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Social Media ist in aller Munde. Ist dieser Trend wirklich relevant für Ihr Unternehmen? Das renommierte Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) hat im März 2012 eine Studie zu diesem Thema durchgeführt

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Socialmediabenchmark maerz2012

  1. 1. | #SMBenchmark SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT How businesses are adapting to, investing in and drawing value from social media March 2012BACK TO CONTENTS enter
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkFOREWORD “ A pioneeringDo you know your fans from your followers? Your likes fromyour connections? How are you measuring? The Social MediaBenchmark is a new, six-monthly study exploring how marketersare adapting to, investing in and getting value from social media.Produced by The Chartered Institute of Marketing and supported by portrait of social media that noIpsos ASI and Bloomberg, our aim is to create the definitive guide tothe changing role and potential of social media in business.This ongoing research is groundbreaking, not only because it willbuild a picture of key trends over time, but because each wave ofresearch will explore fresh themes. In this first wave, we focus on marketer can afford to ignore”the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and investigateissues including skills, resourcing, risks, barriers and the future.Other studies have got under the skin of what consumers are doingwithin social media – now it’s time to discover how businessesare getting to grips with it. The results are the first colours in apioneering portrait of this fast moving sphere that no marketer canafford to ignore.Thomas BrownHead of InsightsThe Chartered Institute of MarketingTO CONTENTS i
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkWHO TOOK PART? Wide rangeThis inaugural survey wasconducted over a four-week 1,295 of seniorityperiod among 1295 marketers, respondents 26% practitioner64% of whom were based in 38% managerthe UK. 64% 36% head ofWe experienced a rich mix in the UK department andacross industry sectors, aboveincluding B2B, B2C and B2B2C.We intentionally focused on awide range of seniority – 26%of whom are practitioners, 38%managers and 36% heads ofdepartment and above – and Rich mixwe also ensured there was a acrossbalanced mix across national, industry Balanced mixmultinational and global sectors across national,companies. multinational and including B2B, global companies B2C and B2B2CBACK TO CONTENTS 1
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkEXECUTIVE SUMMARY SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK“You can’t presume to pump outyour own marketing messages • New content is posted regularly on most platforms, showing “You can’t presume to pumpanymore. People expectsomething more,” says Allister marketers’ understanding of the need to keep up the momentum out your own marketingFrost, a digital evangelist at on this 24/7 medium. LinkedIn messages anymore. PeopleMicrosoft UK. Indeed, engagingwith customers on their terms, is the least regularly updated. expect something more” • There is a lack of rationalenot yours, is a prerequisite forbuilding genuine and sustainable around usage of social media Says Allister Frost, by marketers and a consequent a Digital Evangelistrelationships using social media. at Microsoft UK. lack of effectiveness, revealing aThe first wave of our research need for marketers to go backexplores how well marketers are to the drawing board in terms ofachieving this. creating a clear strategy.Here’s what we found: • Social media management• There is positive adoption is inconsistent at best. Many overall, but too many marketers companies have no social are still failing to embrace social media champion and a worrying media. With the exception of number of companies haven’t LinkedIn, B2C remains ahead of worked out what department it B2B. should sit in.BACK TO CONTENTS 2
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkEXECUTIVE SUMMARY SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK• The full potential of social to address this by investing in media strategies backfiring This report explores the deeper media is underestimated by training their current people. spectacularly, yet marketers insights that these findings marketers. The more obvious seem unaware of the dangers. reveal. In other words, what is • Investment is growing and areas of value have been widely the real story behind the figures? quickly. Last year saw a • The perceived barriers to getting embraced, but marketers are Moreover, we talk to industry significant increase, with even value from social media don’t missing great opportunities, experts to look at what marketers more companies planning to match the actual obstacles particularly around customer can take away from the results. increase investment in the year as outlined in this report. This insight and intelligence. Or to put it another way, what ahead. suggests that marketers need practical things can marketers do• Robust measurement is not to give more attention to some • There is lack of understanding to move forward in their journey evident. Given marketers’ focus of the very real hurdles that from senior management, with towards gaining optimum value on measurement of offline may be standing in the way of only a quarter of marketers from social media? activity and the fact that many progress. saying that their senior of the online analytical tools are In Spring 2012, we will come back management really understands • Marketers see social media both free and easy to use, it is to the key questions we cover in why they are using social analytics, mobile apps and surprising that marketers are this report, along with some new media. There is an urgent blogging as the next big falling behind in this area. ones. As such, this study will get need for marketers to play an areas in terms of investment. even bigger and better as time• Organisations face potential educational role. Proprietary online communities goes on. vulnerability due to a significant and hiring a social media • Reputational risk is skills deficit, with just 6% agency are also considered underestimated. There are claiming that their skills and significant, with Google+ for many examples that have hit the competences are at an optimal business prioritised by just 11% headlines of companies’ social level. Half of businesses plan of marketers.BACK TO CONTENTS 3
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkSECTION 1: STATE OF THE NATION 1. WHO’S DOING WHAT? “Some organisations still How many businesses are using social media platforms? How does this vary by industry or size? aren’t convinced about the 2. WHEN IS NEW CONTENT POSTED? benefits to their business How often is new content posted? or sector; others don’t 3. WHY ARE MARKETERS USING SOCIAL MEDIA? know how to get started or How do marketers rate the effectiveness of their social media activities? worry that once they do, 4. WHO OWNS SOCIAL MEDIA AND HOW IT’S MANAGED? they won’t be able to keep How is responsibility for social media resourced? up the pace” Who is managing the business’s official account? Says Russ Shaw, Non-executive Director at Game Group plc.BACK TO CONTENTS 4
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark1. WHO’S DOING WHAT? HOW MANY BUSINESSES ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS?Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn understanding of how to use theare all past the half-way tipping platform. “Some organisationspoint in terms of business take- still aren’t convinced about theup, with only YouTube slower to benefits to their business orsecure widespread use. sector; others don’t know how to get started or worry that onceIf your glass is half full, you they do, they won’t be able tocould conclude that the keep up the pace,” says Russadoption of social media, and in Shaw, non-executive director atparticular these four platforms, is GAME Group Plc.on its way to being mainstream.But sceptics might well ask Is LinkedIn for personal orwhy such a large proportion of professional use? Is it really Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTubeorganisations are still shying sensible to use Facebook andaway. Twitter for customer service? 71% 56% 53% 41% Is YouTube really relevant forReasons include fear of the B2B? These are just some of theunknown, perceived lack questions that today’s marketersof relevance and a poor are asking.BACK TO CONTENTS 5
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark1. WHO’S DOING WHAT?So what should I do?“There’s a race to catch up In practical terms, just think of social media as a logical Adoption of the core socialand it’s easy to feel daunted to extension of what you already do. If you have 50 or 500 media platforms is high –the point of doing nothing atall,” warns Nick Eades, CMO customers you’d normally invite over 50% in all but one case.of Psion Plc. “But rememberit has never been a one-way to an event and show them a video, try it on YouTube. If you It’s positive to see theseconversation from brand to get hits from half or more of that number, that’s not a bad start.” tools being embraced byconsumer. so many businesses, but are they using them for the right reason and are they delivering value?BACK TO CONTENTS 6
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark1. WHO’S DOING WHAT? HOW DOES THIS VARY BY INDUSTRY OR SIZE?B2C has always had the “prosumer” to highlight the risestronger foothold when it comes of professionals as consumersto social media and our findings in their own right. “This is not Most used of all platforms – B2Cshow this continues to be the a group marketers can afford somewhat ahead of B2B but littlecase. But B2B looks set to catch to miss out on – they have a variance by size of companyup. “I predict this is the next big massive, and growing, presencewave of social media usage,” online,” he says. Significantly stronger amongst B2Csays Russ Shaw. audiences, but only slight variation So what should I do?“Currently, B2B mainly uses it “Spend time looking and between national and global/for networking and recruitment, listening to what your multinational companiesbut it’s time for companies to competitors are doing on socialhave more conversations with media,” advises Dara Nasr, Significantly stronger among B2Beach other – a Twitter feed head of YouTube and Display audiences and smaller businessessomewhere on the value chain at Google. “It will help you seebetween company and supplier; where your business fits in theusing Facebook to see what Least used but significantly more bigger picture. It could lead toyour suppliers are up to in used among B2C audiences and by you dipping a toe in the waterorder to generate new business global/multinational companies if you haven’t already or gettingopportunities, for example.” more involved, and certainlyJosh Graff, director of marketing more creative, if you’re alreadysolutions for EMEA at LinkedIn, there.”has coined the phraseBACK TO CONTENTS 7
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark2. WHEN IS NEW CONTENT POSTED? HOW OFTEN IS NEW CONTENT POSTED?Social media is a 24/7 So what should I do?investment – it requires a “If you’ve got a new productlevel of continuous attention launch, you might want to postand engagement that doesn’t more regularly – but if you havetypically accompany traditional nothing to say, don’t say it,”media. We found a regularity advises Russ Shaw. “So often,and pace behind its use that when I go onto my Twitter feeds,suggests marketers not only it’s as if organisations can’t stopunderstand this, but act on it. and the impact they have overThe picture is most positive time is minimised. Be relevant.”when it comes to the frequency Philips is an example of anwith which Twitter and Facebook organisation that sees regularityare used by marketers. But with of posts as a critical issuealmost half of businesses saying not only for marketing, but fortheir activity on LinkedIn is either other departments such as Twitter Facebook LinkedInhighly irregular or idle, there’s product development. Joshroom for improvement – not only Graff believes this is something Once a day or morefrom marketers’ side but the marketers are only just starting Once a week to several times a weekplatforms themselves. LinkedIn to wake up to. “They regularly Once a month to several times a monthknows this – just last week, they start discussions and ask Very irregularlaunched Company Profiles, challenging questions that havewhich provides the opportunity Not been used for a month or more an impact across their wholefor companies to link together. business and indeed the wider sector,” he says.BACK TO CONTENTS 8
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark3. WHY ARE MARKETERS USING WHY ARE MARKETERS USINGSOCIAL MEDIA? SOCIAL MEDIA?These channels aren’t exactly the scale of organisations andnew, yet the rationale for using markets outstripped the facility Our competitors dothem is surprisingly opaque. for consumers to come together,Just doing things because youfeel you ought to or becauseyou thought you’d test them out but actions as simple as ‘like’ ‘recommend’, ‘share’ and ‘follow’ mean consumers’ conversations Just experimenting Other It’s expectedwon’t cut it, particularly whenyou consider the extent of cuts to have now been reignited. If marketers don’t join these Customers use it Don’t knowmarketing budgets this year.At best, low integration, wide conversations, they will lose the influence that is the core of their role. Core part ofexperimentation and assumptionsshine a light on a lack of strategyfor most businesses in 2011 and So what should I do? “Experimentation need not campaignhighlight a priority for 2012. At be taboo,” says Tara Beard-worst, they can prove fatal for Knowland, director at Ipsos 28% Just experimentingbusiness. “Here’s a chance to tap ASI. “To a certain extent, we’re 27% Core part of campaigninto word-of-mouth marketing – all experimenting in these early 18% Customers use itthe nirvana of marketing,” says years – the key is to make sure 12% It’s expectedJosh Graff. Indeed, social media you have clear reasons fortransports us back to a time when 3% Don’t know experimenting. Why am I doingthe market was defined by people 2% Our competitors do it? What do I want to get out oftalking amongst themselves it? The more focused you are, 5% Otherabout a business’s reputation. the more likely you are to beThis was lost for a while as successful.”BACK TO CONTENTS 9
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark3. WHY ARE MARKETERS USING HOW DO MARKETERS RATE THESOCIAL MEDIA? EFFECTIVENESS OF THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITIES?If someone told you they’d So what should I do?embarked on a business project YouTube comes out particularlywith no clear objectives, then badly. Marketers are missing acouldn’t understand why the trick here, believes Nick Eades.results were disappointing, you’d “YouTube is one of the easiestwonder if they were for real. Yet mechanisms to put video out Extremelythis is the broad picture when there and video is the future. If a effectiveit comes to marketers using written content tells 100 wordssocial media. Across every and a picture tells 1,000 words, Not at all effectiveplatform, more marketers are then video tells a million words.”dissatisfied than satisfied withthe effectiveness of their social Leona Shepherd, corporatemedia activities. marketing director for 3M UK Plc, agrees. “We have used YouTubeThere’s a desperate need to very effectively to positiongo back to marketing basics – our brand campaigns and ourwhat are your objectives? How branding message. It has reallyexactly do you want to influence strong measurable metrics andconsumers? Couple this with generates a lot of interest. So, forlearning exactly how the medium example, if we want to reach aworks and how to engage with it. wider audience within a particularOnly then can you hope to truly segment with a more visionaryunderstand how social media can message, YouTube will be ourhelp your brand and make your first port of call.” Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTubebusiness grow.BACK TO CONTENTS 10
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark4. WHO OWNS SOCIAL MEDIA AND HOW IS RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOCIALHOW IT’S MANAGED? MEDIA RESOURCED?Is social media championed What should I do?by a dedicated resource or “Ensure the responsibilityembedded across the business? lies with someone who has aOur findings reveal high levels passion for using the tool inof variation and inconsistency, business – not just the toolwith relatively few organisations for its own sake,” says Leonahaving a full-time social media Shepherd. “It’s too easy formanager. Surprisingly few businesses to get someone in 29% 28% 23%outsource to a third party. to champion it who lives and 29% 28% 23%Social is for life, not just breathes social media, but is surprisingly lost at sea when it We have a Undefined/ Distributed acrossfor Christmas. That means social media inconsistent from marketing teamattempting to achieve your comes to working out how it can ‘champion’ campaign to campaignobjectives in the short and long further your cause, be it brand,term, which in turn means it marketing, customer experience 10%must be managed and kept or whatever else.” 5% 5% 4%fresh. It’s hard to see how thiscan be done without someonechampioning it. Sits within Social media Outsource We have a digital media resides outside to agency/ dedicated social manager/team of marketing third party media managerBACK TO CONTENTS 11
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark4. WHO OWNS SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHO’S MANAGING A BUSINESS’SHOW IT’S MANAGED? OFFICIAL ACCOUNT?In over half of companies, people, and you can see howmarketing is leading social management of social media hasmedia activity. But in the other become a sticking point for sohalf, it’s based somewhere many organisations.”else, with many companies still There is no doubt that socialtrying to work out whether this media benefits from beingis primarily a tool for marketing, managed by one particularPR, sales or another department department – although thataltogether. does not mean that it shouldThere’s a sense of organisations sit in a completely independentstill finding their feet here, says silo. “Social media belongsJosh Graff. “This is an emerging everywhere, but you needmedium and they don’t have the someone orchestrating it 51% 61% 52%luxury of decades of traditional and trying to pull together aadvertising which always cohesive strategy. Only thensat very naturally within the does it have a hope of beingmarketing department. Add to embedded into the very fabric ofthis the fact that it takes time the organisation,” says Robert Marketing team Third partyto restructure departments, Harles, head of social media at Individuals Sales teamparticularly when companies Bloomberg. PR team Otherhave tens of thousands ofBACK TO CONTENTS 12
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark4. WHO OWNS SOCIAL MEDIA ANDHOW IT’S MANAGED?What should I do?“Don’t lose sight of your primary It’s encouraging to see thatobjectives”, says Tara Beard- the marketing function isKnowland.“So many companies put social co-ordinating social mediamedia in a particular department, activity in the majority ofwithout really thinking it through.What do you want out of it? If businesses, but this stillit’s building brand awareness, itmakes sense to sit in marketing; leaves a risk: social mediaif it’s about ‘softer’ messaging, it isn’t something any onemight be better in PR. team can ‘own’.If you are B2B and want to useit to make connections with key Education andindividuals, consider putting it insales.” internal communication therefore become crucial.BACK TO CONTENTS 13
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkSECTION 2: PROGRESS IMPACTAND OPPORTUNITY 5. Where do marketers see the value in social media? “Seperate the wheat from 6. How is social media being measured? 7. Are the right skills in place to get the job done? the chaff by always coming 8. How are organisations investing in social media? back to the only question 9. What does senior management make of it? that really matters – how 10. Are there risks to reputation? do you make this strategic 11. What are the barriers to getting value? to your business, not just a 12. Looking ahead ‘nice to have’?” Says Leona Shepherd Corporate Marketing Director 3M UK plcBACK TO CONTENTS 14
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark5. WHERE DO MARKETERS SEE WHERE DO MARKETERS SEE THETHE VALUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA? VALUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA?Are marketers valuing what’s was triggered by the realisationeasy, as opposed to what that a lot of our lawyers dabbledcounts? It’s clear that they with it, but as a firm we hadn’t • Supporting other aspectsrecognise some of the worked out a clear strategy of of a campaign.strongest areas of value, but how to benefit the most from it,” • Regular communication/understanding of the commercial says Karim Emara, CMO. engagement with currentpotential of these tools – He settled on a three-pronged customers.particularly its listening potential process. “First, set the– appears lacking. • Adding value to boundaries – we have strictNo wonder our research found policies in place for people to reputation or profile.that very few marketers believe know how to use it and howthey are getting maximum value not to use it, building a clearfrom these channels. Clifford separation between what people • Prospecting for newChance used to be among can do as an individual and as a customers.them. “But then we stopped firm. Second, monitor – we lookto ask ourselves, ‘What’s the widely at what people are saying • Generating way to gain value from about the firm, about our peersLinkedIn, our preferred social and indeed our clients. • Competitor platform?’ The question • Market research and intelligence.BACK TO CONTENTS 15
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark5. WHERE DO MARKETERS SEE THE WHERE DO MARKETERS SEE THEVALUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA? VALUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA?Thirdly, and most critically, we or drive traffic to their website,act – if someone is launching then wonder why they can’t spota new drink in Poland or a car the value. Use online platforms • Supporting other aspectsfirm is branching into a new innovatively and you are far of a campaign.area of business, we jump more likely to reap benefits. • Regular communication/on the opportunity and ask if Take Vets – the UK’s leading engagement with currentthere’s anything we can do to provider of out-of-hours Now, my team – which emergency veterinary care –covers clients such as Deutsche • Adding value to which worked on building aBank, BMW and Procter reputation or profile. stand-alone, but segmented,Gamble – are expected to use community of pet owners (a kindtheir social media dashboard of MumsNet for pet owners)on a daily basis to spot such using Facebook in May 2010.opportunities.” • Prospecting for new Although Vets is by no means a customers.So what should I do? megabrand, it is responsible forToo many organisations use creating the third most engaged • Generating media as a bolt-on to a Facebook Page in the UK.campaign or simply to prop up • Competitor intelligence. • Market research and intelligence.BACK TO CONTENTS 16
  20. 20. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark6. HOW IS SOCIAL MEDIA BEING HOW ARE MARKETERS MEASURINGMEASURED? SOCIAL MEDIA?One of the much-praised “Today, you can tell not only howbenefits of social media many people are clicking butchannels – and indeed digital who is clicking too. Suddenly Twitterin general – is their innate you have the ability to segment Number of Number of Re-tweets Mentions/ followers customer commentsmeasurability. The tools, and target your audience and followersmany of which are free, even create specific campaignsprovide sophisticated insight accordingly.”for companies of all sizes to When Robert Harles arrivedget a pulse check. But we Sentiment CTRs Enquiries via Revenue via at Bloomberg, nothing was analysis Twitter Twitterfound a worrying number of measured. “But now we monitororganisations failing to take and measure everything fromadvantage of this rich suite of how many people are engaginganalytics. with us to how often information LinkedIn“Measuring by click through is about us is shared. Most Number of group Number of Posts Mentions/really quite antiquated, yet this is critically of all, we ask, ‘Of the X members customer group members commentsstill the main tool used by many million people following us, whomarketers,” says Josh Graff. is the most valuable, what are they doing and how do we use it to turn leads into real sales?’” Sentiment CTRs Enquiries via Revenue via analysis LinkedIn LinkedIn Advanced Basic We don’t useBACK TO CONTENTS 17
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark6. HOW IS SOCIAL MEDIA BEING HOW ARE MARKETERS MEASURINGMEASURED? SOCIAL MEDIA?“I often hear people say social matters is the big picture. Focusmedia is too embryonic to only on measuring what youmeasure – I think that’s a cop- need to find out, if social media Facebookout,” he says. “It’s all well is helping you connect with Number of fans Number of Posts Mentions/ customer fans commentsand good to build buzz and your customers in a relevantawareness, but if we can’t say, way – a way that demonstrably‘We succeeded in these three encourages them to do businessdimensions, failed on these two, with you.and here’s why, along with what Sentiment CTRs Enquiries via Revenue via “Ask yourself not how many analysis Facebook Facebookwe are going to do differently tweets or viewers did we getnext time’, what’s the point, but, ‘How many did we act on?’particularly given the pressure Likewise, if you put a promotionon marketers for ever greater on your Facebook page andaccountability and proof of YouTube upload a video and watch itROI?” Number of Average length Number of go viral, don’t just sit back views of view subscribersSo what should I do? and smile that it’s a job wellWhile it can be fascinating to done. Work out what it actuallyget stuck into all the KPIs that achieved in terms of sales,”reveal successes, what really agrees Karim Emera. Number of Comments Likes customer subscribers Advanced Basic We don’t useBACK TO CONTENTS 18
  22. 22. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark7. ARE THE RIGHT SKILLS IN PLACE DO BUSINESSES HAVE THE RIGHTTO GET THE JOB DONE? SKILLS IN PLACE TO LEVERAGE AND MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTIVELYFew marketers would deny the them, with one in five companiesimportance of building the right admitting that they are leaving IN 2012?talent and capability within their the responsibility of managingbusiness, but this sentiment social media activities to people Our skills andappears to be struggling when it who are, at best, under-skilled competencies 6%comes to social media. Not only and at worst, disinterested. As are optimalis there evidence of weakness of one person who blogged aboutskills and capabilities across all our research put it, “It seems We are averagesectors, but a worrying number that the job description for most for our sector 32%of businesses have yet to businesses is still, ‘Do you knowdetermine how to address this. how to tweet?’” We are improvingThis is 2011, not 2001. These On the surface, it’s encouraging but below industry average 31%channels have been around for that around half of businessessome time, yet many companies intend to invest in some training We areare sceptical about their current for their current staff. But it fundamentally ill-equipped 19%ability to make the most of will be interesting to see in our Don’t know 12%BACK TO CONTENTS 19
  23. 23. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark7. ARE THE RIGHT SKILLS IN PLACETO GET THE JOB DONE?next waves of research whetherthey really do achieve a greater What should I do? Waste no time in addressing the It’s of significant concernskill set organically, given thecurrent economic climate. A widespread skills gap that this survey has uncovered. that half of businessesfurther alternative is to bring The gap between businesses acknowledge a fundamentalin ‘digital natives’, but this toohas potential problems, not that perform well on social lack of capability around media and those that don’tleast the creation of silos withinsilos, causing companies to will widen dramatically in social media, or that theirlack a joined-up approach to 2012 and if companies fail to invest in the skills, time and skills are below their industrysocial media. There is also thepossibility of outsourcing – training necessary, they will find peers. In times of economic themselves left even furtheralthough we found this is takenup by a surprisingly low number behind in a medium that they uncertainty, will theseof companies. themselves admit is here to stay. businesses have the time and resources to rectify this?BACK TO CONTENTS 20
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark8. HOW ARE ORGANISATIONS HOW DID COMPANIES INVEST IN SOCIALINVESTING IN SOCIAL MEDIA? MEDIA IN 2011? AND HOW DO THEY ANTICIPATE INVESTING IN 2012?With over half of businesses “We are seeing incrediblehaving increased their momentum in terms ofinvestment in social media investment, but if you can’tin 2011 and seven out of 10 justify exactly why you’re doingplanning to increase their this, it’s possible that you mightinvestments in 2012, there’s no have some battles as 2013 INCREASEDdoubt about the recognition of approaches,” says Josh Graff. SAMEthe potential of social media. DECREASED What should I do? NOT USING LAST YEARCouple this with marketers’ Organisations clearly recogniselack of rationale for using social where their customers andmedia, senior management’s consumers are, but marketers INCREASElack of buy-in and questions need to consider the months SAMEover the effectiveness of leading up to the end of 2012 DECREASEchannels and the picture NOT USING NEXT YEAR as critical in terms of backfillingappears less rosy, however. a clear strategy around socialGiven the current economic media. If they don’t introduceuncertainty, it’s hard to see how clarity into what they are doinginvesting in marketing heads and soon, there’s every possibilitydollars without a good business that the financial outlay will becase is sustainable. scaled back.BACK TO CONTENTS 21
  25. 25. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark9. WHAT DOES SENIOR DOES SENIOR MANAGEMENT FULLYMANAGEMENT MAKE OF IT? UNDERSTAND WHY WE USE SOCIAL MEDIA?With just a quarter of marketers the lack of clarity – and in somereporting that their senior cases scepticism – amongmanagement fully understands senior management becomes Strongly agreewhy they are using social media, easier to understand. No strong view either waythat leaves the vast majority in a Strongly disagree “I’ve seen so many situationsvulnerable situation. A quarter of where senior management ismarketers say those at the top ill informed and simply throwsdon’t get it at all. it all into the same bucket –But then again, should we be blogging, YouTube, Facebooksurprised? This research shows and more,” says Karim Emara.that yes, investment is growing “For marketers, this is a simplerapidly, but metrics aren’t in educational process – tellingplace to evaluate and guide them about the opportunitiesactivity, and many marketers are that exist, the impact socialunclear about their objectives. media is already having on theAdd to this the wide variance business, what competitors arein how social media channels doing successfully and what isare managed and planned, and your strategy.BACK TO CONTENTS 22
  26. 26. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark9. WHAT DOES SENIORMANAGEMENT MAKE OF IT?It’s about saying, ‘Here’s whatsocial media is about and “So a quick and simple win for marketers is to get their There appears to be lowhere’s how it needs to workfor us’ – and that explanation senior management personally using these social media concern amongst marketersneeds to ripple down to people platforms.” “Don’t waste time about the potential risks ofthroughout the business, allof whose backing you need to teaching senior management the mechanics of social media,” social media. Creativity andreally make it work.” adds Leona Shepherd, 3M. “What they understand is experimentation shouldn’t beSo what should I do?“When people recognise the connecting with customers, so stifled, but marketers need tobenefits of establishing their own the responsibility for marketers is to articulate the vision, the have a plan of action thatpersonal profile online, it veryquickly becomes apparent what strategy, the metrics and the insight that social media can can be implementedthe business benefits are,” saysJosh Graff. provide.” quickly should a campaign backfire.BACK TO CONTENTS 23
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark10. ARE THERE REPUTATIONAL DO MARKETERS SEE SIGNIFICANTRISKS? REPUTATIONAL RISK IN SOCIAL MEDIA?Less than one in 10 marketers “Risk does not have torecognise the significant hinder creativity or evenreputational risks associated experimentation,” stresseswith social media and nearly half Tara Beard-Knowland. “Somesee no risk at all. You only have of the very best examples ofto turn to the recent tweeting marketing’s use of social medianightmares for companies such are big, bold and Qantas and McDonald’s to But awareness of the keysee the folly of this belief. areas of danger is the only Twitter Facebook way for marketers to minimiseQantas’s attempt at social media the chance of social mediapromotion turned into a classic backfiring on them.”PR disaster when users hijackedthe promotional tag to insult theairline. Meanwhile, a McDonald’sTwitter campaign designed tospread good news boomerangedwhen critics unleashed torrentsof abusive tweets. LinkedIn YouTube Strongly agree No strong view either way Strongly disagreeBACK TO CONTENTS 24
  28. 28. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark10. ARE THERE REPUTATIONALRISKS?“If something does go wrong,be transparent – better still, Tara Beard-Knowland. “This isn’t like a TV campaign where there’s Companies typicallyapologise,” says Robert Harles,Bloomberg. “Social media is a beginning, a middle and an end. It keeps going and often mitigate reputational riskabout a relationship with your involves changing objectives. through control – the veryconsumers and as long asyou admit when you’ve made If you don’t know what to do when problems arise, you’ll be antithesis of social media.a mistake, learn from it andmove on, people may be more unable to solve them quickly – and it’s this time lapse between The digital revolution hasforgiving than you think.” the mistake and acting on it that placed ownership of a brandWhat should I do? often causes orgnisations the greatest reputational risk.” or business’s conversation“Do a risk assessment andrevisit it on a regular basis,” says with the customer; is your business truly prepared?BACK TO CONTENTS 25
  29. 29. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark11. WHAT ARE THE BARRIERS WHAT ARE THE BARRIERS PREVENTINGTO GETTING VALUE? MARKETERS FROM GETTING MORE VALUE OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA?These channels may be free, but yet in many instances, the fact isthey can take up a huge amount that consumers are well aheadof time. For today’s marketers, of their companies – usingour research shows this is a real iPhones for home-use and Lack of budgetstumbling block. Blackberries for work-use. Time to properly manage theseBut perhaps the biggest surprise What should I do? channelsis the number of issues that Take the time to analyse what Inability to measuremarketers don’t consider a is really stopping you gaininghindrance. Poor skills and maximum potential from these Lack of technologymanagement understanding four platforms.come way down the list, for Lack of management The bad news is that you might understandinginstance, yet marketers haveadmitted elsewhere in the study find the list is longer than you Level of change thought, but the good news is in digitalthat key skills and top levelunderstanding are severely there are proven solutions and Skills of marketing/ brand teamslacking. many opportunities to learn from others, with the result that Quality of agency partnersLikewise, lack of technology progress need not be hinderedcapability isn’t seen as a barrier to the extent that it a large number of marketers, Significant barrier to progress Some complications No problem Not applicableBACK TO CONTENTS 26
  30. 30. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmark12. LOOKING AHEAD IN WHICH OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS ARE MARKETERS PLANNING ON INVESTING IN 2012?It’s encouraging to see almost centre with no real reason andhalf of marketers planning that blogs fail to stand out. 40% 40%on investing in social media What should I do?analytics this year, but with just 36%25% having invested in this area Separate the wheat from thein 2011, we’ll be keeping a close chaff by always coming backon eye on whether this actually to the only question that reallyhappens. At the other end of matters – how do you make this strategic to your business, notthe scale, Google+ comes low 23% 23%down the list, almost certainly just a ‘nice to have’? Take thatreflecting its teething problems. crucial step back to give it the time it deserves.Whilst it’s of little surprise thatmobile apps and blogging “If you do try something that– both of which are growing doesn’t work out, move on,” 11%fast – gain a healthy interest adds Leona Shepherd, 3M.from marketers, other findings “I think a big part of the learningin this survey show that many process for marketers in 2012marketers do not have clear will be to identify when they’vesight of their goals. There exhausted the use of a particularis, then, a danger that some tool in a particular segment.marketers wind up merely It’s important for marketers to Mobile apps Google+ for businesscreating a mini version of a be able to see if something is Proprietary online communities Hiring social media agencywebsite for a phone, that apps working and if it’s not, to close Social media analytics Blog(s)may be created left right and off that avenue.”BACK TO CONTENTS 27
  31. 31. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkCONCLUSION2012 is supposed to be the yearin which business use of social nothing out and you may even do damage. But if you use it Should your organisation bemedia matures, but these resultsshow that we’re a long way with foresight and planning, the payback can be huge. using social media?away from this at the moment. Social media is more than a Absolutely. But only if yourA major concern is that onlyone third of marketers strongly buzzword – the next step is for it to be treated as a key aspect of presence is supported by abelieve that the social mediachannels have potential as a tool achieving business objectives. clear strategy, investmentto help their businesses grow – Wave two of the Social Media Benchmark is live in March and commitment.which is somewhat at odds with 2012, where we will build on thebusinesses’ growing investment. learnings from wave one withIn times of economic turbulence, a deep-dive into the followingmarketers need to build a areas:more robust rationale to justifylong term investment in these • Social media usage andchannels. resourcing.Should your organisation be • Digital capability, skills andusing social media? Absolutely. talent.But only if your presence is • Data, privacy and regulatorysupported by a clear strategy, issues.investment and commitment. It’s • Social media listening andnot enough to throw something monitoring.out there for the sake of it. If • Barriers to progress in put nothing in, you’ll getBACK TO CONTENTS 28
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkLinkedIn DOs LinkedIn DON’Ts• Offer insights – Share great • Be innovative – Experiment • Automate your • Share only company content articles, tips, quotes, advice with your current strategy communications – Create – Current and prospective and wisdom not just about to find new and interesting thoughtful and conversational customers want to know your company, but also about ways to present the same content. Engaging with your what’s relevant to them. It’s relevant third party insights. information to your networks. prospects does not end at not just about you and if you Gather and share that signing them up as followers. don’t make content about knowledge to become a hub Even if they’ve agreed to the bigger questions, people of valuable information for receive updates on your won’t have enough reason to your customers. company, this is no longer come back for more. enough to ensure brand• Interact, then act – Achieving loyalty. the right balance between self-promotion and creative • Work on the basis that one content often requires a vision size fits all – LinkedIn Ads of what’s on your audience’s are powerful tools that, as mind. A simple way of marketers, you can use to deciphering this is to just ask, target very specific audiences using tools and applications within a global network. such as INMail and LinkedIn Groups.BACK TO CONTENTS 29
  33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkFacebook DOs Facebook DON’Ts• Remember that Facebook is • Ask questions – Companies • Take fans for granted – • Make promises you can’t a personal social network – should ask people questions Getting fans is only the keep – Offering incentives or Before ‘leaping in’, take time to make them feel involved first step. Companies must promotions in return for ‘likes’ to understand the ‘etiquette’ with decisions. Business focus on retaining them. Use is fine, so long as you’re able required. Ask yourself why pages should be a real online Page Insights regularly to to fulfil demand and meet your customers or consumers community and can be a great track which posts sparked expectations. Failing to do are using Facebook; how way to gather feedback. Use conversations and sharing so could result in significant they’d like to engage with Facebook’s Questions feature and keep posting this kind of backlash. you (listen, respond or and ‘Fill in the blank’ posts content to maintain interest. contribute); and what value can be particularly useful. • Bore people – People’s they expect you to bring to News Feeds contain a lot of the conversation. information and they are busy• Offer rewards – There are so probably won’t have time thousands of businesses on to read everything. Posts are Facebook so marketers need a reflection of a company to make sure business pages so they should be short and stand out from the crowd. snappy and ideally less than Companies can reward fans three lines. for liking the page by offering competitions and special offers.BACK TO CONTENTS 30
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkTwitter DOs Twitter DON’Ts• Link Twitter activity with • Respond – An endlessly • Underestimate the resource • Obsess about numbers other online media – Live ringing phone in a call centre (mainly time) required to of followers – Don’t stress tweets on your website would be unacceptable, so use Twitter properly – For because you don’t get the will help to optimise your why would you leave queries instance, telecoms providers same number of followers as web presence for search, or complaints on Twitter (see @VodafoneUK as an Lady Gaga. It’s better to have encourage cross-promotion unanswered? example) use Twitter as fewer relevant followers than of your chosen channels and an extension of traditional more irrelevant ones. help keep fresh content on customer service channels, your website. but this requires re-allocation of headcount, so may not be• Get the balance right the ‘cheaper option’ many see between tweeting and it as. listening – Pay attention to what your customers or • Over tweet – Don’t tweet prospects are talking about unless you have something and interested in… Do the to say and provide a same with your competitors, variety of tweets (news, who may inadvertently reveal promotions, service-related a lot about their plans on announcements, comments Twitter. etc).BACK TO CONTENTS 31
  35. 35. SOCIAL MEDIA BENCHMARK: WAVE ONE REPORT | #SMBenchmarkYouTube DOs YouTube DON’Ts• Be clear on the purpose • Include a call to action – • Just put content designed in YouTube and consider of video in your campaign If it’s appropriate, a call to for other media onto advertising to get your videos – Is it to provide technical action can be very effective. If YouTube – That’s not really on the search page. product information? Is it to your marketing objective is to being integrated. Viewing • Forget to integrate video support a brand campaign? increase visits to your channel behaviour is different online, into other media – Simple Is it designed to be shared or participate in a contest, so understand what will steps such as embedding and spread virally amongst encourage your audience to motivate your audience to in e-mails, showcasing on your target audience? Is it get involved. watch, keep watching until your website, including in designed to generate leads? the end and share with others. blogs, building into mobile Clear objectives should guide • Forget to help people activity, linking in traditional what you create. find your video – Simply direct marketing (such as• Deliver key messages early uploading to YouTube isn’t through QR codes) can help on – Traditional TV advertising enough. Make sure you put your audience to navigate typically builds up to a climax as much effort into how you multiple channels with ease at the end of the 30-second describe and publish your and supports consistency of spot, whereas online video video as you do to making the message and use of assets. is viewed differently. Plan for clip. Credit notable speakers user tune-out near the end of and partners in your video the video and deliver your key description and tags, include message early. your website URL in the video description, ensure your video is categorised correctlyBACK TO CONTENTS 32
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