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Create Your Elevator Pitch - Pat Drew and Ivy Exec


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Unless you can communicate your value quickly and in a compelling way, you are letting opportunities pass you by. Would you knowingly give up an opportunity for the perfect job or fantastic assignment? That is what you are doing if you do not have at your fingertips a well-practiced, very brief statement of who you are, what you are up to and what a UNIQUE contribution you make.

No matter how experienced and polished we are, most of us from time to time pass up opportunities to let others know who we are and what a unique contribution we make. We fail to get the conversation started which can lead to new positions and assignments.

In this webinar, you will actively participate and "log out" with a new statement of who you are and your value. In this session, you will learn:

- How to communicate your value in a compelling way in 20 seconds.
- Four key questions to answer, to engage anyone anywhere, anytime – in YOU!
- To craft, practice and perfect your own Elevator Pitch.
- How do to make yourself interesting, memorable and start the conversation, which will open doors for you.

Pat Drew’s areas of expertise include top-level coaching, senior team alignment and preparing executives and organizations for transitions. For over twenty years, she has coached executives in the media, pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies, financial and professional services, real estate, communications, not-for-profit organizations and academia.

Pat’s experience in helping executives achieve strong business results was acquired as Director in Human Resources at The New York Times for 20 years, as Manager of Training at the New York Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University and, most recently, with Guttman Development Strategies, a leadership-development firm.

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Create Your Elevator Pitch - Pat Drew and Ivy Exec

  1. 1. Create Your Elevator Pitch:Communicate Your Value in 20 SecondsPat DrewPat Drew & Company Want more info? Go to 1 1
  2. 2. About Pat DrewExecutive Coach, Career Management Professional,Speaker• Coached 1,000 New York Times managers and executives• Coached 200 MBA’s and EMBA’s for Columbia Business School• “C” level Executives in Transition• Founded 350 member strong Bronxville Career Network helpingfolks land the job of their dreams.• With a business and mental health background, I help peoplebecome “unstuck” in the most trying of circumstances. Want more info? Go to 2
  3. 3. Agenda• What is an elevator pitch• How it fits with your career strategy• Opportunity to craft or polish your own• Road test your lead sentence Want more info? Go to 3
  4. 4. Getting the Most from this Session• Craft your own as we go along• Answer the questions for yourself, jot down words• Write in to us your first line, and we will work with you. Later, wewill read out several and discuss Want more info? Go to 4
  5. 5. IntroductionYou have just left a meeting with an HR executive about a position you aredying to have. You step into the elevator, hear someone calling, “wait, holdit please….”, you thrust out your notebook to hold the elevator, and insteps the hiring manager you have been “dying” to meet….and she says“thanks so much…how is your day going?”….the opportunity you havebeen seeking for 3 months…..what do you say? Want more info? Go to 5
  6. 6. Introduction“You need to “advertise” the value you offer to the people andorganizations who are “out shopping” for the strengths, values, talents,ideals, passions and experience that you (andonly you) possess.” Rosemary Davies-Janes Founder of personal brand agency -- MIBOSO® Want more info? Go to 6
  7. 7. DefinitionMost important thing to consider? Want more info? Go to 7
  8. 8. DefinitionMost important thing to consider? Your audienceWant more info? Go to 8
  9. 9. Definition The Elevator PitchAn overview of an idea, product, service, project, person, or other solution Designed just to get a conversation started Want more info? Go to 9
  10. 10. The Elevator PitchWant more info? Go to 10
  11. 11. The Elevator PitchClarify who you are and what is special about youYou want to be memorable • Branding • Differentiate yourself • What makes you indispensable? Want more info? Go to 11
  12. 12. The Elevator PitchMake It Enticing • How do you add sparkle? • Draw others in? • What do you leave in/take out according to your audience? Want more info? Go to 12
  13. 13. Key Skills Personal Assessment Personal Brand Goal and Strategy Elevator Pitch Resumes and Cover Letters NetworkingWant more info? Go to 13
  14. 14. The GoalWant more info? Go to 14
  15. 15. Elevator Pitch Outline1. What do you do? What is your passion?2. What is the pain your services address?3. What are the benefits? So what?4. What is your credibility?5. What is your goal? Want more info? Go to 15
  16. 16. Examples of Lead Statements“I am a disruptive leader making global computer markets sizzle.”“I transform job seekers into treasure hunters.”“I make words do wonders for you.”“I am responsible for the country’s future”“I bring the internet to everyone/everywhere.” Want more info? Go to 16
  17. 17. Examples of Lead Statements“I am a disruptive leader making global computer markets sizzle.”(IT sales)“I transform job seekers into treasure hunters.” (recruiter)“I make words do wonders for you.” (for PR person)“I am responsible for the country’s future” (teacher, new technologiesprofessional)“I bring the internet to everyone/everywhere.” (IT) Want more info? Go to 17
  18. 18. Examples of Lead StatementsEx Proseware, Inc. "With the spotlight on public companies and thesevere penalties for noncompliance, Prosewares customized compliancesolutions, delivered in less than half the time, let you get a good nightssleep." (30 words)Trey Research "If youre a restaurateur and cant keep your regularscoming back, youre lost. Using proprietary online and offline surveytechniques, Trey Research will find out how you can stop the losses andstart generating profit." (35 words) Want more info? Go to 18
  19. 19. Examples of Lead Statements"I help businesses become more profitable with tools that keep employeesaccountable.“"I help customers stay informed of their business’s news and sales.“"We reduce frustrations with customer service so that customers buy moreand remain loyal." Want more info? Go to 19
  20. 20. Example of Elevator PitchWhat you do? Who are you? Your passion. I have a passion for making socialenterprises succeed. I provide the financial knowledge enabling them to make adifference in the world.The Pain: Not for profit organizations often lack the resources and financial acumento make a powerful impact in the world.Benefits: I reduce your overhead and free up resources for you to do what is reallyimportantCredibility: Assistant Controller at IBM, designed systems which reduced overheadby 20% and increased bottom line revenue by 30% over 2 years. Board Director forSave the Children Foundation. MBA, Wharton School.Goal: Controller for mid size ($100-200 million) not for profit organization or nongovernmental organization, headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. Want more info? Go to 20
  21. 21. Pat’s Elevator PitchWhat you do? Who are you? Your passion. I help people discover and thrivein the career which is the “right fit” for them. I love helping people find their way tosomething that excites them.The Pain: Many people are stuck in their career search, usually because they lackfocus ,Benefits People achieve the clarify, conviction and excitement which attractsopportunitiesCredibility Coached 1,000 New York Times employees, coached 200 MBA’s andEMBA’s for Columbia Business School, founded 300 strong Bronxville Career Networkhelping folks land the job of their dreams. With a business and mental healthbackground, I help people become “unstuck” in the most trying of circumstances.Goal: I would like to speak to people feeling stuck in their search as well as peoplewilling to take their current career to a new level. Want more info? Go to 21
  22. 22. NOW IT ’S YOUR TURN!!!Want more info? Go to 22
  23. 23. ROAD TEST ITWant more info? Go to 23
  24. 24. Where might you use your elevator pitch? Want more info? Go to 24
  25. 25. Where might you use your elevator pitch? • When you run into the head of the firm in the elevator • Networking events • When anyone asks you! • With anyone who will listen! • “Could I let you know what I do?” Want more info? Go to 25
  26. 26. Keeping it fresh • When should you revise it? • How will you have it at your finger-tips? • Why and how do you customize it? Want more info? Go to 26
  27. 27. The Nine C’s of an Effective Elevator Pitch © 2008 by Chris OLeary. 1. Concise. Avoid extra words. 2. Clear understood by your grandparents, your spouse, and your children 3. Compelling explains the problem your Solution solves 4. Credible why you are qualified to see the problem and to build a solution 5. Conceptual stay high level and don’t go into too much unnecessary detail 6. Concrete specific and tangible 7. Customized addresses the specific interests and concerns of the audience 8. Consistent. It all aligns 9. Conversational set the hook - start a conversation Want more info? Go to 27
  28. 28. Final Word Keep it short Keep it quick Keep it clever Keep it BENEFIT oriented.Make it something that will encourage questions . Want more info? Go to 28
  29. 29. Final Word (cont’d) Keep it freshAdjust it to the person and situation Practice on anyone you can! Have fun! Let me know how I can help you Want more info? Go to 29
  30. 30. Thank you! Succeed in tough markets Achieve career success Free consultationSlides & Elevator Pitch Worksheet available on request 914-588-8243 Want more info? Go to 30