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Penny coventry fiddler-spsbe23


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This session starts with the basics on how to use the Fiddler Web Debugging tool with SharePoint 2010, and then explores add-ons. In conclusion, Penny will discuss how fiddler can help with SharePoint Online.

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Penny coventry fiddler-spsbe23

  1. 1. #SPSBEHow to fiddler with SharePoint 2010 #SPSBE23 Penny Coventry
  2. 2. ABOUT ME• Independent Consultant• Author/Co-author 10 SharePoint Books• Trainer• Worked with SharePoint since 2001• Based in UK, work Europe & US• Microsoft MVP SharePoint Server• Blogs/Web Site •• Twitter: @pjcov
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  4. 4. CONTENT• What is it and how does it Work?• Getting to Know Fiddler• Traffic Import• Summary• Resources
  5. 5. WHAT IS FIDDLER? IT’S JUST ONE OF THE TOOLS OF YOUR TRADE• Developer • Log analysis • SPMonitoredScope • SPDiag • Developer Dashboard • Fx Cop (.NET Code Analysis) • ULSViewer • SP Dispose Check • Performance Analyzer Logs • IE Dev Toolbar (PAL)• Profiling • IIS Log Parser • Perfmon • Http roundtrip analysis • SQL Profiler • Fiddler • Win DBG • Netmon 3.4 • SQLIO Disk Subsystem Benchmark Tool
  6. 6. BUT REALLY – WHAT IS IT?• It’s Free• First Released October 2003• Developed by one man: Microsoft employee: Eric Lawrence
  7. 7. WHAT DOES IT DO?• Capture and view all HTTP and HTTPS• “Fiddle” with incoming and outgoing data • Modifies Page Requests and Responses • Manipulates timing • Decrypts HTTPS traffic
  8. 8. WHO USES FIDDLER?• Microsoft engineers• Support teams• Lots of external web developers (10K+ downloads per week)• Security researchers• SharePoint Admins• …• Some bad guys 
  9. 9. HOW DOES FIDDLER WORK? Firewall Firefox CryptoAPI WinHTTP Internet Company WinINET Fiddler http://internet Explorer Proxy Office SPD 2010Source: Microsoft
  10. 10. DEMO Getting to Know Fiddler • A Quick Tour of Fiddler
  12. 12. FILTERING HTTP TRAFFIC• Application Type Filter - Toggle• QuickExec box• Process Filter• Filters tab• Find Sessions• Rules
  13. 13. QUICKEXEC BOX• Type commands: • Cls • ?sometext • >40000 • =301 • =POST• Write Your Own – FiddlerScript• neXpert Performance Tool • Adds commands • Generates HTML recommendations report
  14. 14. HELP WITH SHAREPOINT CAPTURES• Kerberos /download/en/ details.aspx?id=23176
  15. 15. INFOPATH• Darvish Shadravan: on-infopath-request-and-response.aspx
  16. 16. Demo Filters
  17. 17. DEBUGGING NON-WINDOWS CLIENTS PC MAC Linux Fiddler http://internet iPad Windows PhoneSource: Microsoft
  18. 18. WHAT ABOUT FIREFOX?• Used to be a problem • Reconfigure proxy settings every time you start and stop Fiddler • FiddlerHook pluggin for Firefox 3+• Firefox proxy settings to • Use system proxy • Behaves like IE
  19. 19. DEMO Remote Clients
  20. 20. EXPORT / IMPORT• Import web traffic from other tools • HTTP Archive JSON (.har) • HTTP Archive XML (exported from IE9 Developer Tools Network Tab)• Export formats • Session Archive ZIP (SAZ) • HTTP Archive JSON v1.1 • HTTP Archive JSON v1.2 • Visual Studio Web Test XML • WCAT Load Test Script • Raw Files • Meddler Scripts (added in v2.3.5) • HTML5 AppCache Manifests (added in v2.3.6)• IE 9 -> Developer Tools -> Network tab
  21. 21. SAZ FILES• Specially formatted .zip files• Stores HTTP(S) traffic for later use • File -> Save • QuickExec box: dump or Savesaz filename • nExpert tab: Save Sessions w Report to Zip • File -> Load Archive• Can be Password-protected/Encrypted File -> Fiddler Options -> General• FiddlerCap • Used to troubleshoot website problems • Lightweight version of Fiddler • Non-technical user creates SAZ file • Sends to Expert for Analysis
  22. 22. Demo Traffic Export / Import
  23. 23. Fiddler application with Your application hosting extensions FiddlerCore Fiddler 2 Inspector2 Inspector2ExecAction.exe IFiddlerExtension YourApp.exe IFiddlerExtension Fiddler ScriptEngine Your FiddlerScript FiddlerCore FiddlerCore Xceed*.dll Makecert.exe Xceed*.dll Makecert.exe Source: Microsoft
  24. 24. SUMMARY• HTTP/HTTPS Debugger• More than just traffic capture• Runs as Proxy Server: • Local Machine • Remote Server• Written in C#• Free:
  25. 25. RESOURCES• MSDN blogs: • •• Discussion group:• Twitter tag: #fiddler2• Facebook:• Fiddler Book Table of Contents:!topic/httpfiddler/0CKFAKYe88E• Google groups forum:!forum/httpfiddler• Other Useful links: • • •• HAR file to Page Speed • •• neXpert Performance Analysis Plugin
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