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Ball Tech On Demand: At Risk Crops - Carnation

At Risk Crops are popular crops with inherent disease challenges. The good news is effective control strategies can help ensure clean, healthy plants. This presentation from experts at Ball Horticultural Company covers Carnation.

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Ball Tech On Demand: At Risk Crops - Carnation

  1. 1. Risk Management: Understanding and Minimizing Crop Failure  Use only clean stock URC  Clean production facility  Optimum cultural protocols  Monitor and control pests
  2. 2. At Risk Crops: Carnation Dr. Will Healy, Technical Specialist |
  3. 3. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) Risk Factors  Key Virus  Carnation Mottle Virus (CarMV)  Most common and widespread carnation virus disease.  Usually there are no symptoms. However, when the symptom is expressed, the infected plant may have a yellow mottle on the leaves.  CarMV is highly infectious and is rapidly spread from plant to plant by foliage contact or during handling.  Key Fungal Diseases  Fusarium oxysporum  Systemic disease and the primary cause of carnation decline.  Yellow, wilted branches frequently occur on one side at first.  Fusarium infection is normally associated with Pythium infection.  Pythium ultimum  Occurs in wet soils and weakens the root system.  Once the roots are damaged, Fusarium infection can quickly occur. CarMV Fusarium
  4. 4.  Clean Stock is key to virus and Fusarium free unrooted cuttings  CarMV is easily transmitted from non-clean to clean stock  CarMV leaf mottle symptoms appear when plants are stressed  Fusarium is water and soil borne  Growing plants on benches or well drained surfaces is required to prevent contamination of pots  Disinfecting water supply is critical to preventing infection  Pythium control is key to preventing Fusarium infection.  Extended periods (>48 hours) of saturated soil promote Pythium and subsequently Fusarium infections  Fusarium and Pythium control must be started prior to infection as once Fusarium is systemic it is difficult to control Carnation Managing the Risk Fusarium Fungicides Efficacy FRAC Chipco 26019 VG 2 Tourney Good-Exc 3 Trinity Good-Exc 3 Turque Exc 3 Empress Intrinsic Exc 11 Heritage VG-Exc 11 Medallion Good-Exc 12 Broadform VG 7 & 11 Okestra Intrinsit Exc 7 & 11
  5. 5. At Risk Crops: Carnation For more resources: Tech On Demand Podcast: