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Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan


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Beyond Social Media,

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Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan

  1. 1. Beyond „Social Media“Experience-CentricInteractionBjörn Eichstädt,Storymaker GmbHTokyo, May 28, 2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  2. 2. About Storymaker04.06.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN Seite 2
  3. 3. Björn Eichstädt Managing Partner, Storymaker Neurobiologist Digital since 1986 On World Wide Web since 1994 On Mobile Web since 2003 On Web 2.0 since 2005 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  4. 4. Social Web: Brand pages and company accounts broadcast mainly to a „mass audience“...20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 4
  5. 5. ...with questionable success rates. 1.863 / 8.071.123 = 0,000231 Like rate 18 / 8.071.123 = 0,00000223 Comment rate 84 / 8.071.123 = 0,00001041 Share rate20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 5
  6. 6. Sometimes companies will react - provided you know where to find them on the social web20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 6
  7. 7. Digital Corporate Publishing: Center of Activity Communication channel Corporate Content20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 7
  8. 8. Challenges:AttentionFocusEventExperienceMessagingThese challenges happen at different points intime (and in different spaces) for every individualactive on the social web. STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  9. 9. And: „The highly dynamic information flow within the social web creates a shortened attention span for most users.“ „Brain 2.0“ Hütter & Unkel in social-media-magazin.deSTORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  10. 10. „Das hochgradigChallenge: dynamische Angebot im SocialIncrease match rate by identifying Web bewirkt eine Verkürzung derthe moment of maximum attention. Aufmerksamkeits- spanne“Get in touch with your target Gehirn 2.0“ aus „Dasaudience at exactly in point in Unkel von Hütter undtime (and in that space). STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  11. 11. Past: Match search with results and AdWords.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 11
  12. 12. Present: Identify current state through social monitoring. React to posts – even if you are not asked to.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 12
  13. 13. Recently, we have seen a shift from storytelling to experiences – beyond social.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 13
  14. 14. Mobile:Agent ofexperience Foto: Promo STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  15. 15. Event: someone listens to a song right now. Experience: someone is in a specific mood right now.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 15
  16. 16. Event: highlights a special quote Experience: gains a specific insight20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 16
  17. 17. 20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 17
  18. 18. Event: takes a picture. Experience: thinks the photo is visually stimulating.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 18
  19. 19. Digital communication platforms are Communication becoming „event hubs“ for daily life. As a result, they are becoming the operating systems for human digital experiences.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 19
  20. 20. The next generation: Enable events, channel experiences, and use moments of maximum attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 20
  21. 21. Announce events, ask about experiences, and buy attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 21
  22. 22. Use events, create experiences, and own attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 22
  23. 23. Enhance events,change experiences,and widen attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 23
  24. 24. Micro Event Single Experience Macro Event Group Experience20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 24
  25. 25. Future: There is a possibility that every action becomes a social event. There is a possibility that every event becomes a social action. The challenge: Transform Event, Attention and Action into one brand experience.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 25
  26. 26. 20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 26
  27. 27. What does that mean for us?20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 27
  28. 28. cybernautin | photocaseThe art of making success storiesSTORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN from company brands