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Integrated Curriculum


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Integrated Curriculum

  1. 1. Mark BoatmanIntegrated Curriculum Lesson – For 4th GradeStudents often are frustrated with being taught subjects that they are not interestedin. One remedy to this problem is to use an integrated or interdisciplinary approachto curriculum. This approach focuses on implementing lessons that cut acrosssubject matter to focus on comprehensive knowledge.This type of innovate teaching can be used for any subject or lesson. A greatclassroom application for a Social Studies/Geography class would be a salt-doughrelief map and research project on Australia. The goal for this project is to learnabout the continent of Australia and it’s people, by utilizing research, criticalthinking, and group process. The steps for this project are as follows: 1. The class will be divided into small groups (6 groups for the 6 major regions of Australia). Each group will focus on one region. 2. Reading and Social Studies: Students will use the library and Internet to research and read about Australia and the region assigned to them. The goal is to come up with a main theme for their region, which will be used for the map. 3. Math and Science: In class each group will use measurement and ingredients to make salt-dough. They will also need to use math to make the relief map of their region to scale. 4. Art and Geography: Students will use the salt-dough to create a relief map with matching landforms and points of interest within their region. They will then use the main theme that they came up with for their region, and paint this symbol or theme onto their map. Example: If aborigines is the symbol of your region, that would be represented and painted onto the salt dough relief map. 5. Group Process: Each group will then present on their region, detailing interesting facts about that part of Australia, and explaining their relief map, both the physical characteristics and the painted symbol used. All of the relief maps will be put together to form the Continent of Australia.I think that this project cuts across subject matter, combining a social studies lessonwith applications in math, reading, science, and art. Although the main objective isto teach the students about both the Geographic and Cultural aspects of Australia,students ultimately have to utilize many areas of curriculum to complete theobjectives. One of my goals as a teacher is to integrate fun into every lesson. In thislesson students use critical thinking and problem solving, and the task involvesmany different subjects.