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Bizzy quizzy prelims answers

  1. 1. Prelims Answers
  2. 2. Bizzy April Open Quiz – 2012Quizzy! Special Thanks to Landmark for sponsoring the prizes and encouraging Quizzing! -Sachin and Raghav
  3. 3. Q.1He is an alumnus of the College of Engineering,Pune, India. The company he inherited from hisfather was into sugarcane and textile business.He forayed it into the field in which it isdominant today.The companys major breakthrough came whenit received one of Indias first licenses tomanufacture colour televisions.Name him?
  4. 4. Venugopal Dhoot
  5. 5. Q. 2Husband and wife Charles and Ray Eames wereinvited by Nehru to visit India. Their visit to Indiaand their widespread travel across the countryled the duo to come up with the Eames Reportin 1958. This report led to the establishment ofwhat?
  6. 6. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  7. 7. Q.3Name the famous product of PiomaIndustries, which has selected a maleendorser, though the female version is veryfamous?
  8. 8. Rasna
  9. 9. Q.4Charles Taze Russel coined theword “corporate gaints” he alsocoined a word which other word ofvast usage in the contemporaryworld
  10. 10. Globalisation
  11. 11. Q.5 Tomcar, an all-terrain vehicle being built for the army. Name the company behind or name the other famous product of the company
  12. 12. Miani Group, manufactures of thecountry’s first electric car – Reva
  13. 13. Q.6 New logo unveiled in the Indo-Pak match at Asia Cup 2012
  14. 14. Micromax
  15. 15. Q.7The highest mountain rangeof the Carpathian Mountains.It gave name to which carcompany which is the thirdoldest manufacturer of carsafter Dailmer and Puegout?
  16. 16. Tatra
  17. 17. Q. 8April 1st AD saying that they had bought the liberty bell
  18. 18. Q.9Sales of German-made Lunor Classic Rund PPeyeglasses have gone up. Why?
  19. 19. Glasses worn by Steve Jobs
  20. 20. Q. 10. Connect
  21. 21. SP Group
  22. 22. Q. 11What is he the CEO of ? Mr. Sundar Raman has worked with WPP for a decade and is the Managing Director of Mindshare Pvt Ltd.
  23. 23. Sundar Raman – CEO of IPL
  24. 24. Q.12Which Indian premier institution’s foundationstone was laid out by Queen Elizabeth II in 1961and was built by the grant provided byGovernment of New Zealand?
  25. 25. AIIMS
  26. 26. Q. 13The team part of the company which gets itsname from “To Ensure Victory”. Name theperson blanked out from the pic?
  27. 27. Q.14Stamp released on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of what?
  28. 28. Bureau of Indian Standards
  29. 29. Q. 15This company was founded by DinshwajiCooverji Pundole, a parsi family in Mumbai. Thecompany was sold to Pepsi Co in 1994 and themanufacture of its products was discontinued in2004. In 2012 they are planning to revive thebrand. Which brand synonymous with Irani cafésin Mumbai is being talked about?
  30. 30. Duke & Sons Sodas
  31. 31. Q. 16Who worked as an accessory buyer with theclothing chain ‘Jigsaw’ and also worked part-time until January 2011 as a cataloguephotographer, webpage designer and marketingofficer for a firm "Party Pieces“ owned by theperson’s parents . In 2008, it was reported thatthe had quit the job at Jigsaw to become aprofessional photographer. Who is being talkedabout?
  32. 32. Kate Middleton
  33. 33. Q.17Logo of what?
  34. 34. Q.18His favourite video game was Tetris. In the1990s he submitted so many high scores for thegame to Nintendo Power that they would nolonger print his scores, so he started sendingthem in under the name "Evets Kainzow“. Who
  35. 35. Steve Woznaik
  36. 36. Q.19 ConnectIn 2004, the group was termed by the Timemagazine as ‘the second largest employer in India after the Indian Railways’
  37. 37. Q.20Sai Grace Sports and Events Private Limited(SGSEPL) is its owner. The director of SGSEPL,Manoj Choudhary is the promoter of JewelProducts, one of India’s leading corporate giftingand innovation companies. What is being talkedabout?
  38. 38. Q. 21“24, Akbar Road” – A short History of the Peoplebehind the Rise and Fall of the ________” byRasheed Kidwai.FIB.
  39. 39. Q.22 As per Google Zeitgeist 2011:India Top Searches:1. facebook2. youtube3. Gmail4. yahoomail5. google6. yahoo7. ________Name the 7th in the list.
  40. 40. IRCTC
  41. 41. Q.23Big MacBilly Bookshelf Index ?
  42. 42. Big MacBilly Bookshelf Index
  43. 43. Q.24This is the tribute to the person who gave which concept to the world?
  44. 44. Kindergarten by Friedrich Fröbel
  45. 45. Q.25It is one of Europes longest-running tradedisputes, France and Belgium wanted aparticular product to be made from a pure formwithout any adulteration, and England, Irelandadded vegetable oil in its preparation. One blockwanted the other block to give the productanother name from the generic name used.Name this product that divided Europe for overtwenty years?
  46. 46. Chocolate, they were called the “Chocolate Wars”
  47. 47. Q.26Connect.
  48. 48. Virat Kholi
  49. 49. Q.27Plant in Ontario. What is on the verge of beingmanufactured? Clue: This product iscelebrating 100 years.
  50. 50. Q.28Advert for which company’s product.
  51. 51. Reynolds (Permanent Markers )
  52. 52. Q .29• The images of the jewels and golden utensils are stored along with their descriptions and information on the donors by maintaining 13 registers called `Thiruvabharanams.• The treasury called Bokkasam is where the precious gold and ornaments are stored.• Institution was recently in the dock for alleged mismanagement of inventory. Which?
  53. 53. TTD
  54. 54. VideoA clip From Chicago. Dance moves shown in theclip has been used in which company’s ad ?
  55. 55. AnswerIndigo
  56. 56. 31. This inspired what?Video
  57. 57. Q.32Connect