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OSS at Microsoft


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The talk addresses Microsoft activities in the field of OSS. Along with some insider info you'll get an insight at the real cases, projects and contributions to the OSS world. Attention will be paid to the historical and current advance of PHP, Javascript and Azure.

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OSS at Microsoft

  1. 1. OSS at Microsoft ‘’Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbors noisy party than being there.’’ Franklin P. Jones Anatoliy Belsky PHP Specialist 11/11/2012
  2. 2. About MeAnatoliy Belsky• Open Source Fan• PHP Core Developer• Working with Microsoft since March 2012•• weltling on #php.pecl and github• @weltling
  3. 3. Windows OSS Ecosystem400.000 active OSS projects92% of commonly used OSSMicrosoft released and maintains more than 5.000 lines of GPL’d code in the Linux kernel
  4. 4. We have changed asa company and havebecome more OPEN
  5. 5. Microsoft and Openness
  6. 6. OpenS ourceT echnologyC enter
  7. 7. OSTC Strategy• Contribute to OSS projects• Enhance interoperability• Use OSS development model• Development KITs open sourcing• Adapt OSS to reduce costs
  8. 8. Hyper-V• Open source drivers• GPL’d for Linux• BSD licensed for freeBSD• High performance• OpenStack integration
  9. 9. Samba• SMB protocol documentation• QA and compatibility tests• Patches
  10. 10. PHP• 2 of the top 5 contributors work with Microsoft• Thousands contributions to the major PHP projects• SqlServer driver is open source• Wincache extension is on PECL• Contributions to APC, xdebug, etc.
  11. 11. PHP since 5.3• Moved to VC9 compiler• Direct Win32 APIs usage• Improved dependency management
  12. 12. PHP 5.2 to 5.3Demo
  13. 13. PHP dependency libraries• zLib• openssl• libiconv• libxml2• ICU• et cetera
  14. 14. Contributions to major PHP projects• Symfony / Doctrine• Drupal• Wordpress• Twig• PEAR• Etc.
  15. 15. Other Web related software• PHP manager for IIS7• IIS FastCGI• WebMatrix
  16. 16. MS OpenTech Inc.
  17. 17. MS OpenTech Inc.• Subsidiary of MSFT• Bridges MS and non-MS technology• In touch with OSS community• In touch with open standards community
  18. 18. Node.js• libUV• IISNode• Support for Cloud9 IDE
  19. 19. Node.js• Demo
  20. 20. IISNode• IIS7+• Process management• Multi-core support• Integrated debugging• Code change monitoring• Other IIS benefits
  21. 21. NoSql/Bigdata• Hadoop• MongoDB• Redis• Federation
  22. 22. Azure
  23. 23. Azure Features• Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac tools• Custom VMs (Windows, Linux, BSD)• Open source APIs• Team Foundation Service• Etc.
  24. 24. Azure SDK• PHP• Javascript• Java• Python• Ruby• .Net
  25. 25. Javascript
  26. 26. Javascripts libs&projects• Node.js• TypeScript• DATAJS• Jint• Linq.js
  27. 27. • Designed for big applications• Cross platform• Static typing• Classes• Modules
  28. 28. TypeScript example• Demo
  29. 29. Javascript on Azure/Windows Server• Node.js• BlobStorage• HDInsight
  30. 30. SqlServer
  31. 31. SqlServer• Java and PHP drivers• Sdoop driver• Open DBDiff
  32. 32. .NET
  33. 33. .Net OSS and free Tools• Microsoft Visual C# Express• NUnit• NDoc• NAnt• FxCop
  34. 34. Open Source• Razor• MVC• nuGet• Mono interoperability
  35. 35. misc libraries• AJAX Control Toolkit• Entity Framework• DLR• MEF• OData
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. ReferencesPHP/PECL/Libs Swan Deps OpenTech Openness 2012 2011 2011 2008
  38. 38. Thanks for your Attention!