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The BCQC November Open quiz Finals - 6th November 2011. Set and Conducted by Aditya Gadre

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Bcqc november open finals

  1. 1. The BCQC November Open The finals General Lee Speaking Aditya Gadre
  2. 2. MANY Thanks once again
  3. 3. Format - 42 questions on Infinite Pounce* - One written round - One theme round* Or what Suraj “Demigod” Menon calls “The Dominique Strauss Kahn approach”
  4. 4. Rules 10 points per correct answer +15/-10 on the pounceYou can pounce on your direct questionsPlease wait till the pouncing is done to give out the answer
  5. 5. Infinite Pounce
  6. 6. Q1• The first edition of this festival took place on May 1, 1956 and was organized by Arturo Uribe, a member of the Board of the Office of Development and Tourism.• The festival lasted for 5 days with an exposition of flowers displayed in the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was organized to celebrate Virgin Mary day.• This parade represents the end of slavery when slaves carried men and women on their backs up steep hills.• Name the festival.
  7. 7. • Medellin Flower Festival
  8. 8. Q2• Türkmenabat also known as Chardjui (the Persian for four canals‘ or ‘four streams’) is a town in Turkmenistan.• It’s ancient name gives a river known as ‘Oxus’ to the greeks, it’s more popular/ famous name• This name would be familiar to most of us in India for a completely different reason.• What was the ancient name of this place?
  9. 9. • Amul• The river is Amu Darya – meaning “ river of Amul”
  10. 10. Q3• This is a song by Jagjit Singh from an album released in 1999• Who is the lyricist for this song (as well as all other songs from this album)
  11. 11. • Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  12. 12. Q4In geology this term refers to a fold in stratum layers. These folds aregenerally with straight limbs and small angular hinges. They typically formin multilayers, consisting of regular alternations of beds with contrastingmechanical properties
  13. 13. Q5• Wadi Rum is a valley in the Aqaba governerate.• In the 1980s this rock formation in Wadi Rum was named in memory of a book penned in the aftermath of the Arab Revolt, though what is referred to in the book actually has no connection with Rum.• What is this called?
  14. 14. Q6• In 1903 a small town called Wyrley was the scene of the "Great Wyrley Outrages", a series of slashings of horses, cows and sheep.• A local solicitor was tried and convicted for the eighth attack, on a pit pony, and sentenced to seven years with hard labour.• While he was released in 1906, he was not pardoned, and the police kept him under surveillance.• A rather famous chap a the time was persuaded to turn detective to prove the mans innocence.• This he achieved after eight months of work and the solicitor was exonerated by a Home Office committee of enquiry.• Name both these people.
  15. 15. • George Edalji• Arthur Conan Doyle
  16. 16. Q7• "The Library of _________" is a short story by Jorge Luis Borges• Borgess narrator describes how his universe consists of an enormous expanse of interlocking hexagonal rooms, each of which contains the bare necessities for human survival—and four walls of bookshelves.• Though the order and content of the books is random and apparently completely meaningless, the inhabitants believe that the books contain every possible ordering of just a few basic characters (letters, spaces and punctuation marks). The narrator notes that the library must contain all useful information, including predictions of the future, biographies of any person, and translations of every book in all languages.
  17. 17. • Babel
  18. 18. Audience• Sam Bartram, goalkeeper at Charlton Athletic was one of the most loved characters in English football in the 1940s. He was known to be brave and more than willing to stick his head in a flurry of boots. He is also known for his theatrics on the field. In safe situations he would take the ball forward, dribbling on his own. He is also, on one instance, known to dived under the ball for an incoming shot and pulled off something we all associate with an international match in the mid 1990s.• What did he do?
  19. 19. • Scorpion Kick
  20. 20. Q8• One of many advertisements published in the papers on behalf of the person whose name is blanked out.• Whose name has been blanked out?
  21. 21. Q9• In 1931, the Nazi party encouraged the publication of a book, “Hundred authors against ____X____”• It contained very short texts from 28 authors, and excerpts of publications from other 19 authors.• Hans Reichenbach described the book as an "accumulation of naive errors", and as "unintentionally funny".• Albert von Brunn interpreted the book as a backward step to the 16th and 17th century, and _____X_____ is reported to have said with irony, "If I were wrong, it would only have taken one."• Among these authors, there was only one physicist (Karl Strehl) and three mathematicians (Jean-Marie Le Roux, Emanuel Lasker and Hjalmar Mellin)• X?
  22. 22. • Albert Einstein
  23. 23. Q10• This influential 4th century Christian theologian was the bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia (modern-day Turkey).• This guy, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa are collectively referred to as the Cappadocian Fathers.• His principal theological writings are On the Holy Spirit, an appeal to Scripture and early Christian tradition (to prove the divinity of the Holy Spirit), and Refutation of the Apology of the Impious Eunomius, written in 363 or 364, three books against Eunomius of Cyzicus.• Who is this guy?
  24. 24. • St Basil
  25. 25. Q11 This picture was taken aboard the Maud during her unsuccessful attempt to cross the Northeast Passage. The person at the wheel successfully journeyed eastward along the coast of Siberia to Nome, but his plan of freezing the ship in the polar ice pack and letting it drift northward did not work as the currents were uncooperative. Who is at the wheel?
  26. 26. • Roald Amundsen
  27. 27. Q12• In a letter to P.K.Rao, dated September 10, 1935, Gandhi disputes that this idea of civil disobedience was derived from the writings of X – “The statement that I had derived my idea of Civil Disobedience from the writings of X is wrong. The resistance to authority in South Africa was well advanced before I got the essay ... When I saw the title of X’s great essay, I began to use his phrase to explain our struggle to the English readers. But I found that even "Civil Disobedience" failed to convey the full meaning of the struggle. I therefore adopted the phrase "Civil Resistance."
  28. 28. • Henri David Thoreau
  29. 29. Q13• This German physician had an interest in astronomy, and theorised that there was a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called magnétisme animal (animal magnetism).• In 1766 he published a doctoral dissertation with the title On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body, which discussed the influence of the Moon and the planets on the human body and on disease.• The evolution of his ideas and practices led Scottish surgeon James Braid to develop hypnosis in 1842.• Name this guy, whose name is also the root for an english verb.
  30. 30. • Franz Mesmer• Root for the word “mesmerise”
  31. 31. Q14Together they constitute what?• Fajr• Dhuhr• Asr• Maghrib• Isha‘a
  32. 32. • The five mandatory prayers of the day - Salah
  33. 33. Audience• ‘Rice Christian’ was a pejorative term used particularly in Asian countries (including India).• What does this term mean?
  34. 34. • Those who convert only for material gain
  35. 35. Q15• His work on geometry is called the Four Books on Measurement (translated)• The first book focuses on linear geometry. The second book moves onto two dimensional geometry, i.e. the construction of regular polygons. The third book applies these principles of geometry to architecture, engineering and typography. In architecture he cites Vitruvius but elaborates his own classical designs and columns.• Identify this artist?
  36. 36. • Albrecht Dürer
  37. 37. Q16• This style of ceramics is named after the town in western Anatolia where it was made.• This town in ancient times hosted two councils of Christian bishops in A.D. 325 and AD 787• What is the style of ceramics called?
  38. 38. • Iznik ceramics• Present day Iznik is the location of Nicaea• The First Council of Nicaea was a council of Christian bishops convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325. The Council was the first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all of Christendom.
  39. 39. Q17Todor Diev Stadium is a football stadium in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Itis the home ground of FC Spartak Plovdiv.The stadium is also known as Plovdivs _________- a tributeto another team which plays in the same blue hooped kit asSpartak.
  40. 40. • Loftus Road
  41. 41. Q18“Over the course of the Solar Systems existence, the orbits ofcomets are unstable; eventually, dynamics dictate that a cometmust either collide with the Sun or a planet, or else be ejected fromthe Solar System by planetary perturbations. Moreover, theirvolatile composition means that as they repeatedly approach theSun, radiation gradually boils the volatiles off until the comet splitsor develops an insulating crust that prevents further outgassing.Thus a comet could not have formed while in its current orbit, andmust have been held in an outer reservoir for almost all of itsexistence.”This was the reasoning of a Dutch astronomer reviving the work ofErnst Öpik from the early 1930s.Name the Dutch astronomer.
  42. 42. • Johann Oort• The Oort cloud or the Öpik–Oort cloud is a hypothesized spherical cloud of comets which may lie roughly 50,000 AU from the Sun
  43. 43. Q19 Quoting from a BBC travel article about a certain island and possibly it’s most famous resident Indeed, upon his arrival, X spun into a veritable tornado of activity, ordering a plethora of public works, like boosting agriculture, road-building, marsh draining and a thorough overhaul of the legal and education systems. He also oversaw improvements to the islands iron-ore mines, the revenue of which now kept him comfortably stocked in hair care products.Who is X and what is the island?
  44. 44. • Napoleon• Elba
  45. 45. Q20What was started in 1922 by Wallace B. Donham whodescribed it’s aims in the article “An Essential Groundwork fora Broad Executive Theory” ?
  46. 46. Q21• Ina Garten , a TV chef precisely arranged these food items on the occasion of thanksgiving.• What was this arrangement used for?
  47. 47. Google Doodles • Written round • 5 points per doodle
  48. 48. Doodle 1
  49. 49. Doodle 2
  50. 50. Doodle 3
  51. 51. Doodle 4
  52. 52. Doodle 5
  53. 53. Answers1. Will Eisner2. Sergei Prokofiev3. Berliner4. Robert Burns5. Hokusai
  54. 54. Audience The German punk band Die Ärzte hold the record for the shortest single ever released, with a runtime of 30 seconds Farin Urlaub sings about a person that annoys him in several ways, stating that this person is "more annoying than X”. X is a controversial figure in the world of music and an artist who ‘everyone knows, but no-one knows what she does’.X?
  55. 55. • Yoko Ono
  56. 56. Theme Round• Please write down the answers• 5 points per correct answer• 7 elements• Order is important• You could take it as exhaustive• Scoring: – +30,+25, +20, +15, +10, +10, +5 – No negatives – One attempt per question
  57. 57. Theme Q1 +30• Alex Von Tunzelmann wrote a book called ‘Indian Summer, The Secret History of the End of Empire’• This was supposed to be made into a film of the same name by director Joe Wright with Cate Blanchett and Hugh Grant playing the two major roles.• The film was shelved. Wright gives the reason as “The Indian government wanted us to make less of the love story while the studio wanted us to make more of the love story.“• What character was Hugh Grant supposed to play?
  58. 58. Theme Q2 +25• This guy was leader of the Muslims from the United Provinces and a longtime mayor of Lucknow• He presided over elections for Pakistan’s newly formed assembly in Lahore• He later became Governor of East Pakistan• It is said Lucknow came to a standstill when news of his death (in 1973) reached there• Who?
  59. 59. Theme Q3 +20• ??? - 13 May 1952 to 12 May 1962• Dr. Zakir Hussain - 13 May 1962 to 12 May 1967• Sh. Varahagiri Venkata Giri - 13 May 1967 to 3 May 1969• Gopal Swarup Pathak - 1 September 1969 to 1 September 1974• Basappa Danappa Jatti - 1 September 1974 to 25 July 1977
  60. 60. Theme Q4 +15• In October this year, it was announced that a rare pink gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, it’s dial decorated with the map of India with the date 26 January, 1950 inscribed on it, would be auctioned by Sotherby’s as part of a collection of rare timepieces• Who did this watch belong to?
  61. 61. Theme Q5 +10• Along with X, one of his twin grandsons, Nicholas, 14, and Paul Maxwell, 15, a local employed as a boat boy were killed in an explosion.• They were aboard his boat, Shadow V, which had just set off from the fishing village of Mullaghmore,• Nearby fishermen raced to the rescue and pulled X out of the water, but his legs had been almost severed by the explosion and he died shortly afterwards.• The local police kept watch on Classiebawn castle but his boat was left unguarded in the public dock in Mullaghmore where it was moored.• X?
  62. 62. Theme Q6 +10This lady was a prolific writer .Some of her literary contributions in Gujarati are BavlanaParakrama , a translation of Pinnachio and Golibarni Musafari, atranslation of Gulliver`s Travels.She translated into Gujarati Shakespeare`s Hamlet and Merchant ofVenice; Valmiki`s Ramayana from Sanskrit;She published three tracts in English as Women Under the HinduLaw of Marriage and Succession, Post-war EducationalReconstruction and Civil Liberties.On the International scene, she represented India on the Status ofWomen in the United Nations and United Nations Human RightsCommission.Who?
  63. 63. Theme Q7 +5• Husband – Jivaram – Studied at FC – One of the founders of the Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party – Moved the first ever no-confidence motion in Indian Parliament• Wife – Born to bong parents (Maiden name: Mujumdar) in Ambala – Went from strength to strength in the government, held several cabinet posts and also became CM of a state at one point• Name the wife
  64. 64. Answer – First Independence Day Ceremony1. Nehru gave the first speech2. Khallikuzzaman gave the second speech3. Radhakrishnan gave the third speech4. Rajendra Prasad spoke in the end5. Mountbatten was accepted as Governer General6. The tricolour was accepted as national flag from Hansa Mehta7. Sucheta Kriplani sang Vande Mataram
  65. 65. Round reversalInfinite Pounce
  66. 66. Q22Which football club uses whatyou see on the right as itscaptain’s armband?
  67. 67. Q23 While this was patented by Charles F. Foley and Neil Rabens, a few questionable sources also mention a man by the name of Reyn Guyer. It is said that Guyer originally called this ‘Pretzel’, but that the name by which we now know it was chosen as ‘Pretzel’ was not allowed to be trademarked.What are we talking about?
  68. 68. Q24 She was the daughter of King Bebrycius and was a lover of Hercules. She bore a serpent and became so terrified that she fled to the woods where she died. Hercules created a tomb for her by piling up rocks thus forming the mountain range named after her.Who is this?
  69. 69. • Pyrene
  70. 70. Q25 • Special edition Mont Blanc pen • Dedicated to which real life personality?
  71. 71. • Carlo Collodi• Author of Pinnochio
  72. 72. Q26 Jack Tinn knew more about it that anyone else. He knew that it held 11 pints. He also knew that was insured for 200 pounds. He put it a local bank for extra security, but expecting an air raid had taken it home for some time. It spent most of the war years in Havant police station.What are we talking about?
  73. 73. Q27• A 1982 movie starts with this song• This is not the only song in the movie• Which movie?
  74. 74. Q28• In Shakespeare’s Henry VI part 1, there is a scene set in the gardens of the Temple Church in London in which the noblemen pick a flower to signify their allegiance.• Sir Walter Scott was the first to use the phrase “______________” in his historical novel Anne of Geierstein.• Thereafter the term entered widespread use among historians and the general public.• What phrase?
  75. 75. • War of roses
  76. 76. AudienceThese are fundamental requirements for classification of animals in two similar systemsWhat are X and Y? X: Mammals must chew cud as well as have cloven hooves. Y: Animals must survive on grass and leaves.
  77. 77. • Kosher• Halal
  78. 78. Q29• This guy was a explorer, diplomat, champion skier and a PhD in zoology.• However he is most famous for his work with the League of Nations in the last 10 years of his life, which also earned him the Nobel peace prize.• An organisation started by the League of Nations in his honour (to take forward his work) was awarded the Nobel peace prize beating arguably the two most famous personalities of the 20th century.• Name this guy
  79. 79. • Fridjtof Nansen• Nansen International Office for Refugees won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1938 beating Gandhi and Hitler to win
  80. 80. Q30 In 2008, a noted Serbian filmmaker directed a documentary about a sportsman. The documentary came under severe criticism (especially in the English speaking world) for making the movie too “blusteringly macho” People were also pissed about the director featuring in almost every scene Another issue was the unusual focus on one incident set to the background score of “God Save the Queen” which some found insultingName the sportsman and the director
  81. 81. Q31• New comic from SpiltMoonArts• The first Muslim super hero in America• The hero takes his name from the Arabic for "lightning”, also the name of a mythological steed.• Name the hero.
  82. 82. Q32• In the Mughal period, the translation of a series of books into persian was commissioned. This translation was called “Kalilah wa Dimnah” where the name referred to two characters the first and longest book.• Which series of books? (5 points)• Name the two characters (5 points)
  83. 83. • Panchatantra• Karataka and Damanaka – narrators of Mitra- bhed• The lion (Pingalaka) who is the king of the forest and a bull (Sanjivaka) become freinds. Karataka and Damanaka are two jackals who are retainers to the lion. Damanaka breaks the friendship between the lion and the bull as he became jealous.• This has around thirty stories that have been narrated by the two jackals.
  84. 84. Q33Quoting from a BBC news article(Yes, www.bbc.co.uk is my homepage. How did you guess?)‘David Lloyd is the man who created the original image for a graphicnovel. He compares its use by protesters to the way Alberto Kordasfamous photograph of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevarabecame a fashionable symbol for young people across the world.A curious Lloyd visited the Occupy Wall Street protest in ZuccottiPark, New York, to have a look at some of the people sporting thisimage. He says , "My feeling is the Anonymous group needed an all-purpose image to hide their identity and also symbolise that theystand for individualism - ___________ is a story about one personagainst the system.”’
  85. 85. Q34• This guy was the Duke of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935, purportedly in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel.• His martyrdom, and several stories, quickly gave rise to a cult- like following and reputation of superhuman goodness, resulting in his being elevated to Sainthood, posthumously declared king, and seen as the patron saint of the Czech state.• Identify this ‘good king’
  86. 86. • Wenceslas• “Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen, When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even; Brightly shone the moon that night, tho the frost was cruel, When a poor man came in sight, gathring winter fuel.”
  87. 87. Q35• An explanation as to why it was totally safe to do something• Babies have a gag reflex. If you blow in their face, they hold their breath.’• What?
  88. 88. Audience• Buchanan is the third largest city in this country, lying on Waterhouse Bay, part of the Atlantic Ocean.• It is named for Thomas Buchanan, cousin of U.S. president James Buchanan.• This is not the only city in the country named after an American• Name the country
  89. 89. • Liberia
  90. 90. Q36• To encourage inter-tribal interaction and to promote cultural heritage of Nagaland, the Government of Nagaland organizes this festival every year in the first week of December.• The festival showcases a mélange of cultural displays under one roof. This festival usually takes place between the 1st and the 7th of December every year in Kohima.• The Festival is named after a bird which is displayed in folklore in most of the state’s tribes.• What is the festival called?
  91. 91. • Hornbill festival
  92. 92. Q37• It is said St. Francis Xavier requested that this be set up in 1545.• It was set up in 1560 and was finally abolished in 1812• The first heads, Aleixo Dias Falcão and Francisco Marques, moved into a palace once occupied by the Sultan, forcing the Viceroy to move to a smaller residence.• What?
  93. 93. • The Goan Inquisition
  94. 94. Q38
  95. 95. Q39 This guy was a naval surveyor in the Bombay Marine. Between 1786 and 1788 he took part in a number of survey missions in east India including to the Chagos archipelago, to Diamond Harbour south of Calcutta and to adjacent parts of the Hooghly river. A result of his first surveying voyage to a certain place, was the Governor-general’s decision to colonise this place in order to provide a safe harbour in the war against pirates. He had surveyed the place and discovered a fine natural harbour which he initially named after Lord Cornwallis. He later returned to successfully establish a permanent colony, partly composed of convicts. This place he named after Lord Cornwallis is now named after him.Who is this guy?
  96. 96. • Archibald Blair• Port Blair
  97. 97. Q40• This is a type of hat similar to the fedora.• It has a shorter brim which is angled down at the front and slightly turned up at the back versus the fedoras wider brim which is more level.• The hats name derives from the stage adaptation of a 1894 novel; a hat of this style was worn in the first London production of the play, and promptly came to be called "a ______ hat"
  98. 98. • Trilby hat• After George du Maurier’s novel
  99. 99. Q41• In February 2005 the Presidents of Congo, Gabon and France, gathered at a ceremony to lay the foundation stone for a memorial to X, a mausoleum of Italian marble.• On 30 September 2006, his remains were exhumed from Algiers along with those of his wife and four children. They were reinterred on 3rd October, in the new marble mausoleum in a city named after X.• The ceremony was attended by three African presidents and a French foreign minister, who paid tribute to his humanitarian work against slavery and the abuse of African workers.• X?
  100. 100. • Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà• The mausoleum is in Brazzaville
  101. 101. Q42• This is a light sponge cake. When cut in cross section, displays a distinctive two-by- two check pattern alternately coloured pink and yellow. These coloured sections are made by dyeing half of the cake mixture pink, and half yellow, then cutting each resultant sponge into two long, uniform cuboids, and joining them together with jam, to form one cake.• Legend states that the four squares seen in the cross-section represent these four people - Prince Louis, Alexander, Prince Henry, Prince Francis Joseph
  102. 102. Battenburg Cake
  103. 103. Audience• In 2009, when Denmark loaned Edvard Eriksens famous statue to China, X was asked to create a replacement. Instead, he installed a television feed of the statue in its temporary home in Shanghai, saying: "Thats our real life. Everybody is under some kind of surveillance camera.“• Which Statue?• And who is X?
  104. 104. • The Little Mermaid• Ai Wei Wei
  105. 105. Thanks and hopeyou had a good timeFeedback http://notesandstones.blogspot.com Follow us www.twitter.com/bcqc