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E245 personal libraries-week4


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E245 personal libraries-week4

  1. PERSONAL LIBRARIES <br />WEEK 4<br />Customers & Users<br />
  2. Your Feedback<br />Evaluate market size<br />Talk to more customers<br />Get beyond Stanford<br />
  3. Hypotheses & Findings<br />More info on our blog:<br />
  4. Customer Interviews<br />Feedback from >60 researchers <br />cold calls, in-person interviews, and a web survey<br />both Stanford and non-Stanford<br />both current users and non-users<br />Top features: easy citations, easily access PDFs, tag papers to find later, and format references for target publication<br />>80% of respondents earn <40k in annual salary<br />“I want it to collect & organize my PDFs”<br />Less Attractive features: share papers with others, rate papers I’ve read<br />
  5. Update: New Tutorials<br />
  6. Search Volume<br />
  7. Market Size Estimates<br />Biomed Endnote<br />Reference Managers<br />E Books:<br /><ul><li>Wholesale book sales at about $24B annually
  8. eBook segment at about $0.5B and growing at over 100%</li></ul> -American Publisher’s Association<br />TAM: ?<br /><ul><li>8.5M searches/year for relevant categories in Google
  9. Google 70% search share
  10. Suppose each “free endnote” search represents 1 in 200 users who obtain a new commercial license
  11. Thus, 1.2M new yearly purchases
  12. Suppose average sale price is $70</li></ul> TAM: ~$84M<br /><ul><li>7.3M researchers
  13. 1/3 in biomed
  14. 20% are first author on publications
  15. 90% of those license Endnote
  16. Suppose average Endnote sale price is $70</li></ul>TAM: ~$30M <br />
  17. Next Week:<br />More Customer interviews<br />2nd Customer Survey<br />AdWords Value Prop Testing<br />Landing Page A/B Testing<br />vs<br />
  18. Competition<br />