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Leaders meet innovation


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Leaders teamed up with the NBA, SAP and Cisco for an inspiring exploration of what’s coming up for technology, consumer trends, content and connectivity in 2016. The event was hosted alongside the NBA London Global Games 2016.

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Leaders meet innovation

  2. 2. SPEAKERS Text Here
  3. 3. SPEAKERS
  5. 5. THE NEW COLISEUM AS ROMA ● James (Jim) Pallotta ● Italian model for stadiums ● Atlanta went over budget ● Poured concrete before finding system integrator ● Built out a grid for each category looked at various suppliers ● Facial recognition (security issues) ● Digital Tickets ● Make you the 2nd favourite fan through the experience ● 365 days a year it will be going on ● Steep seating to get fans closer ● No one believe in VR for sport right now ● Trying to future proof the tech ● Coming in under budget and commercial opportunities will drive success ● eSports - ○ Paul Rodgers heads up social and digital
  6. 6. THE NEW COLISEUM AS ROMA ● 365 days how you gonna keep them engaged ● Need to get data on fans BIG time ○ Fan manager 18-20 teams ○ Social ○ Ticketing ○ Demographic ○ Sponsorship ● Fan clubs ● Loyalty ● AS Roma have their own studios and have Roma TV - 7 hours of original TV, which they are now exporting ● Roma only club who have a radio station ● Crowdsourced website - Fan produce a lot of content which the team curate ● Hall of Fame
  8. 8. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● Steve Pagliuca - Co-Owner Boston Celtics ● Worked on Dunn&Bradstreet deals ● 2.5 billion behind a new brand with branson ● What do they look for in investment ○ Increase customer experience ○ Reduce cost ○ Good management team ○ Good strategy ● Put robots in amazon ● Bring championship to boston through investment ○ Look at improving fan experience ○ Open up players
  9. 9. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● No cheerleaders nothing but trouble ○ Took 5 years to get them in ● Improve fan experience ● Building community ● Excited about GE - brand that reps the Celtics values ○ Data on players ○ Health ○ Systems ● 10th model (Money Ball) for drafting and player analysis ● Ratings up 150% ● 60% people using ticketing on the phone ● 700 billion payments on phone in 2018 ● Closer you get to fans the better the business grows (they want to buy more) ● Needed a coach or GM (Danny Angie) that must want data and be tech savvy
  10. 10. SUCCESS IN THE GREEN ● Kyrie was a BIG deal ● 2003 previous champs 7 players had been involved in 30 championships ● Kyrie was seen as one of these guys ● They felt if Kyrie came over and got more of the ball he would be even better (Data) ● He’s like a 2nd coach ● Really unlucky with Haward ● OTT broadcast and data ○ 25 years ago went out did a talk on convergence, watching TV then make a phone call (or through mail) and vote on something ○ Fans want data immediately
  11. 11. DATA N OIL
  12. 12. DATA THE NEW OIL ● Retail for VR in the next 2 years ● Data need to get on this ASAP ● 18 billion on Whatsapp for a communication app ● Modernize your core innovate at the edge ● Business Intelligence ○ Run business ○ Differentiate Business ■ Connect people, things and business ○ Data Foundation ● Mode 1 infrastructure ○ Fan - marketing and commerce ○ Team - performance ○ Business - operations ● Mode 2 ○ Digital Sports - engage fans in the moment, predict and reduce injuries, digital athlete
  13. 13. DATA THE NEW OIL ● Car is used on average 4% of the time ● Machine learning and artificial intelligence ● Customer retention for sharks ○ Looking at different sources of info ○ Building a digital profile and work on specific propositions for different fans at different times (bad weather analogy) ● @McStravickGreg
  15. 15. NBA FAN EXPERIENCE ● Amy Brookes ● Stadiums are becoming the town halls of cities ● Seamless, entertaining, personalisation ● Enhancing In-Arena Experience ● Then beyond the Arena ● Pistons - Email changes dynamically ○ with different traffic info and scores depending when they open it. ● GSW has Chatbot ● Miami - 80% are entering via mobile ticket and mobile wallet ● Flexible ticket products ● Intelligent way finding - Red yellow and green on toilets and concession stands ● Facial recognition to send to phone from jumbotron ● Augmented reality ● Celtics bingo during a game
  16. 16. NBA FAN EXPERIENCE ● Connected with stadium services via app ● 5 3’s score you get chick-fill-a seamless right through the mobile app ● NBA has become the Netflix of sports properties, because of the players ● 1% of fans will ever attend a game ● League pass integrating bring friends into the broadcast but also host commentators - local friends and celebs ● Snapchat filter ● NBA inplay - real time fantasy app - predicts where it’s going in the future ● Fantasy league ○ 56% more than average fan in watch time ○ 84 mins on average ● Alexa NBA skills
  17. 17. AI & VOICE
  18. 18. AI AND THE VOICE OF YOUR TEAM ● Andy Payne - Cisco ● 30x increase since the 70s in internal comms (work orchestration) ● 50% increase in remote working ● 50% machine learning improves productivity by 2025 ● Voice is responsive, instinctual ○ Voice 50,000 yrs old ○ Writing about 5000 ● Voice is everywhere (we know this) ○ But it’s about how to tap voice into interface ○ Voice in Display out ○ Team TV distributed video across locations and teams
  19. 19. AI AND THE VOICE OF YOUR TEAM ● Theo and Dale Ex NBA Pros ○ Stats are creating a lot more intelligence ○ Born way to early ○ Started learning by taping VHS, so much easier to learn about moves plays and stats ○ Routine changed for the player ○ Access to the NBA is so much better now ● VR and AR could be the next bit ● Social media open accessed ● Who wins this game: ○ Celtics or Sixers
  21. 21. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Seem to be taking more of a VC approach to running a franchise ● Sports is still an undervalued assets which one of the main drivers of this new approach ● First mover advantages and disadvantages ○ Reward ■ Kinexon - helped understand practice time and gametime - player advantage ■ PR is great, sends a message ■ Partner opportunities ■ Spark in office and culture ○ Risks ■ Stumble and fall, bet on the wrong horse ■ About getting up
  22. 22. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Sixers innovation lab ○ Seth Berger (And1) founder - needs running (sold it from 250mill) ○ YouGetGood - eSports helps you go up levels 65% better faster ○ LiveLifeNice - Content company, people doing good things for others (partnership with time) ○ Monster roster - helps you make better roster decisions (gaming) ○ Living off the grid - something to do with cats … (people laughed) ● Smart, intelligent, aggressive CEOs ● Philly doing very well considering their performance ○ There is no magic - hard work, truthful, get out in front, aggressive marketing and messaging ● Teams are community assets and we are stewards of them
  23. 23. INNOVATIVE GROWTH STRATEGIES ● Athletes are themselves, they are true to themselves ● Encourage them speaking about their social issues ● NBA has taken on Drugs, AIDs and more ● eSports ○ First NA Sports to buy eSports ○ Crazy big audience ○ More people watch legalises world ○ 40 million tuning into these matches ○ Moves and monetises very differently and no structure, but next 12 months will be different ○ eSports is going to the moon, but it’s fundamentally different business ● Not scratched the surface of the value of these clubs
  24. 24. INSTAGRAM
  25. 25. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● @bougie ● Caroline Drucker ● 800m ● Sports is compelling ● 243m people are connected to sports accounts ● BBall are number ● Fans are looking for the stories behind the game ● Video is huge 80% YoY on time spend on video and 4x increase ● Unlocking value ○ Find you ■ Authenticity - your true value ■ Personal milestones (can turn comments) ■ Traingin dats ■ Locker rooms ■ Everyday fun
  26. 26. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● Keep regular ● Under 25’s spend 32 min a day on instagram ● 30% of sports accounts followed by teens ● Keep it consistent - tone ● But not too consistent ● Mix your types up / live, feed, stories ● 100 million people visit explore page every day ● Building a relationship ○ Repurpose content ○ Spice up existing content with stickers ○ Leverage talent ○ Tap into archives to tell stories using your talent of what they thought of the game play ○ Make ordinary fun ○ Polling
  27. 27. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● More stories tools, face filters, boomerang and super zoom ● Live is blowing up, cristiano does a lot 360k concurrents ● Live with - this is a very cool bit of tech ● Driving value ○ Promotion Gal Gadot movie poster launch - we need to do more of this with players ○ Show the love of the game and the players ○ Branded content ■ Marked as sponsors ■ Post performance ○ Insights (mobile and desktop) ○ Awareness > Tune in > merchandise > ticketsales ○ (Shop Now tool drove ticket sales tool) ● Simple but effective
  28. 28. INSTAGRAM STORYTELLING ● Take Aways ○ Users love sports ○ Stories offers immersive way to connect with fans ○ Use it to drive value for the business