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Sewing tools and equipments


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Sewing tools and equipments

  1. 1. Sewing tools and equipments
  2. 2. Sewing Machine A sewing machine is anequipment which is veryindispensable in any sewingactivity, whether it be repairingaltering clothes or recyclinghousehold article special care areshould be given.
  3. 3. Regular maintenance is neededbecause it cots it can a lotknowledge of its pats and functionwill enable you to determine thecause of the trouble when breaksdown.
  4. 4. Parts of Sewing Machine
  5. 5. Spool pin- hold the spool of thread.
  6. 6. Presser foot- holds the fabric in place while sewing.
  7. 7. Thread guide- keeps the thread in the correct position.
  8. 8. Upper tension regulator- regulates the tightness and looseness of thread.
  9. 9. stitch regulator- regulates the length of stitches.
  10. 10. thread take-up lever- moves the thread up and down.
  11. 11. needle clamp- holds the needle.
  12. 12. presser bar litter- lowers and raise the presser foot.
  13. 13. feed dog- moves the fabric as sewing goes on.
  14. 14. balance wheel- the wheel on the right side of the head which control the movement of the needle.
  15. 15. Bobbin winder- use to wind thread on the bobbin.
  16. 16. belt- connects the balance wheel and the drive wheel.
  17. 17. drive wheel- the big wheel belowthe machine that is connected to the treadle.
  18. 18. treadle- the place for the feet.