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Invasion games powerpoint


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Explanation for invasion games for Year 7-8 students

Published in: Education
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Invasion games powerpoint

  1. 1. Invasion Games A guide to help when designing your own invasion game.
  2. 2. What is an Invasion Game?? Invasion games are team games where the purpose is to invade the opponents territory while scoring points and keeping the opposing team's points to a minimum, and all within a certain time period. These include sports where the ball is being carried or caught across a line, thrown or shot into a target/hoop, or hit with a stick or foot into a specific target area (Pearson & Webb, 2008). Invasion games are the most strategic types of games with many transferable skills
  3. 3. Examples of Invasion Games O Rugby O Basketball O Lacrosse O Hockey O Soccer/Football O Ultimate Frisbee O Castles O Water Polo O Chess (think about this one……) O Netball
  4. 4. What Sort of Skills? O Passing: throwing, kicking or passing a ball or other item. O Receiving: catching, cradling a ball with the feet, or receiving an ball/ object with a stick. O Dodging: meaning to maintaining personal space, making sure not to collide with other players or objects. Change of direction: change the way your body is traveling O Traveling in multiple directions: being mobile; going forwards, backwards, to either side, and to all diagonals. O Speed & Agility: being quick and flexible O Spatial awareness: recognise your position and see where you are in relation to the playing of the game. O Change of speed: being able to change speed, eg slow to fast when necessary O Anticipation: Guessing where the ball or play might go. While anticipation is not a necessary skill it can be extremely valuable when playing defence.
  5. 5. Attacking Strategies O Maintain Possession O Avoid defensive players O Create space for team mates O Create space for yourself O Attack goal
  6. 6. Defensive Strategies O Defend goal O Defend space O Gain Possession O Defensive positioning O Getting the ball/object out of your defensive area O Predicting opponent's move
  7. 7. Common Tactics for all Teams O To create space while invading your opponents territory O To contain space and contain the other team while the opposition is invading your territory O To use a net, goal or target for scoring purposes
  8. 8. Helpful Attacking Hints O Possession of ball/object O Attempting to move in the direction of the goal O Moving and creating open spaces O Attacking the goal
  9. 9. Helpful Defensive Hints O Staying between the attacking player and the goal O Use hands, feet, stick or body to prevent a pass or scoring attempt O Protecting a goal O Regaining possession of an object