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  5. THE NEW COLISEUM AS ROMA ● James (Jim) Pallotta ● Italian model for stadiums ● Atlanta went over budget ● Poured concrete before finding system integrator ● Built out a grid for each category looked at various suppliers ● Facial recognition (security issues) ● Digital Tickets ● Make you the 2nd favourite fan through the experience ● 365 days a year it will be going on ● Steep seating to get fans closer ● No one believe in VR for sport right now ● Trying to future proof the tech ● Coming in under budget and commercial opportunities will drive success ● eSports - ○ Paul Rodgers heads up social and digital
  6. THE NEW COLISEUM AS ROMA ● 365 days how you gonna keep them engaged ● Need to get data on fans BIG time ○ Fan manager 18-20 teams ○ Social ○ Ticketing ○ Demographic ○ Sponsorship ● Fan clubs ● Loyalty ● AS Roma have their own studios and have Roma TV - 7 hours of original TV, which they are now exporting ● Roma only club who have a radio station ● Crowdsourced website - Fan produce a lot of content which the team curate ● Hall of Fame
  8. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● Steve Pagliuca - Co-Owner Boston Celtics ● Worked on Dunn&Bradstreet deals ● 2.5 billion behind a new brand with branson ● What do they look for in investment ○ Increase customer experience ○ Reduce cost ○ Good management team ○ Good strategy ● Put robots in amazon ● Bring championship to boston through investment ○ Look at improving fan experience ○ Open up players
  9. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● No cheerleaders nothing but trouble ○ Took 5 years to get them in ● Improve fan experience ● Building community ● Excited about GE - brand that reps the Celtics values ○ Data on players ○ Health ○ Systems ● 10th model (Money Ball) for drafting and player analysis ● Ratings up 150% ● 60% people using ticketing on the phone ● 700 billion payments on phone in 2018 ● Closer you get to fans the better the business grows (they want to buy more) ● Needed a coach or GM (Danny Angie) that must want data and be tech savvy
  10. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● Kyrie was a BIG deal ● 2003 previous champs 7 players had been involved in 30 championships ● Kyrie was seen as one of these guys ● They felt if Kyrie came over and got more of the ball he would be even better (Data) ● He’s like a 2nd coach ● Really unlucky with Haward ● OTT broadcast and data ○ 25 years ago went out did a talk on convergence, watching TV then make a phone call (or through mail) and vote on something ○ Fans want data immediately
  11. DATA N OIL
  12. DATA THE NEW OIL ● Retail for VR in the next 2 years ● Data need to get on this ASAP ● 18 billion on Whatsapp for a communication app ● Modernize your core innovate at the edge ● Business Intelligence ○ Run business ○ Differentiate Business ■ Connect people, things and business ○ Data Foundation ● Mode 1 infrastructure ○ Fan - marketing and commerce ○ Team - performance ○ Business - operations ● Mode 2 ○ Digital Sports - engage fans in the moment, predict and reduce injuries, digital athlete
  13. DATA THE NEW OIL ● Car is used on average 4% of the time ● Machine learning and artificial intelligence ● Customer retention for sharks ○ Looking at different sources of info ○ Building a digital profile and work on specific propositions for different fans at different times (bad weather analogy) ● @McStravickGreg
  15. NBA FAN EXPERIENCE ● Amy Brookes ● Stadiums are becoming the town halls of cities ● Seamless, entertaining, personalisation ● Enhancing In-Arena Experience ● Then beyond the Arena ● Pistons - Email changes dynamically ○ with different traffic info and scores depending when they open it. ● GSW has Chatbot ● Miami - 80% are entering via mobile ticket and mobile wallet ● Flexible ticket products ● Intelligent way finding - Red yellow and green on toilets and concession stands ● Facial recognition to send to phone from jumbotron ● Augmented reality ● Celtics bingo during a game
  16. NBA FAN EXPERIENCE ● Connected with stadium services via app ● 5 3’s score you get chick-fill-a seamless right through the mobile app ● NBA has become the Netflix of sports properties, because of the players ● 1% of fans will ever attend a game ● League pass integrating bring friends into the broadcast but also host commentators - local friends and celebs ● Snapchat filter ● NBA inplay - real time fantasy app - predicts where it’s going in the future ● Fantasy league ○ 56% more than average fan in watch time ○ 84 mins on average ● Alexa NBA skills
  17. AI & VOICE
  18. AI AND THE VOICE OF YOUR TEAM ● Andy Payne - Cisco ● 30x increase since the 70s in internal comms (work orchestration) ● 50% increase in remote working ● 50% machine learning improves productivity by 2025 ● Voice is responsive, instinctual ○ Voice 50,000 yrs old ○ Writing about 5000 ● Voice is everywhere (we know this) ○ But it’s about how to tap voice into interface ○ Voice in Display out ○ Team TV distributed video across locations and teams
  19. AI AND THE VOICE OF YOUR TEAM ● Theo and Dale Ex NBA Pros ○ Stats are creating a lot more intelligence ○ Born way to early ○ Started learning by taping VHS, so much easier to learn about moves plays and stats ○ Routine changed for the player ○ Access to the NBA is so much better now ● VR and AR could be the next bit ● Social media open accessed ● Who wins this game: ○ Celtics or Sixers
  21. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Seem to be taking more of a VC approach to running a franchise ● Sports is still an undervalued assets which one of the main drivers of this new approach ● First mover advantages and disadvantages ○ Reward ■ Kinexon - helped understand practice time and gametime - player advantage ■ PR is great, sends a message ■ Partner opportunities ■ Spark in office and culture ○ Risks ■ Stumble and fall, bet on the wrong horse ■ About getting up
  22. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Sixers innovation lab ○ Seth Berger (And1) founder - needs running (sold it from 250mill) ○ YouGetGood - eSports helps you go up levels 65% better faster ○ LiveLifeNice - Content company, people doing good things for others (partnership with time) ○ Monster roster - helps you make better roster decisions (gaming) ○ Living off the grid - something to do with cats … (people laughed) ● Smart, intelligent, aggressive CEOs ● Philly doing very well considering their performance ○ There is no magic - hard work, truthful, get out in front, aggressive marketing and messaging ● Teams are community assets and we are stewards of them
  23. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Athletes are themselves, they are true to themselves ● Encourage them speaking about their social issues ● NBA has taken on Drugs, AIDs and more ● eSports ○ First NA Sports to buy eSports ○ Crazy big audience ○ More people watch legalises world ○ 40 million tuning into these matches ○ Moves and monetises very differently and no structure, but next 12 months will be different ○ eSports is going to the moon, but it’s fundamentally different business ● Not scratched the surface of the value of these clubs
  25. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● @bougie ● Caroline Drucker ● 800m ● Sports is compelling ● 243m people are connected to sports accounts ● BBall are number ● Fans are looking for the stories behind the game ● Video is huge 80% YoY on time spend on video and 4x increase ● Unlocking value ○ Find you ■ Authenticity - your true value ■ Personal milestones (can turn comments) ■ Traingin dats ■ Locker rooms ■ Everyday fun
  26. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● Keep regular ● Under 25’s spend 32 min a day on instagram ● 30% of sports accounts followed by teens ● Keep it consistent - tone ● But not too consistent ● Mix your types up / live, feed, stories ● 100 million people visit explore page every day ● Building a relationship ○ Repurpose content ○ Spice up existing content with stickers ○ Leverage talent ○ Tap into archives to tell stories using your talent of what they thought of the game play ○ Make ordinary fun ○ Polling
  27. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● More stories tools, face filters, boomerang and super zoom ● Live is blowing up, cristiano does a lot 360k concurrents ● Live with - this is a very cool bit of tech ● Driving value ○ Promotion Gal Gadot movie poster launch - we need to do more of this with players ○ Show the love of the game and the players ○ Branded content ■ Marked as sponsors ■ Post performance ○ Insights (mobile and desktop) ○ Awareness > Tune in > merchandise > ticketsales ○ (Shop Now tool drove ticket sales tool) ● Simple but effective
  28. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● Take Aways ○ Users love sports ○ Stories offers immersive way to connect with fans ○ Use it to drive value for the business