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Three clues


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Three clues

  1. 1. Three Clues
  2. 2. • 1st Clue - +15/-10• 2nd Clue - +10/-5• 3rd Clue - +5/0
  3. 3. When British India was partitioned into India andPakistan in 1947, he oversaw the post-partition division of the assets and liabilities of theReserve Bank between India and Pakistan.
  4. 4. He represented India at theBretton Woods Conference on July 1–22, 1944. The conference led tothe establishment of the (IMF) and (IBRD). He was a member of the Board of Governors of both of these institutions for the next ten years.
  5. 5. He was the first Indian to be appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in 1943 bythe British Raj authorities.
  6. 6. Answer
  7. 7. C.D.Deshmukh
  8. 8. It was first established inCalcutta in 1818 by Bipin Behari Dasgupta and others and 245 such instuitions were merged together to create the present entity in 1956
  9. 9. It is the countrys largestinvestor. It funds close to 24.6% of the Indian Governments expenses. It has assets estimated of INR13.25 trillion (US$264.34 billion)
  10. 10. Answer
  11. 11. He has served in theIndian National Armyunder Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
  12. 12. In 1957, he was part of a delegation of the Handloom Board to West Germany, whichinvolved visits to Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich andHamburg. This trip gave him the idea to enter the business he is presently known in.His company became one of the pioneers of the Bleeding Madras fabric, which became much popular in the 1960s
  13. 13. She is his inspiration…
  14. 14. C.P. Krishnan Nair
  15. 15. R.S. Agarwal and R.S.Goenka
  16. 16. It is the only corporate entity in the country to have both Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan as brand endorsers for the same brand. It has more than 50 celebrity endorsers. Other celebrity endorsers of the company’s brand include Madhuri Dixit- Kareena Kapoor- Preity Zinta- Malaika Arora Khan- Bipasha Basu-MS Dhoni- Suriya- Mahesh Babu- Dinesh Karthik-Amit Mishra- Virender Sehwag-Sachin Tendulkar-Harbhajan Singh-Zaheer Khan-, Govinda, SouravGanguly, Chiranjeevi, Surya and Upendra among others.
  17. 17. In 1921, the founder of the groupdonated three lakh rupees to theTilak Swaraj Fund. The British put out a circular prohibiting government departments from buying its products. The founder was also a pall-bearer at Bal Gangadhar Tilaks funeral.
  18. 18. They manufactured over 17 lakh ballot boxes forfree Indias first elections in 1952. Each box was priced at Rs 5 a box.
  19. 19. The four major types are Criollo,Forastero, Trinitario and Nacional
  20. 20. It was first given its botanical name by Swedish natural scientist Carl Linnaeus in his original classification of the plant kingdom, who called it ___________("food of the gods") ______- .
  21. 21. It was introduced to Spain in the 16th century.It contain a high level of flavonoids,specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health.
  22. 22. Cocoa Beans
  23. 23. Rashmi Bansal