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Future of Communication and Social Media: Gerd Leonhard at NBS Sao Paulo


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My presentation at the NBS agency event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, see more at

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Future of Communication and Social Media: Gerd Leonhard at NBS Sao Paulo

  1. 1. The Future of Communication and Social Media Gerd Leonhard Presentation at NBS Sao Paulo
  2. 2. What does the Future hold - and how will we prepare for it?
  3. 3. Foresight is crucial - especially now
  4. 4. Mobile Social Networked Real-Time In Control
  5. 5. Unprecedented Change in Communications and Commerce
  6. 6. Expect 30+% of all Advertising to shift to digital, interactive, mobile, social, video, in the next 2-3 years
  7. 7. Noise  Attraction
  8. 8. Noise  Attraction
  9. 9. A huge opportunity for Brands & Marketers Source: Ruder-Finn Study Feb 2010
  10. 10. Music Industry: “What does the Future hold - and how do we prevent it...?” Source:
  11. 11. “We can enforce a different future than that which our customers want” “We can ignore our users’ emerging behaviors and mold them as we see fit” “We need to watch out for what’s good for us, first and foremost” “Our gain needs to be 100% ours - it’s a win-lose world!” “More control = more money”
  12. 12. A big Challenge: Open Internet vs Closed Minds? Rupert Mudoch via
  13. 13. Co nv en ien ce is King is ce an is lev Re XT Content is TE on C
  14. 14. Control ≠ Money Egosystem  Ecosystem
  15. 15. Closed vs Open...
  16. 16. User Interfaces make all the difference The computer is work. The iPhone is ... kind of work. The iPad / Tablet is... not work
  17. 17. In order for “Content 2.0” to be economically feasible, advertisers must come aboard much quicker, and create new ad formats.
  18. 18. Books: the Napster Moment Compensation not Control
  19. 19. Example: Farmville Game on Facebook • Application exists only on Facebook • It’s free but you can buy goods to enhance the experience: 800.000 tractors ‘sold’ every single day • A team of 15 Developers release new virtual items into FarmVille twice a week; new features debut weekly. • 65 Million+ users without any advertising • 1.2 Million users per day • Parent company Zynga earns est. $200M / Year
  20. 20. Old
  21. 21. New
  22. 22. Old
  23. 23. New Hat tip to Brian Solis TNN: Twitter News Network
  24. 24. Old ‘Broadcast’ Business: shrinking, and costly
  25. 25. New Networked Business: exploding
  26. 26. A key realization: Networked People Innovate Faster
  27. 27. Welcome to Communication 2.0 De-centralized Mobile Cross-Media Interactive Real-Time
  28. 28. The term Social Media is really kind of an artifact, a mere construct. Better: Networked Media. Real-Time Media. User-driven Media. Engaged Media.
  29. 29. Future of Communication: Keywords When you’re out and about... With(in) your tribe Strangers & people like me At the right time, always With complete transparency Under my exclusive control Because I (do / don’t) trust u
  30. 30. Our entire media & communications infrastructure - the “Extension of Man” (McLuhan) - is becoming Real-Time
  31. 31. “Not necessarily Harmony but extreme Concern and Involvement”
  32. 32. Do we still need “Advertising” once we are all connected?
  33. 33. The other 3 Billion (O3B) Wikipedia: By allowing direct connection to core networks and 3G Cellular/ WiMAX towers, the O3b Networks system will completely change the economics of telecommunications infrastructure in the world's fastest- growing markets for communications services
  34. 34. Google isn’t waiting for the Telecoms to create the ‘Rising Tide that will float all Boats’
  35. 35. What does this mean for your business?
  36. 36. Marketing is...
  37. 37. Now you are truly in the Audience Business Source: Flickr
  38. 38. Leaders become Connectors - not just ‘Directors’
  39. 39. Hyper-Competition  Hyper-Collaboration
  40. 40. Behavior Changes... and new dangers;)
  41. 41. This is happening pretty much everywhere From a packaged-goods i.e. ‘stuff’ mentality to a service and ‘experience’ mentality
  42. 42. Source: Flickr Desert Diva
  43. 43. In this ‘Experience’ - centric world, Storytelling is more crucial than ever before - and the way we tell stories is drastically changing
  44. 44. The captive audience is dying
  45. 45. “Trust is the most important currency online, so to build it we adhere to three principles of open information: value, transparency, and control” Google Senior VP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg's essay, The Meaning of Open, published on the Offical Google Blog
  46. 46. Social Business...Trust Osmosis s t Tru ru st T
  47. 47. Social Media is “Customer Relationship Management”
  48. 48. Brands are now... hers P ublis Broad casters M edia C ont ent
  49. 49. Don’t
  50. 50. Do
  51. 51. Determine what you want to broadcast
  52. 52. Think Data. Carefully.
  53. 53. Thanks for your attention! email me at facebook: gleonhard