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Ipads in the classroom



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Ipads in the classroom

  1. 1. Effects of iPads in the Classroom on Elementary Education iPads in the Classroom possibilities PechaKucha Spring 2013 Belinda Hill
  2. 2. or playing games? Can an iPad be used for more than checking the weather,
  3. 3. Can an iPad help students learn? If so, how?
  4. 4. Can you use it if you only have one iPad?
  5. 5. What if each student has an iPad?
  6. 6. The answer to these questions, and many more can be found - - from teachers who share on the Internet
  7. 7. You can read about teachers who use iPads
  8. 8. Check out uses for specific subjects
  9. 9. or specific groups
  10. 10. Find pages of app collections
  11. 11. and more
  12. 12. In fact you may soon find so many apps that you are
  13. 13. Consider starting by learning to evaluate
  14. 14. with thoughtfully designed rubrics
  15. 15. or just
  16. 16. Do you have questions about how teachers manage multiple iPads?
  17. 17. as well as managing the students using them?
  18. 18. So when you need more ideas for ways to:  Facilitate learning  Differentiate your content  Increase creativity  Motivate students Check out the use of iPads in the Classroom.
  19. 19. Effects of iPads in the Classroom on Elementary Education IPads in the math classroom iPad Apps for Blooms’ Revised Taxonomy The Single iPad Classroom Going 1-1 at St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Primary School How I became an Pad Teacher 40 STEM iPad Apps for Kids iPads Transformed My Special Education Classroom Katie Cristo’s iPad apps collections Kathy Perret’s iPad apps 10 of the Best Apps for Educators 12 Keys to Finding Quality Education Apps Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps Google search of ‘teachers using ipads in education’ Managing a Classroom Set of iPads iClassroom iManagment – tips for managing an iPad classroom Pictures are linked to source sites