Internal Blog Workshop


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Planning, tips on engaging internal staff to blog, and some best practice on blogging.

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Internal Blog Workshop

  1. 1. Workshop
  2. 2. Become a publisher• Information over Promotion• Know over sell• Editorial Calendar• Flexible approach• Produce content that focuses on education, entertainme nt, and/or information that ultimately yields awareness
  3. 3. Planning • • What purpose does the blog serve? What do you want it to impact? • What are you going to write about? • Who will champion the blog and serve as primary writer? • Who will read it? • Why will they read it? • Who will participate?
  4. 4. More Planning• Tone of Voice – What’s your internal tone of voice?• Discipline – How are you going to discipline yourself and your colleagues to deliver• Best Practice – How are you going to instill best practice
  5. 5. Nurturing your writers • This is all about relationships • The snowball effect That’s You!Find your content Ask them to stars and come and Create a Offline regular Invite the Create a workshop incentives Let the whole those already help (part of unified get-togethers wider and invite them along business knowengaged personally your audit) Comms point audience
  6. 6. Tools to lead the charge
  7. 7. Content &Curation
  8. 8. Editorial Calendar• Template• Set yourself communication reminders
  9. 9. Workshops• Why• Incentivise• How to use the tools• Talking them through the playbook• Best practices
  10. 10. • Not Policy! • Encouraging • Short to the pointGuidelines • Specific and contextualPlaybook • Learning experience • Workflow • Tone of voice
  11. 11. Writing good copy• Krugs third law of usability: Get rid of ½ the words on the page and then get rid of ½ of what’s left.• People don’t read online they scan – at the beginning
  12. 12. • Ideas • Do your research • Write headlines that promise value • Begin with a gripping lead • Sub headers • It can be short • Imagery • Marmite and Controversy • Value over promotion • Personality • Keywords • EngageWriting
  13. 13. To get them kick started• Opinion based on current news (Guernsey Tax Regime Set For EU Review )• Events you will attend or are attending• Commentary on another post or community conversation• Customer stories• Competitor news• Guides• Give me some ideas• It does not have to be a blog post in the traditional sense
  14. 14. Example to the point• Asks a question (Catchy headline)• Scanable• Imagery• Research done• Top 10
  15. 15. Engaging guest bloggers• 3rd Parties – Google, twitter searches• Take a look at your comments and responses• Write a guest blogger post• Advertise it• Make it easy• Show the benefits• Interview?• Don’t ask for too much
  16. 16. Practice what you preach• Write for 30 mins every day• Jot down every post idea you have
  17. 17. About Me Twitter @brandjoe Blog Digital Planner & Creative TypeOccasional Speaker & Trainer, Strategy, Semi Literate Writer. Im down with: Tech, Design, Basketball, Snow, Hiphop& my Fam
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