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Let Out the Creative Beast


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Permission. Encouragement. Pencils and paper. Silliness. Doodling.

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  • Go Creative Beast! I like to always say: if you can doodlevent (yes, I just made up a verb - it's better than my alternative: creavomit) your ideas using a napkin and a pen instead of Adobe and a Lumix camera: creativity wins over tools. So, more power to you, my fellow imagionalogist!
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  • Aw, thanks for the great comments. I am so glad this has been enjoyable and helpful to so many people. Thanks again, and Go Beast!
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  • Bless you Betsy!

    Not only are you super-talented but a very kind and generous soul as well!

    I will do my part to spread your name especially to my friends with young children so they can read this and other presentations by you and get your books as well to nurture their creativity.

    Many many thanks and best wishes,

    Atish Lahiri
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Let Out the Creative Beast

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  44. UsedwithPermissionfromBetsyStreeter,February2012 Betsy Streeter is a writer and cartoonist who creates science/magical fiction. See her work at: