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Channel Economics Overview: Construction & Agriculture Equipment Dealers


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Overview of Channel Economics experience in working with Construction and Agriculture Equipment Dealers.

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Channel Economics Overview: Construction & Agriculture Equipment Dealers

  1. 1. Channel Economics Overview Construction & Agriculture Equipment Dealers
  2. 2. Channel Economics Channel Economics designs, develops and implements go- to-market strategies and solutions that drive improved business performance. We serve a global client base ranging from the Fortune 500 to mid-market companies.
  3. 3. Our Services Discovery Go to Market Strategy Implement Programs Measure Repeat Whether it is an unmet need, rapidly expanding market or chance to win share from a weaker competitor we start by identifying, sizing and prioritizing your opportunities in the marketplace. We Discovery also take an outside in approach to evaluate the markets that you’re playing in today through rigorous research and analysis of both the market and your company. Our strategic planning services are designed to transform new insights from our discovery process into actions that will accelerate your path to revenue growth, market share growth, increased profitability Go to Market Strategy and delivering greater value to your customers. Executing a new strategy usually requires a significant amount of resources and change. We will help you successfully navigate the rough seas of implementing change and can fill the gaps in capabilities Implement Programs or skill sets necessary to execute new strategies or business models. It’s the thread that runs throughout our entire process and our yardstick to gauge the success of any Measure specific strategy or tactic. And it helps our clients correct course before an issue becomes a problem.
  4. 4. Equipment Industry Experience
  5. 5. Equipment Industry Experience Extensive research, rigorous analysis and market knowledge enable Channel Economics to deliver high impact services and solutions to its dealer clients • Surveyed nearly 10,000 end customers of all types and sizes • Assessed marketing & sales operations of dozens of dealers – Obtaining feedback from thousands of marketing and sales resources • Analyzed billions in dealer revenue • Evaluated nearly every OEM and their dealers • Hundreds of hours in strategy and planning sessions with dealer management teams
  6. 6. Equipment Industry Experience Channel Economics has worked with equipment dealers in 18 U.S. States and 7 different countries. We have a variety of experience in diverse dealer markets.
  7. 7. Equipment Dealer Case Study: Sales Coverage Channel Economics worked with a leading construction equipment dealer to revamp its sales and marketing coverage model driving coverage from 31% to 84% of the market without increasing headcount or SG&A One Size Fits All Segmented Linear Additive Leveraged Field Centric Multi-Channel Push / NO Pull Push and Pull
  8. 8. Equipment Dealer Case Study: Growth Roadmap Channel Economics delivered the sales and marketing roadmap for its South American equipment dealer client to more than double revenue and quadruple profits in a 4 year span of time Marketing Performance Lead Generation Cross Selling Alternative Sales (Web) Channels Key Account Management Sales Capacity Sales Productivity
  9. 9. Contact Information