EARF Moving Forward - NBC presentation 2-27-13


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This slide show was presented to attendees at the recent National Behavioral Consortium meeting in Phoenix, AZ in late February 2013.
It details the progress of the Employee Assistance Research Foundation over the first few years of its existence and its focus for the future - Bernie McCann, PhD, CEAP

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  • The Employee Assistance Research Foundation was formed to stimulate innovative, rigorous, and theory-based research activities. That research will promote excellence in the delivery of employee assistance and related services throughout the world, assist in attraction and recruitment of outstanding scholars to conduct research, bridge the gaps between knowledge and practice by translating valid research findings into policy and practice, and promote and support effective measurement practices, performance tools, and outcome criteria.
  • EARF Moving Forward - NBC presentation 2-27-13

    1. 1. EARF: Moving ForwardNational Behavioral ConsortiumFebruary 27, 2013Bernie McCann, PhD, CEAPEARF Development Consultant
    2. 2. What is EARF...?Founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with agenerous matching grant from the Tisone FamilyTrust, the Foundation was formed to stimulateinnovative, rigorous, and theory-based researchactivities to demonstrate the ability of EAPs andrelated behavioral health & work-life products totransform individual lives and maximize employeecontributions to organizational success.
    3. 3. …and why now?Unfortunately, there is simply an insufficientamount of ongoing, credible research toprove the valuable contribution of EAPs andrelated services to workplace productivity.The EARF seeks to fill this research gap tore-establish the value of EAPs, and stop thecommoditization of EAP services.
    4. 4. Mission Statement To promote excellence in the design and delivery of Employee Assistance services throughout the world To promote and support effective measurement practices, performance tools, and outcome criteria To bridge the gaps between knowledge and policy by translating valid research findings into practice To assist in the attraction and recruitment of outstanding scholars to conduct relevant research
    5. 5. Board MembersCarl Tisone – PresidentJohn Burke – Vice PresidentDavid Sharar – Secretary/TreasurerPaul Roman – Senior Advisor to the BoardElizabeth Merrick – Research ChairDale Masi Dennis DerrJohn Maynard Karen OsillaJeff Christie Ron Manderscheid
    6. 6. Organizational Donors Chestnut Global Partners Claremont Behavioral Services Harris Rothenberg International New Directions Behavioral Health Optum Behavioral HealthORCAS (Oregon Center for Applied Science) Perspectives, Ltd. Psychcare ValueOptions
    7. 7. Desired Outcome: To re-define value of EAPs  Transparent performance metrics are routinely collected and reported  Credible, effective services are priced equal to their true value  Purchasers are able to correlate price and quality
    8. 8. Desired Outcome: To re-invigorate EAP research  Increase emphasis on evidence-based practice  Encourage a pipeline of next-generation EAP and workplace productivity researchers  EARF becomes a leader in promoting, funding, and disseminating research in the EAP field
    9. 9. Priorities for Action Fund new, relevant research Investigate trends in practice Aggregate and communicate findings Collaborate to improve quality and value
    10. 10. First Research Grantees report resultsCreating a Benchmarking Resource of Metrics forthe External EAP Field, is a descriptive study ofbasic metrics and service characteristics that describe82 external EAP vendors located in North America &10 other countries.Principal Investigator is Dr. Stan Granberry, Directorof the National Behavioral Consortium (NBC) atrade association of 17 member EAP, managedbehavioral health, and work-life firms.
    11. 11. First Research Grantees report resultsThe Eureka Project - EAPs in Continental Europe: Stateof the Art and Future Challenges was conducted by Dr.Debora Vansteenwegen of ISW Limits & the Universityof Leuven in Belgium and Dr. Manuel Sommer ofClinica CAPA & the Universidade Autonoma de Lisboain Portugal.The multi-national research team surveyed HR managersand employees in 6 European countries, examiningcharacteristics of existing EAPs and investigating thefuture potential for EAPs in Europe.
    12. 12. What’s Next..? Round 2 of Grant Applications RFP - Workplace-related Outcomes released 9/12 Latest research funding level at $100,000.00 Four finalists invited to re-submit Deadline for re-submission: Friday, March 1, 2013 Grant award announcement May 1, 2013
    13. 13. The Value Proposition for Supporting EARF Visibility for your organization as a advocate for EAP viability and sustainability Tangible business benefits of better data on EAP contributions to workplace productivity Demonstrate leadership in leaving the EAP field better off then when we entered it
    14. 14. The Bottom Line… Total contributions to the Foundation have totaled approximately $250,000 to date Total amount of research grant funding and current commitments is $180,000. Current research funding levels are unsustainable without additional support
    15. 15. How You Can HelpThere are multiple ways YOU can support theFoundation’s mission:1. Organizational contribution2. Personal contribution3. Planned contribution4. In-kind contribution5. Assist in fundraising and/or publicity efforts
    16. 16. Contact information:Bernie McCann, PhD, CEAPDevelopment Consultant, EARFmccannbag@gmail.comCell: 781.264.6211Skype: mccannbagWebsite: www.eapfoundation.org