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JOBOLOGY for High School Students


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A how to guide to help High School age students get and keep a job while they are in High School by Bill at

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JOBOLOGY for High School Students

  1. As Told BY Mike JOBOLOGY For High School Students Get and Keep a Great Job While You’re in High School
  2. Hi I’m Mike . I use to look like this kid when I was a little kid.
  3. Now I look more like this…
  4. I got my first job…
  5. at a mall like this…
  6. In a store like…
  7. I did this…
  8. And things like this… Stocking shelves
  9. The job didn’t suck… … I just told my friends that it did.
  10. My friends got their first jobs at the mall that same summer!
  11. Their jobs didn’t suck either!
  12. They worked at stores like this…
  13. And at stores like… Toy stores
  14. And stores like this…
  15. They did…
  16. And this…
  17. And things like this… Checking credit cards.
  18. After our first day on the job …
  19. My friends and I… … partied all night long!
  20. The next day I was late to work.
  21. My boss gave me a… … Warning !
  22. Note to self - partying all night long and work … … don’t mix . Mike makes a personal note to self
  23. My friend Caitlin got to work late that day too.
  24. Caitlin did her job that day too… … but not as good as me.
  25. Caitlin got fired . Her boss said something about… … poor job performance.
  26. Being fired made Caitlin cry… all night long. This girl looks like Caitlin.
  27. My friend Sean got a… Tattoo
  28. It looked like this.
  29. He put it here…
  30. Sean worked in a… … Toy Store .
  31. Sean’s boss said… “ The tattoo wasn’t appropriate” !
  32. … Kids could be scared by it. And this too…
  33. Sean’s boss fired Sean .
  34. My friend Erin took her break with her friend Mary..
  35. On their break…
  36. Erin and Mary had a quick snack.
  37. After her break Erin went back… … to work .
  38. Erin put the price stickers on the $200.00 a pair jeans that afternoon .
  39. More jeans were sold that day then the store ever sold before … in one afternoon.
  40. Erin was very happy…. …she was looking forward to that big commission check she was going to get in her next paycheck.
  41. For selling All those expensive jeans.
  42. In all 45 pairs… … of jeans were sold that afternoon!
  43. @ $20.00 a pair
  44. Erin’s mind was not on her work!
  45. At least that’s what her boss said right before he fired Erin.
  46. My friend Eddie’s parents are rich…
  47. Their house looks like this.
  48. They were out of town most of that Summer.
  49. That summer we had many parties… …at Eddie’s parent’s house!
  50. Eddie invited Karen to one of the parties …
  51. This girl looks like Karen .
  52. Karen worked with Eddie.
  53. The way I heard it….
  54. Eddie asked Karen out … … 10 X ‘s a day after the party.
  55. Eddie just wanted… … one more date!
  56. Karen told Eddie she wasn’t interested … … 10 X’s a day!
  57. Eddie’s boss told Eddie…
  58. When Karen said she wasn’t interested… … she wasn’t interested!
  59. Eddie was fired that day !
  60. Eddie’s boss told him he had been fired for Sexually Harassing Karen.
  61. My last day on the job my boss told me I would go far…
  62. He said…
  63. You took the initiative to… … apply for a job here! Mike…
  64. You always… … came to work on time !
  65. You always dressed nicely!
  66. You were always courteous to your coworker … … to our customers … and to your boss!
  67. You always did a… … great job everyday!
  68. Simply put you’re the type of employee … … every boss wants !
  69. Recap… … To Get and Keep a Job When You’re in High School Do…
  70. Take the initiative and apply for a job. This…
  71. And this… Come to work on time !
  72. And this… Dress nicely
  73. And this… Be courteous
  74. And always… Do a great job a work… …everyday !
  75. And don’t do the other stuff!
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