Sales performance kpi's


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Being efficient as possible by identifying Key Performance Indicators or benchmarks easily allows managers and reps to measure where they are in relation to their activity plans. This presentation shares our KPI's.

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  • Hi Boe,

    In my new article ( I'm sorting out sales KPIs. Instead of long lists of KPIs that one can find on Internet and that are in most cases pointless, I suggest to have a balanced view on sales KPIs:
    -- There are KPIs based on conversion rate that are great for process monitoring;
    -- There are leading KPIs like 'Time to answer a prospect's query, hours' that influence sales outcomes directly;
    -- There are KPIs that help sales managers to see a big picture.

    What do you think? Does an approach suggested to KPIs in the article helps in comparison to having a plain list of KPIs?
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Sales performance kpi's

  1. 1. Key Performance Indicators Sales Performance Review Process Key Performance Indicators
  2. 2. Key Performance Indicators  Weekly Contacts & Appointments  Prospect Identification  Proposed Revenue  Forecasting Sales  Sales Revenue Results  CRM Updates
  3. 3. Weekly Contacts & Appointments  80 Weekly Contacts…Phone, Cold Calls, Letters, etc…  10 Weekly Appointments with Key Decision Makers. These activity standards are required for success, and are the minimum standard for measuring performance.
  4. 4. Prospect Identification  Adding 2 Prospects daily is a minimum standard for measuring performance.  8 to 10 New Prospects Weekly is a Performance Benchmark for Every Sales Professional of our organization.
  5. 5. Proposed Revenue  Proposed Revenue will be 7 times Monthly Plan of $35,000.  You should have $245,000 of proposed revenue in the funnel at all times ensuring the achievement of your revenue plan. Success Metrics for Proposed Revenue will be measured at a minimum of 7 times plan.
  6. 6. Forecasting Sales  Forecasting Sales Revenue with a minimum of 80% Accuracy within 30 days.  If we do not ask when the prospect wants to implement the installation, we can’t possibly forecast the account accurately. Owning our Sales Forecasts with 80% accuracy is the Benchmark for successful Sales Professionals.
  7. 7. Sales Results  Sales Revenue of $35,000 is the Minimum expectation of Sales Professionals not the target. $35,000 is the benchmark for Measuring success for Sales Professionals.
  8. 8. Compass Updates  Updating Daily Activity Results at the end of each day is measure of success for Sales Professionals. Information Management is the Key to successful territory management.
  9. 9. What This Means  High Standards produce great success!  Everyone must be committed to and achieving agreed-upon minimum standards of performance.  Accountability for performance standards will be raised.  Successful outcomes are a result of intentional activities.
  10. 10. Next Steps  These minimums will be achieved by every sales person.  Daily accountability meetings will be implemented for team members below minimum levels.  Corrective action plans will be instituted for habitual activity under-achievers.