Know (and Love) the Person in the Mirror


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Getting to Know - and Love - the person you see in the mirror can be difficult, with all of the things that we feel we need to be doing. Today, take a moment to get to know that person, and let them become a support for you.

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Know (and Love) the Person in the Mirror

  1. presents: Getting to Know (and Love) The Person in the Mirror Illustrated/Animated by Betsy Streeter, Published by Coaching Sanctuary,
  2. Sometimes when we look at ourselves in the mirror, it can be hard to see clearly...
  3. We see all of our responsibilities, our to-do list...
  4. Things we need to do and our pressures at work...
  5. Things to get done at home...
  6. And then, we're off again... too much to do!
  7. Or maybe the image of ourselves is obscured by our thoughts...
  8. Just who is that person in the mirror, anyway?
  9. That person is a friend, someone who cares about you very much. Perhaps it is time for a reunion... to become YOU again!
  10. Have you become a stranger to yourself? Maybe start off with a friendly greeting...
  11. Take some time to get to know each other!
  12. As you become more familiar, the image becomes clearer...
  13. Then you will be able to clearly see the beautiful, caring person in the mirror.
  14. So, next time you look in the mirror, take some time to get to know the person you see...
  15. Then, wherever you go, you take along someone who loves you, x cares for you, encourages you, and reminds you who you really are.
  16. Today, write down a few things you would like your mirror self to know about you!
  17. Join Coaching Sanctuary to learn how to become a true reflection of yourself. Coaching Sanctuary is an interactive, self-help, online, life coaching solution that helps women to create the rest of their lives with intention, integrity, and the love of friends.