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Finding User Engagement in a Sea of Mentions


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Brandwatch Queries are an effective way to examine all relevant mentions for a brand or topic. With a significant amount of online mentions potentially being ads, retweets, and shared news content, how does one segment the personal conversations users are having online? Cut through the noise with this session that will review one of the most effective tricks utilized by our analysts to hone in on actual user engagement.

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Finding User Engagement in a Sea of Mentions

  1. 1. NOW YOU KNOW | BRANDWATCH.COM #NYKCON F Finding Personal Engagement in a Sea of Mentions
  2. 2. #NYKCON F “What are people saying about my brand/product?”
  3. 3. #NYKCON F What do I want to know? How would my audience talk about this? What do I want to do with this data? But First…
  4. 4. #NYKCON F
  5. 5. #NYKCON F What are people saying about beer and the city of Denver?
  6. 6. #NYKCON F 80% of mentions were directly promotional or from organizations
  7. 7. #NYKCON F Me, Myself, OR I
  8. 8. #NYKCON F Personal Pronouns me OR myself OR I OR mine OR my OR we OR us OR our OR ourselves We should My family I love Our children
  9. 9. #NYKCON F Teach a Person to Fish…
  10. 10. #NYKCON F The Golden Rule
  11. 11. #NYKCON F RESULTS!
  12. 12. #NYKCON F Insights!
  13. 13. #NYKCON F Oh. You Want More Insights? Audience Segmentation “My daughter” “My professor/My textbooks” Customer Service “The rep I spoke to was amazing today” “I was just on hold for twenty minutes” Customer Journey “I’m thinking about buying a cell phone” “My family just bought a new car and I love it”
  14. 14. #NYKCON F What Would Juan Say?
  15. 15. #NYKCON F Juan Sanchez Senior Project Manager, Customer Success
  16. 16. #NYKCON F Now You Know