hard, insists Samantha is that the strategies and policies Carey, head of business develop- employed by the Best Workplaces ment at Impact International. are usually easy to replicate and “Our consultants’ working time don’t necessarily cost much. “For is 60% of others in our sector example, when we have meetings, on average, and we offer unpaid there’s always an exercise element. leave and lexible contracts to saying they would consider leaving employees report that their expec- Recently at a sales conference, we everyone on an individually employers who failed to promote tations on health and wellbeing are did a Strictly Come Dancing Exer- assessed basis. We offer lexibil- health and wellbeing and 8 in 10 met. “It is no coincidence that in cise. It’s not seen as, ‘Now we’ll do ity with appointments too – even considering employers’ attitudes the health bit’ because it’s part of for the hairdressers. We also have towards health a signi icant factor our ethos.” a massive emphasis on enabling when making job decisions. KEY LESSONS: Other winning initiatives at staff to complete projects in the “We are living in a stakeholder, the company include offering staff community. The impact of all ■ Companies that have not a shareholder, world and just a health and wellbeing the chance to work remotely and this is very positive. If people are like other stakeholders, employ- strategy often report an providing generous maternity and happy, healthy and engaged in ees expect certain things, not just increase in profits and paternity leave. There is a staff their work, they perform at their a salary from their employer,” lower staff turnover restaurant where employees have best.” explains Jennifer Simnet, director free healthy food and drinks on Louise Aston, director of Busi- ■ 81% of FTSE 100 of workplace transformation for offer, along with dedicated coffee ness Action on Health, believes companies now publicly the Great Place to Work® Institute. report to shareholders break areas on each loor, encour- that employers instinctively know “They want to feel they can iden- on employee health and aging them to take regular breaks. this. “There is so much evidence tify with the company. This is good wellbeing Employees can also sign up to a linking a healthy, happy workforce news for employers, too, because smoking cessation programme and to higher productivity, but there is ■ Occupational health, the staff members can then be get free 30-minute health checks often a lack of integration between health and safety and ambassadors for the company and HR departments must to measure things such as BMI and occupational health, health and that ‘feelgood factor’ can permeate blood pressure. In addition, Ms Tait safety and HR. They operate in silos. PHOTO: ISTOCK be fully integrated out to others – notably customers.” within an organisation points to the irm’s online stress Without a link between the three, Among the organisations in the toolbox, which enables employees the best strategies in the world Best Workplaces ranking, 79% of to test their own psychological simply won’t work.” 9
  10. 10. 45% AVERAGE PROPORTION OF WOMEN ON THE MANAGEMENT TEAM BEST WORKPLACES 2010 OF BEST WORKPLACES WORD FROM THE Luca Mignini Fiona Thorn Adam Grant SC Johnson Fishburn Hedges Danone Waters UK & Ireland Senior VP, Europe, ANZ, Japan Managing Director Chief Executive Officer “It’s gratifying to know our people come “We know that treats, such as chocolate “We’re proud of our open, encouraging in each day and enjoy their workplace. fountains, help create a good of ice culture where at all levels we work Meeting the needs of the site’s diverse atmosphere. But a great workplace, as to help each other reach our targets. population is a critical focus at SC opposed to just a fun one, inspires and Rewarding exceptional work and Johnson. I’m happy to see our people challenges in equal measure. It provides recognising those who go ‘above and being recognised for creating an inclusive employees with the freedom and support beyond’ is an important part of our workplace that’s supportive and to give their best while continually employee engagement approach.” effective.” developing their skills and experience.” SCOTLAND WELCOMES BEST WORKPLACES INITIATIVE performing workplaces. That’s the employee so nowadays it’s which is now the largest sector why the Institute has partnered often the talented individual who in Scotland. Therefore, the ability with Skills Development Scotland chooses his/her workplace rather of Scotland to attract and retain and the Scottish Council for than being chosen. So, countries talent will be key to Scotland’s Development and Industry and organisations have to become future growth and we believe to create a Best Workplace better at developing their employer the Best Workplaces initiative Williams Johnson Programme for Scotland. brand. will make a difference. Managing Director Great Place to Work® Institute UK The success of Great Place to Scotland has a thriving “Scotland’s Best Workplaces is Work® programmes and rankings economy, being a world leader in a valuable innovation to Scotland’s Since its foundation in 2000, the all over the world re lects the manufacturing and shipbuilding. business landscape,” says Dr Lesley UK’s Best Workplaces Programme competitive nature of labour But, like most other advanced Sawers, chief executive, SCDI. “A time has been welcomed and employed markets in today’s globalised industrialised economies, of economic uncertainty sharpens by some of the largest and most economy. Emerging modern Scotland has seen a decline in the focus on the importance of respected companies in Britain. economies such as Singapore, the importance of manufacturing creating cultures of productivity Despite the undeniable success United Arab Emirates and the and a rise in the service sector, and value for all in the workplace.” of the initiative, the vast majority BRIC countries are working hard to of programme participants are England-based organisations. The create the right conditions to attract global talent and retain their own, “The Best Workplace initiative Institute believes that workplaces fuelling the war on talent. shares our aims of continuous and business leaders in other parts of Britain could greatly But, it’s not easy. People are what set businesses and labour markets employee improvement and bene it from the knowledge and tools the programme can give apart from competitors. Yet, the globalization of the economy shifted growing the economy” them to create their own high- the power from the employer to Mr Willie Row, chairman, Skills Development Scotland Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  11. 11. 1 in10 FTSE BOARD DIRECTORS Norway THE FIRST COUNTRY TO INTRODUCE A 40% ARE WOMEN QUOTA OF WOMEN ON CORPORATE BOARDS CEOS TOP Camilla Soenderby Carole Edmond Martin Shuker Abbott UK Bright Horizons Family Solutions KFC UK & Ireland General Manager Managing Director, UK Managing Director “Abbott continues to invest in training “We have a talented team of people, “We are proud of our distinctly and development, lexible bene its each bringing something unique to supportive and friendly team culture. and work, and health and wellness Bright Horizons. We know that we One of the things that makes KFC a programmes, which provide the best play a part every day in making a real great place to work is our core value environment for our people to build difference to children and families. We of ‘belief in all people’ which makes varied and ful illing careers.” all care passionately about what we do us passionate about celebrating and and support each other, encouraging challenging our people, to help them professionalism, growth and diversity. “ realise their true potential.” WE ARE SEARCHING FOR SCOTLAND’S BEST WORKPLACES In strategic partnership with Published by REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN For further details +44 (0)870 608 8780
  12. 12. Professional Development (%) Quality of Life (%) Job security (%) BEST WORKPLACES 2010 Pay & Benefits (%) Top 10 Ranked Organisations Employees UK Turnover No. of What Employees Feel Headquarters (UK Sites) Website (Outside UK) Industry Sector Previous Most Positive About Minorities | Women Awards 1 Baringa Partners 130 (0) 21.6m (£) 26 23 26 25 Esher (01) 22% | 26% Professional Services 2 Danone Ltd 96 (31,200) 219m (£) 26 23 31 21 London (01) undisclosed | 56% Manufacturing & Production 3 Impact International 103 (143) 10.2m (£) cc 19 27 29 24 Windermere (02) 19% | 49% Professional Services 4 Microsoft Ltd 2,573 (88,905) undisclosed cc 27 24 24 24 Reading (09) undisclosed | 29% Information Technology 5 Novo Nordisk Ltd 492 (29,329) 270m (£) 26 23 26 26 Crawley (01) undisclosed | 65% Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 6 NetApp UK Ltd 300 (8,000) 38m (£) 26 24 27 24 Middlesex (05) undisclosed | 20% Information Technology 7 DIAGEO GB 598 (22,000) 835m (£) 29 23 25 24 London (04) undisclosed | 39% Manufacturing & Production TOP 10 8 General Mills UK 160 (29,500) 234m (£) 23 26 29 22 Uxbridge (01) 12% | 57% Manufacturing & Production 9 Danone Waters (UK & Ire.) Ltd 106 (33,000) 136.6m (£) 27 25 28 20 London (01) undisclosed/43% Manufacturing & Production 10 Admiral Group 2,957 (3,743) 1.08bn (£) cc 27 23 28 22 Cardiff (06) 2% | 50% Financial Services & Insurance The rest of the Top 50 Organisations Employees UK Turnover No. of What Employees Feel Headquarters (UK Sites) Website (Outside UK) Industry Sector Previous Most Positive About Minorities | Women Awards Abbott 1,199 (83,000) 381m (£) Maidenhead (04) undisclosed | 59% Healthcare 25 22 28 24 ALMAC GROUP 1,726 (2,727) 120m (£) New entry Craigavon (04) undisclosed | 42% Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 25 21 32 23 ApaTech 83 (145) 2.9m (£) New entry Elstree (01) 22% | 43% Health Care 27 21 28 24 Beaverbrooks the Jewellers 790 (0) undisclosed St Annes-on-Sea (66) undisclosed | 83% Retail 25 23 27 24 bigmouthmedia 110 (200) 48m (£) 27 25 28 21 Edinburgh (02) 20% | 38% Media Bright Horizons Family Solutions 2,352 (19,000) 65m (£) 27 26 29 18 Rushden (142) 30% | 96% Education and Training British Gas 25422 (0) 12.56bn (£) 25 23 24 28 Staines (25) 19% | 30% Utilities N.B. ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY Cadbury UK (Head Office) 4,958 (44,958) 1.16bn (£) 26 24 25 26 Uxbridge (09) 19% | 39% Manufacturing Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work 100 (0) 10.6m (£) 27 22 25 26 Undisclosed (01) 80% | 38% Construction & Real Estate Chubb Insurance Co. of Europe SE 664 (10,200) 395m (£) New entry 26 27 27 21 London (09) undisclosed | 45% Financial Services & Insurance Cisco Systems 2,122 (59,133) undisclosed 25 23 29 22 Feltham (05) undisclosed | 23% Information Technology Coca-Cola Great Britain 133 (92,400) undisclosed 23 24 26 27 London (01) 10% | 68% Advertising & Marketing DAIICHI SANKYO UK Ltd 128 (15,000) 20m (£) Gerrards Cross (01) 29% | 52% Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 27 18 29 25 Transforming society by creating better workplaces
  13. 13. FactSet Europe Ltd 294 (2,962) undisclosed N.B. ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY London (02) undisclosed | 41% Information Technology 23 24 30 22 Fishburn Hedges Group 161 (0) 22.7m (£) London (01) 4% | 60% Advertising & Marketing 23 23 31 23 Grünenthal Ltd 104 (5,200) 20.2m (£) New entry undisclosed | 62% Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 28 22 27 23 Stokenchurch (01) Huxley Associates Ltd 124 (194) undisclosed undisclosed | 34% Professional Services 28 17 28 27 London (04) Kellogg’s 632 (14,835) 580m (£) 15% | 55% Manufacturing and Production 26 24 24 26 Manchester (03) Ketchum Pleon 166 (2,000) 15.8m (£) 31% | 73% Professional Services 26 23 29 23 London (01) KFC UK and Ireland 10,163 (1.3m) 333m (£) New entry undisclosed | 40% Hospitality 28 25 27 20 Woking (784) Lansons Communications LLP 99 (0) 11.2m (£) 29 22 26 24 London (01) 14% | 76% Public Relations Leaseplan UK Ltd 525 (6,400) 476m (£) New entry Financial Services & Insurance 26 19 29 25 Slough (04) 31% | 50% Liberty Information Technology Ltd 260 (261) 17.5m (£) New entry Belfast (01) Information Technology 25 27 26 22 undisclosed | 26% L&Q 1,082 (0) 306m (£) 24 20 34 22 35% | 61% Construction & Real Estate; Housing London (22) Maybourne Hotel Group 1,000 (1,000) 105m (£) 27 22 27 24 London (04) undisclosed | 41% Hospitality McDonald’s Restaurants UK 80,000 (1.5m) 933m (£) 26 24 26 24 London (485) undisclosed | 45% Hospitality National Instruments 80 (5,000) undisclosed 23 22 31 23 Newbury (01) undisclosed | 35% Manufacturing & Production Novozymes Biopharma UK Ltd 100 (5,000) 16.5m (£) New entry Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 26 27 27 21 Nottingham (01) undisclosed | 40% PepsiCo UK & Ireland 5,000 (285,000) 1.2bn (£) New entry Manufacturing & Production 25 22 29 25 Reading (12) 13% | 23% Quintiles Ltd 1,652 (23,000) 405m (£) New entry Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 25 24 29 23 Bracknell (03) undisclosed | 67% Rackspace Hosting 501 (2,774) 100m (£) 26 23 29 22 Uxbridge (04) 24% | 26% Information Technology Sapient 284 (7,052) 72m (£) 28 22 29 22 London (02) undisclosed | 28% Professional Services SC Johnson 450 (12,000) 191.6m (£) 22 24 30 25 Surrey (01) undisclosed | 38% Manufacturing & Production Taff Housing Association 144 (0) 8.2m (£) 25 26 28 21 Cardiff (06) 13% | 65% Social Services & Government Agencies TANDBERG UK 263 (1,628) 50.1m (£) New entry 22 26 27 25 Staines (03) undisclosed | 18% Telecommunications The Children’s Trust 540 (0) 22m (£) New entry 28 23 29 20 Tadworth (01) 2.6% | 86% Health Care The Co-operative Group 103,000 (0) 11.6bn (£) 26 24 29 21 Manchester (5,986) undisclosed | 62% Retail The Totaljobs Group 312 (314) undisclosed 23 26 28 22 London (07) undisclosed | 34% Staffing and Recruitment UKFast 98 (0) 9.2m (£) New entry 27 26 25 23 Manchester (03) undisclosed | 24% Information Technology Wragge & Co LLP 1,010 (5) 103.4m (£) 30 22 28 20 Birmingham (02) 10.7% | 67% Professional Services 13
  14. 14. BEST WORKPLACES 2010 WORD FROM THE TOP Tony Langham Quentin Poole Sanjay Guha Lansons Communications Wragge & Co Coca-Cola Great Britain Chief Executive Senior Partner Business Unit President “We have great people, with pride in the “Our workplace culture thrives because “It’s our wide range of initiatives that help business, who care about each others’ we support each other as a single team. associates enjoy a good work-life balance. wellbeing and about doing fantastic work. Get that right and everything else Our lexible working arrangements and We communicate honestly about where follows – people enjoy what they do, annual learning allowance, which employees the company’s going, and strive to be a and our clients get the best service.” are allowed to spend on any area of personal good citizen in our communities. Keeping development that interests them, all a fresh outlook is important.” contribute to making this a Best Workplace.” Dr Simon Clough Did you know.... DAIICHI SANKYO UK Ltd ■ On average, 46% of the UK’s Best Workplaces are composed of women. Managing Director This is reflected across Europe’s Best “The performance-driven culture at Daiichi Sankyo has been Workplaces with an average of 44%. integral to the success of our business for many years. We set high standards, work hard, have fun and treat people as individuals. This culture is delivered with a high degree of accountability and ■ 12.2% of directors in FTSE transparency which is measured across the company.” 100 companies are women; the equivalent is 24.3% in the UK’s Best Workplaces. “OUR SUCCESS IS BUILT Government Equalities Office: Factsheet (2010); ON HIRING AND RETAINING ■ European champion Norway jumped THE BEST TALENT IN THE to having 44.2% women on boards as a result of quota legislation. This INDUSTRY. WE WORK HARD clearly demonstrates that quotas are an effective way to accelerate growth TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT of female representation on boards. WHERE PEOPLE CAN DO THEIR BEST WORK.” ■ Gordon Brown has called the lack of women in UK boardrooms “completely Gordon Frazer, Microsoft Ltd, UK Managing Director unacceptable”. Under new proposals, companies may be required to report on their progress in this area Transforming society by creating better workplaces