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Ball Tech On Demand: At Risk Crops - Geranium

At Risk Crops are popular crops with inherent disease challenges. The good news is effective control strategies can help ensure clean, healthy plants. This presentation from experts at Ball Horticultural Company covers Geranium.

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Ball Tech On Demand: At Risk Crops - Geranium

  1. 1. Risk Management: Understanding and Minimizing Crop Failure  Use only tested seed  Clean production facility  Optimum cultural protocols  Monitor and control pests
  2. 2. At Risk Crops: Geranium Dr. Todd Cavins, Technical Specialist |
  3. 3. Pelargonium Risk Factors • 2 Bacterial Diseases – incurable • Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii • Wilt, stem rot (vascular), spot, chlorotic wedge • Ralstonia solanacearum RSr3b2 • Wilt, stem rot (vascular) • Federal Select Agent Program • Quarantine • Protect other crops • Potatoes, tomatoes
  4. 4.  Prevention  Not curable  Sanitation  Plant residue & soil  Isolation  Track and trace  Irrigation and applications  Copper bactericides  Biological inoculates – Bacillus Geranium Managing the Risk
  5. 5. At Risk Crops: Geranium For more resources: Tech On Demand Podcast: