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Linked in slide show 6-22-12


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Linked in slide show 6-22-12

  1. 1. ShalShiv AssociatesBringing The Innovative Approach to achieving a Competitively-Advantaged Cost Structure408.887.7994 bharat@shalshiv.comOur mission is to add value to our business partners by making available TheInnovative Approach, a methodology for attaining a competitively-advantaged coststructure. The methodology demonstrates how to solve two major businessproblems, execution and cost structure, by achieving operations excellence andcreating a well-oiled organization that consistently operates at minimum cost. What’s Unique about our Approach?We offer a teachable methodology that is easy to understand, easy to implement, andleads to visible results. The methodology demonstrates how to significantly improvethe performance of major business functions to strengthen your company’s executionand cost structure. A checklist format is used for business processes for ease ofunderstanding, training, execution, and tracking purposes. Bharat Desai, Principal ShalShiv Associates Confidential 1
  2. 2. ShalShiv AssociatesBringing The Innovative Approach to achieving a Competitively-Advantaged Cost Structure408.887.7994 Typical Client Benefits to Our Approach Value Provider Input Client Benefits Offer The Innovative Approach that Achieve a competitively-advantaged improves Execution and Cost Structure Cost Structure Provide The Executive Dash Board Attain operations excellence How to Align Organizational Elements Create a well-oiled organization that to Optimize Organization’s consistently operates at minimum cost Effectiveness Provide a Systematic Approach to Increase profits and invest funds in improving Gross Profit Margin of New Product Development, Innovation, Products and Promotion Learn the reality of your organization’s Conduct Assessment situation Receive an effective assessment Offer services as an Operations (To perform operations due diligence Specialist or to benchmark) ShalShiv Associates Confidential 2
  3. 3. ShalShiv AssociatesBringing The Innovative Approach to achieving a Competitively-Advantaged Cost Structure 408.887.7994 What People are Saying:You have both a strong base of experience and a truepassion for the topic of operational excellence.CEO, $600M Semiconductor Company Your book fills a real void and will be of great value to organizations looking to improve their execution and cost structure. President and CEO, $650M Semiconductor Company I think the book will become a staple of semiconductor operations professionals when it is completed. VP /GM, Semiconductor Diagnostics/Characterization Equipment Manufacturer Bharat, I agree 100% with your methodology. It is the right thing to do. However, most of the companies do not follow this methodology. Former Sr. VP/GM, Cypress Semiconductor ShalShiv Associates Confidential 3
  4. 4. The methodology helps meet the following challenges faced by small and midsizecompanies:How to:1. Establish great relationships with business partners.2. Introduce new products on time and cost effectively.3. Improve product yields systematically by establishing systems and processes.4. Execute supply chain flawlessly.5. Resolve “bandwidth” (resource) issues.6. Control and manage inventory most effectively and efficiently.7. Systematically improve Gross Profit Margin of products over product life cycle8. Set up meaningful goals system.9. Establish corporate Continuous Improvement system10. Use a Six Sigma based, simple yet powerful, problem solving tool to improve on-time delivery performance, product yields, customer returns, etc. ShalShiv Associates Confidential 4
  5. 5. How to attain a Competitively-Advantaged Cost Structure (The Innovative Approach) Solve two major business problems: Execution and Cost Structure Achieve Operations Excellence Create a Well-Oiled Organization Reduce Maximize Put in place Develop Product Optimize Man, Mach Cost Improve Cost faster Best Operational Human ine, & Control & Business than Interactions Method Reduction Efficiency following Practices Productivity Measures ASP’s Create & Create & Create & Follow a Establish Monitor Monitor Monitor process to Corp Implement Executive Executive Executive Align Continuous 10 Step GPM Dash Dash Dash Organizational Improvement improvement Board Board Board Elements Process System(1) Developing Best Business Practices involves systematically exposing the reality of an organization and acting on the findings. Your job as a leader is never done and Continuous Improvement must be the Mantra for your organization.(2) Operational Efficiency: Develop systems/processes for talent retention and management to save time, resources and ultimately save on the cost of labor. ShalShiv Associates Confidential 5