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Prelims of the Anoop Adithian memorial open quiz 2012 by Arun A S and Major Chandrakant Nair


  1. 1. By Arun A SMajor Chandrakant Nair
  2. 2.  30 Questions No negative marks Starred questions will be considered in case of a tie.
  3. 3. *1. He is a 1972 batch Kerala cadre officer of Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He started his career as the sub-collector of Thrissur District. Later he became the Collector and spent his eight years of career in Thrissur city. He was called the second Sakthan Thampuran for his role in the development of the Thrissur city. Apart from serving in both, state and central governments, he has been a Director on several Boards including the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Life Insurance Corporation of India and Infrastructure Development and Finance Company of India. Who?
  4. 4. Vinod Rai, the present Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  5. 5. 2. The Man Booker Prize is annually awarded to any full-length novel, written by a citizen of the Commonwealth or two other nations which were previously part of the commonwealth. Name the two countries.
  6. 6. Republic of Ireland and Zimbabwe
  7. 7. 3. The Shadman Chowk in Lahore was renamed in whose honour recently, on his 105th birth anniversary?
  8. 8. Bhagat Singh
  9. 9. 4. What was famously inspired by this magazine, which was launched in 1920 by journalist H. L. Mencken and drama critic George Jean Nathan?
  10. 10. It inspired the Quentin Tarantino film PulpFiction. Originally, the title of the film was BlackMask, before being changed.
  11. 11. * 5.
  12. 12. 6. Although this phrase has featured in politics since antiquity, it is of relatively recent coinage; the Oxford Dictionary identifies it as a French expression meaning a “stroke of State”. It is generally classified into three – Breakthrough, Guardian and Veto. What?
  13. 13. Coup détat
  14. 14. 7. Fondly referred to as the Enid Blyton ofMalayalam, Leela Nambudiripad has penned 37books of which 23 are for children. She is therecipient of many awards including the KeralaSahitya Akademi Award for the best work inchildrens literature (in 1979) and the Bala SahityaInstitute award for Lifelong contribution towardschildrens literature (in 1999). She has also served inthe Public Relations Department of KeralaKalamandalam for 22 years. Under what pseudonymdoes she write?
  15. 15. Sumangala
  16. 16. 8. Whose self portrait?
  17. 17. Rabindranath Tagore 
  18. 18. 9. He had a catastrophic childhood. His parents divorcedwhen he was two. He was a juvenile delinquent. He threwbricks at car windows. He went shoplifting in localdepartment stores. He stole bicycles. On one occasion hestole a postmans bike, with the mail still in the bag.His current post-tax salary of £11.3 million was deemeddisgusting by the French finance minister, Jerome Cahuzac.At a time when everyone around the world is tightening theirbelts, he said, these figures are not impressive, they areindecent. He simply replied: I dont understand all thecriticism. After all, the more money I earn, the more taxFrance receives.Identify this man who is very much in the news.
  19. 19. * 10. This phrase was first used to represent thedoctrine proposed by V.K. Krishna Menon in 1953, atthe United Nations. According to the author LeoMates, there may have been an earlier usage of theword when it was worked out, but in a Times ofIndia interview of 1968, Krishnamenon rememberedhaving used the term for the first time in 1950.Which phrase?
  20. 20. Non-alignment / Non – aligned movement
  21. 21. 11. Which is the only country in the world tocompletely outlaw the cultivation, harvesting,production and sale of tobacco and tobaccoproducts?
  22. 22. Bhutan
  23. 23. 12. Acinonyx , the genus name of this animalbelonging to the cat species, comes from the Greekwords for “thorn” and “claw” and refers to its curioussemi-retractable claw, a feature they share with noother cat. Which animal?
  24. 24. Cheetah
  25. 25. 13. Bridgmanization or high pressure processing(HPP) is a method of preserving and sterilizing food,in which a product is processed under veryhigh pressure, leading to the inactivation of certainmicroorganisms and enzymes in the food. Thetechnique was named after a 17th century scientistwhose work included detailing the effects ofpressure on fluids. During this process, more than50,000 pounds per square inch (340 MPa) may beapplied for around fifteen minutes, leading to theinactivation of yeast, mold, and bacteria. Name theprocess or the scientist after whom it is named.
  26. 26. Pascalization / Blaise Pascal
  27. 27. 14.
  28. 28. Rex Vijayan & Bijibal
  29. 29. * 15. In 1986, this magazine published excerpts fromOther Shores from Vladimir Nabokov, which was thefirst time Nabokov was published in the USSR.Alexander Roshal, the co-founder and editor of themagazine was punished for this. In 1992 themagazine fell upon hard times and ceasedpublication but Roshal privatized it and publicationwas resumed. Name the magazine.
  30. 30. 64, the chess magazine
  31. 31. 16. Whose official logo?
  32. 32. 17. Mosaic of someone created using images of itemshe is synonymous with. Who? Image in the next slide.
  33. 33. 18. What is the lady trying to build from dominoshere?
  34. 34. 19. Pictured is a type of alert area constructed by theStrategic Air Command of USAF during the Cold War.Initially, planes were parked on alert aprons at rightangles. However, the development of large aircrafts likethe B-52 Stratofortress created a problem in launchingaircraft efficiently. To fix this, aircrafts were repositionedin herringbone configurations, which then allowed theplanes to pull out onto the runway as quickly as possible. What name was given to these alert areas (after their resemblance to something)? Image in the next slide.
  35. 35. Christmas Trees
  36. 36. * 20. The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is an annual eventwith attendees like Nobel Peace Laureates, high-profile leaders andorganizations from around the globe. The summit is a brainchild ofthe Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation. At every summit, the delegateshonor people who have stood up for human rights and world peacewith the Peace Summit Award.The 2010 recipient, a Roman Catholic turned Nichiren Buddhist,was selected for the following contributions - raising money forHaiti earthquake victims, pressing for the freedom of Aung San SuuKyi, fighting bird flu, and supporting the work of the UnitedNations. In 1990, he was the central figure in a showdown betweenhis new and old employers and famously said, “Deep in my heart Iam always purple” to express solidarity with his previous employerswho were based in Florence. Just identify.
  37. 37. Roberto BaggioRefused to take the penalty vs. Fiorentina after his transfer to Juventus in 1990 and picked up a Fiorentina scarf thrown onto the field by fans and kissed it
  38. 38. 21. In 1976, he was awardedthe Magsaysay Award forInternationalUnderstanding inrecognition of hiscontribution to Indiasindustrial development. Who? (Surname is enough)
  39. 39. Henning Holck-Larsen
  40. 40. 22. Pictured is the largest member of the family ofwater lilies. The lily, named after a monarch, hasribbed undersurface and leaves veining “liketransverse girders and supports” and was theinspiration for a 1851 construction, a building fourtimes the size of St. Peters in Rome. Name the plant. Also, identify the construction. Image in the next slide.
  41. 41. Victoria Lily (Victoria amazonica) The Crystal Palace
  42. 42. 23. The conservation of Angkor Wat in Cambodia isperhaps one of the most outstanding projects of X. In1982, a project report was prepared and an experimentwas carried out on the conservation project. A five-member team visited Angkor Wat and incorporating fewobservations in the report prepared earlier, prepared acomprehensive conservation report. Consequently,between 1986-1992 the missions lead by four officers of Xand their team have successfully completed theconservation and restoration of the temple. Excerpt from the website of X, chronicling their achievements. Just identify X.
  43. 43. 24. Pictured is a cricket ground X, that hosted 3matches (Pakistan vs Namibia, Bangladesh vs NewZealand, West Indies vs Kenya) in the 2003 cricketworld cup. The ground is owned and named after acompany whose 1947 tagline Y, conceived by acopywriter named Frances Gerety, was voted in 2000as the best advertising slogan of the twentiethcentury by the Advertising Age magazine. Identify X and Y. Image in the next slide.
  44. 44. X – De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley Y – A Diamond is Forever
  45. 45. * 25. YouView is an IPTV television service formallylaunched on 4 July 2012, and is a partnershipbetween four broadcasters (BBC, Channel 4,Channel 5 and ITV). As a part of promotion of theventure, a poll was undertaken to identify “Themoments that changed TV forever”. Which moment from 2012 topped the list? Image in the next slide.
  46. 46. James Bond and Her Majesty the Queenat the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony
  47. 47. 26. He joined Arrah Town School in 1922. The school hadtwo water pots, one for Hindus and another for Muslims.When the young X drank water from the Hindu pot, thematter was reported to the Principal, who placed a thirdpot for “untouchables.” A scandalized X broke this pottwice, eventually leading the school to abandon the thirdpot. Excerpt from a The Statesman article titled ‘The man who broke water pots to bring home a message.’ Identify X.
  48. 48. 27. Which English wordmeaning ‘something orsomeone regarded as anessential or coordinatingelement thereby holdingtogether parts that existor function together as aunit’ is derived from thecontraption pictured?
  49. 49. Lynchpin
  50. 50. 28. Pictured is an instrumentused in geometry for angletrisection. It consists of asemicircle, with a linesegment the length of theradius extending along thesame line as the diameter ofthe semicircle, and withanother line segment ofarbitrary lengthperpendicular to thediameter. What is it called?
  51. 51. Tomahawk
  52. 52. 29. This is Elsa Lanchester with her iconic hairstylein Bride of Frankenstein. What inspired the hairstyle?
  53. 53. The Bust of Nefertiti
  54. 54. * 30. This pioneering translator of Edgar Allen Poe iscredited with coining the term "modernity" todescribe the life in an urban metropolis, and theresponsibility art has to capture that experience.Many of his works were heavily influenced by hisvoyage to and subsequent experiences in India in the1840s. The protagonists of Lemony Snicket’s A Seriesof Unfortunate Events were named after him. Also,Ravi, the protagonist of OV Vijayan’s KhasakkinteItihasam, carries his works to Khasak. Who, dubbed by Arthur Rimbaud as ‘the king of poets’?
  55. 55. Charles Baudelaire