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Dr Forrest C Shaklee Legacy


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Celebrating 100 years of Innovative Products. Thank you Martha Willmore for designing these slides.

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Dr Forrest C Shaklee Legacy

  1. 1. 2015 Celebrating 100 years of Innovative Products
  2. 2. All Shaklee Distributors have EVERY REASON to Celebrate and to be Proud of their Company that has changed the HEALTH and WEALTH of Millions
  3. 3. Dr. Shaklee experienced the “power of nature” in his own life, and wanted to share that power of “God’s Pharmacy” with others
  4. 4. So this year, as we celebrate 100 years of innovative products from Shaklee, I want to share the history of Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee who was the second child to ROBERT & MARTHA SHAKLEE, born in November 1894. His brother, RALPH, was 6 years older, born in 1889 … and a sister, CECILY, was born into the family three years later, in 1897
  5. 5. This is a wonderful story of a mother’s deep love for her child.
  6. 6. Forrest was born in Carlisle, Iowa which was a sooty, dirty coal mining town. At birth, he was diagnosed with consumption which is tuberculosis of the lungs. This wasting disease eventually suffocates you to death.
  7. 7. When Forrest was born he showed no signs of life. Midwives made repeated efforts to stimulate breathing by artificial respiration. 2 local doctors were summoned on horseback. PROGNOSIS … The case is HOPELESS … this baby cannot be expected to live long … his short life will be living death!
  8. 8. For weeks, Forrest lay motionless in his cradle hewn from red cedar by his father but his mother, Martha refused to give up … she believed in the power of God and the power of Nature.
  9. 9. She massaged his little body over and over with oils and herbal concoctions .. as long as he had breath she had hope. She incorporated many herbal brews into his diet, that she had learned from her mother and grandmother. She refused to accept her son’s death warrant.
  10. 10. The family made a decision to move to a farm in Moorhead, Iowa. The farm provided an opportunity to live as close to nature as possible. Forrest was fed a diet of natural foods from plants and herbs. He was exposed to clean air. His childhood was that of a convalescent … … and finally at the age of four he sat up by himself for the FIRST time!
  11. 11. His teen years were spent in the fields observing animals and their instincts as well as the cycles of nature. One of Forrest’s famous quotes is … “Animals watch for the signals and listen to the voice of Nature, while men have forgotten how to read or listen to them.”
  12. 12. Throughout this time, a question loomed in his mind … “Why did I live and other children born with consumption die?” He recognized it was his mother’s love and commitment to immerse him in everything natural. He was a living testimony of nature’s healing power.
  13. 13. He was fascinated by the power in plants, and began stabilizing minerals extracted from vegetables.
  14. 14. When he was a teenager his philosophy was born. This philosophy would eventually change the well being of hundreds of thousands of lives. “Living in harmony with nature” became the foundational principle in his life. This philosophy manifested itself in a product creed … “I will never create a product that will harm one tissue cell in the body.”
  15. 15. By 1915, at age 21, he had created a product which contained concentrated nutrients, and called it “VITALIZED MINERALS”
  16. 16. The First Known Vitamin Product in the World … 100 years ago!
  17. 17. A few years before, Casimir Funk, a Polish biochemist, was also studying the isolation of natural substances from food called “vitamines”. Although much publicity in scientific circles was given to Casimir Funk’s study of vitamins, Forrest had CREATED the first known Vitamin Supplement in the World.
  18. 18. So while World War I raged, Forrest Shaklee created the first known supplement that began a revolution in natural health care as we know it today.
  19. 19. 1915 marked another very important date for Forrest Shaklee. He took keen interest in chiropractic studies. He believed that many secrets of human power lie in the spinal cord, the brain & the nervous system. Dr. Daniel David Palmer, the first chiropractorForrest Shaklee
  20. 20. Dr. Daniel David Palmer, Father of Chiropractic He studied under the first known chiropractor in the world, Dr. Daniel David Palmer, who had opened the very first chiropractic school in 1897. Forrest graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in June 1915 at the age of 21. Palmer School of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa
  21. 21. He bought another chiropractor’s practice for $1,000 and set up practice in Rockwell City, Iowa.
  22. 22. That December in 1915, at the age of 22, he married RUTH CHAPIN, an accountant … a young girl he had met at church.
  23. 23. Two years later …
  24. 24. … in November of 1917, their first son was born … FORREST JR.
  25. 25. One year later …
  26. 26. … in early 1918, at age 24, Forrest moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa, and opened a HEALTH CENTER. The Health Center incorporated a 15 bed sanatorium and 32 treatment rooms. Forrest hired a staff of chiropractors, osteopaths, internists, general practitioners, and surgeons. FORREST was the Administrator Forrest wanted to serve people within a 100 mile radius.
  27. 27. Forrest knew Wilbur and Orville Wright, the two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane.
  28. 28. So when the major mode of transportation was still horse & buggy … in order to serve patients within a 100 mile radius of Fort Dodge, that same year Forrest bought a 2 passenger Curtis airplane that could land in patient’s fields. He was the first flying doctor in the state of Iowa, and one of the first in the United States.
  29. 29. At the clinic Forrest spent a great deal of time in X-RAY DIAGNOSIS. At that time, the hazards of exposure to X-rays were not fully known.
  30. 30. Three years later …
  31. 31. By 1921, at age 27, Forrest was suffering from severe ulcerated burns on his left shoulder and left hip as a result of radiation exposure.
  32. 32. The Mayo Clinic diagnosed him with TERMINAL CANCER, and offered amputation of the arm up to the shoulder, and amputation of the leg up to the hip.
  33. 33. So here he was … 6 years after creating the first known vitamin in the world … with a death sentence as a result of attempting to help other people to regain their health
  34. 34. Forrest decided … “Cancer WILL NOT cut my life short, and I will not become a helpless amputee. … I will live … I will heal … I know I can do it.”
  35. 35. He sold the clinic and moved back to a farm in Davenport, and began an intensive program of nutrition from fresh food direct from the soil, and supplemented his diet with large quantities of his own “VITALIZED MINERALS”.
  36. 36. He also created a combination of nine herbs that had detoxifying and healing benefits that he had learned from his mother as a child. Besides nutrients, he knew he needed support from nature to promote blood, liver, lymph, bowel, and cellular cleansing to overcome the damaging impact of the radiation poisoning. This was the origin of Shaklee Herb Lax … one of Shaklee’s most popular products still today.
  37. 37. For several months … there was NO IMPROVEMENT but Forrest persevered. His mother’s example had taught him well. Persevere when things appear impossible
  38. 38. That December, Forrest & Ruth’s second son was born … Raleigh Lee … a brother for Forrest Jr.
  39. 39. Finally, one year later …
  40. 40. … after consistent, excellent nutrition and massive supplementation, the ulcers finally stopped festering and healed over completely with healthy tissue. The Mayo Clinic acknowledged that a full and remarkable remission had been effected, but REFUSED TO BELIEVE it had anything to do with his diet & supplements.
  41. 41. Nine years, after creating the first vitamin in the world …
  42. 42. … in July, 1924, at age 30, he moved to Mason City, Iowa, and became the Chief of Staff of what was then the “Largest DRUGLESS Clinic in the World.” His formulations for food supplements were packaged and dispensed to all patients in need.
  43. 43. When asked what he believed to be the greatest aid in restoring health to the patients, he replied “… COMMON SENSE … the most uncommon thing in the world.”
  44. 44. Forrest continued studies in many areas close to his heart. In the mid 1920’s he received his degree of Doctor of Divinity, and was ordained a Minister at the Church of Christ.
  45. 45. January 1929 … the Shaklee clinic burned to the ground. Forrest was 35 years old.
  46. 46. So he invented the “first mobile home” and decided to do some traveling with his family.
  47. 47. But then the STOCK MARKET CRASHED, and he lost all of his investments, keeping only about a dime on every dollar.
  48. 48. So he moved to Oakland, California, and set up another clinic. Dr. Shaklee was always a student. In 1931, at the age of 37, he received his diploma as DOCTOR OF NATUROPATH.
  49. 49. 10 years later …
  50. 50. … TRAGEDY struck the Shaklee family. In 1941, at the age of 47, Forrest was widowed. His wife, Ruth, while crossing a street, was struck by a young drunk, uninsured driver.
  51. 51. • Forrest Jr. joined the Army, and • Lee joined the Navy. • Forrest continued practicing, but became a licensed short-wave radio operator and trained radio operators for submarines. … then came the second WORLD WAR (1939-45)
  52. 52. In 1943, at the age of 49, Forrest retired from the clinic and bought a 420 acre ranch in California which he turned into a hunting lodge. Among frequent visitors who came to the lodge were Bob Hope and Andy Devine.
  53. 53. In 1945, he sold the lodge and continued his research and writing and preaching. He became a renowned radio personality. As a result … people wanted his “Vitalized Minerals”.
  54. 54. So 10 YEARS LATER, in 1955, he called his two sons to a business meeting to see if they would be interested in going into business with him to distribute his supplements. Lee had reached great success in the insurance field, and Forrest Jr. owned an accounting business that was thriving. The two boys said … “YES” They each invested $5,000.
  55. 55. They established their first distribution center, and only six months later, on April 1st, 1956 … “SHAKLEE PRODUCTS” became an entity with a 100% commitment to make products that improve the health of people without harming the planet! The company slogan was … “Products in Harmony with Nature and Good Health” and their operating motto was … “Do business by the:
  56. 56. Dr. Shaklee was in charge of Product Development and was the General Manager. Forrest Jr. was the Business Manager, and Lee was in charge of Marketing and Promotion. They had one very efficient office girl, + the 100% inspiration and support of the wives of Lee and Forrest Jr. … PLUS the dedication of a NEW FLAME in Dr. Shaklee’s life, Dorothy Potter, a medical secretary.
  57. 57. The Shaklees put their heads together to design a UNIQUE business plan. They wanted their company to provide an unlimited opportunity to anyone who joined.
  58. 58. The business plan they established allowed anyone, regardless of … • education • work experience • social status • financial background • age • sex or • race to rise to the very top of the Shaklee Sales Organization. It gave everyone a chance to DREAM! They wanted their business plan to BREAK DOWN EVERY BARRIER TO SUCCESS!
  59. 59. This was the FIRST Network Marketing Company based on the distributor’s ability to teach others … to teach others … to teach others
  60. 60. All three men knew that success or failure was dependent upon the QUALITY of their products. They PLEDGED that unless a product was the finest of its kind on the marketplace, it would not be introduced. Dr. Shaklee is known for his very famous quote: “All I ever did was listen to Nature, and pass the word along.”
  61. 61. The company was founded with almost no assets … but the absolute conviction of the Shaklees and a SINGLE high quality product. This was living proof that the American Dream can still come true.
  62. 62. On August 8th, 1957, wedding bells rang across California, as Dr. Shaklee, at the age of 62, married Dorothy Potter. They took their vows in a very romantic moonlight ceremony on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Forrest remembers that during the ceremony, the waters lapped to the edge of the beach, getting his shoes thoroughly wet. In typical Dr. Shaklee humor, he said “In all the time that I had known My Dorothy, that was the only moment that I got cold feet.”
  63. 63. The first and only product that the company was founded on was PRO-LECIN NIBBLERS. (soy protein and soy lecithin in a tablet). Later that year, HERB LAX was introduced, and LIQUA LEA was introduced to replace Dr. Shaklee’s original “Vitalized Minerals”.
  64. 64. The following year, in 1957, VITA LEA in tablet form was added to the product line.
  65. 65. It was the FIRST phosphate-free, concentrated and biodegradable all-purpose cleaner. 1960 … Basic H was introduced to the American marketplace.
  66. 66. The focus on a “Green Environment” was born! Up until that point, the world knew “GREEN” only as a colour!
  67. 67. In 1961 when the Berlin wall was being built, …
  68. 68. Shaklee became the Soy Isolate Pioneer …the FIRST company to create a soy-isolate protein.
  69. 69. Eight years after the company opened its doors, the first Shaklee Convention was held in San Francisco with 150 Sales Leaders in attendance … 1964.
  70. 70. In the 1970’s, while half way around the world, the Vietnam War raged on and took the lives of so many brave men …
  71. 71. … the Forrest C. Shaklee Research Centre was established in Hayward, California, to further study how to preserve excellent health. This research center was active for 43 years. In April 2015, it was replaced by a NEW Research Centre to celebrate 100 years of innovative products. 1971
  72. 72. 1972 – “Shaklee Products” was renamed “SHAKLEE CORPORATION”
  73. 73. That same year, Shaklee introduced the first phosphate-free, biodegradable laundry product.
  74. 74. In 1973, Shaklee Corporation became a publicly-held company on the stock exchange.
  75. 75. 1975 … Shaklee Japan was established
  76. 76. One year later … 1976 – Shaklee Canada was established
  77. 77. 1977 – Shaklee was listed on the New York Stock Exchange … they were gaining recognition as a major industry.
  78. 78. In the early 1980’s when Monsanto was introducing genetically modified seeds which have created major health concerns, ………
  79. 79. Shaklee was providing the nutrition for the American Everest Expedition with Sir Edmund Hillary, (the FIRST mountain climber to reach the top of Mount Everest).
  80. 80. Also in the 1980’s – Shaklee became the official Nutrition Consultant to the U.S. Ski Team
  81. 81. In fact, to date, Shaklee products have been chosen by over 120 Medal Winners …
  82. 82. … and at least 10% of Team USA were using Shaklee Products in 2014 in Sochi. Each of these athletes understands the importance of premium quality nutrition.
  83. 83. 1981 – Shaklee introduced the world’s FIRST plant-based sustained-release delivery system for Vitamin C. How did Shaklee fit the Vitamin C equivalent to 1,350 oranges in one little bottle?
  84. 84. 1982 – Shaklee became a Fortune 500 Company … one of the largest corporations in the world
  85. 85. For a company that had started from such humble beginnings … this was an amazing feat.
  86. 86. 1986 Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee died, at the age of 91 years, leaving behind a legacy that had changed the lives and would continue to change the lives of millions of people. 1894 - 1986
  87. 87. In 1986, Shaklee served as the Official Nutrition Consultant to the pilots of the 1st nonstop airplane flight around the entire globe without refueling.
  88. 88. 1986 … Shaklee Products provided Nutrition for the First Recorded Expedition by Dogsled to the North Pole, led by explorer, Will Steger
  89. 89. In 1989, 1996 and 2007 – Shaklee funded and provided nutritional support to WILL Steger for three other record-breaking polar expeditions that investigated global warming and melting ice caps
  90. 90. Sir Richard Branson, world adventurer and outspoken environmentalist, accompanied Will Steger in 2007 on the 1,200 mile expedition on Baffin Island.
  91. 91. In 1988, when Canada hosted the World Olympic Games in Calgary
  92. 92. Shaklee was making its own WORLD RECORD … Shaklee products powered the longest human-powered flight. This Daedalus pilot pedaled a super lightweight plane 72 miles across a sea near Greece … 3 1/2 quarts of Shaklee Performance was his only fuel! 1988 … a superman effort equivalent to running two nonstop marathons
  93. 93. That was a WORLD RECORD that has never been beaten.
  94. 94. 1988 - Shaklee Malaysia was established
  95. 95. 1991 – Shaklee introduced Basic-D … the FIRST patented phosphate-free dishwashing powder to preserve the environment
  96. 96. 1992 – Shaklee household cleaners and personal care products were used in the Biosphere 2 (a World Renowned Environmental Project) in Arizona
  97. 97. 1992 – Shaklee Mexico was established
  98. 98. In 1993 – NASA asked Shaklee to provide a customized rehydration beverage for shuttle astronauts, to stop them from passing out when they re-entered the earth’s atmosphere Shaklee served NASA for 18 years
  99. 99. The famous astronaut, Mark Kelly, would not go into space without his Shaklee supplements! Space Shuttle – The Endeavour
  100. 100. In 1994: First Woman to Run across Canada was … Powered by Shaklee Jo Wells, 44 year old woman from Burlington, Ontario, was the first woman to run completely across Canada from island to island. 111 days, 14 hours and 45 minutes … averaging 65 km per day. May 16th - Sept. 4th
  101. 101. 1996 – Shaklee products were chosen by Environmental Giant, Jacques Cousteau on board the ODYSSEY, a research vessel that gathers data on contaminants in the world’s oceans. Jacques Cousteau
  102. 102. Increase in Skin Cancer Medical reports showed Skin Cancer rates were soaring. Shaklee applied its decades of Scientific Research to Nutrition Therapy for the Skin
  103. 103. And in 1998 introduced Enfuselle, an exclusive Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skin Care line backed by eight patents and with clinically proven studies that are unmatched worldwide
  104. 104. 2000 – Shaklee opened its state-of- the-art WORLD HEADQUARTERS in Pleasanton, California
  105. 105. And also in 2000 – Shaklee became the FIRST company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral certification and totally offset its carbon emissions, resulting in a net-zero impact on the environment.
  106. 106. 2002 – Shaklee received the International “Environmental Stewardship Award” and the “EPA Climate Protection Award”
  107. 107. 2003 – Another environmental effort by Shaklee included the conversion of diesel school buses in parts of California to biodiesel buses with low emissions
  108. 108. It’s very obvious that this company has, from the very beginning, had a genuine and honest respect of the Great Creator, … and has been committed to doing all it could to protect nature and the environment.
  109. 109. In 2004, Dr. Shaklee’s VISION for a healthier tomorrow caught the attention of a 39 year old multi-billionaire … a Yale Law School and Harvard Graduate. His purpose was to do well by doing good. He totally embraced Dr. Shaklee’s Philosophy of improving the life and health of everyone he touched without harming the planet. He was confident that by purchasing Shaklee he could actively impact a multi-national plan to change the health of individuals, the environment, & the economy. Doing what is right because it’s RIGHT
  110. 110. 2004 Roger Barnett, Multi-Billionaire Purchased Shaklee and became the Chairman and CEO
  111. 111. Roger spent 20 million dollars over five years “looking for the RIGHT company to invest in”. He nicknamed Shaklee the “Crown Jewel of Network Marketing”.
  112. 112. 2005 Roger Barnett was the featured speaker at the “WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON AGING” where he spoke to the President and 1,200 federal leaders.
  113. 113. 2005 NUTRIFERON was introduced … an incredible breakthrough in immune science. Shaklee Corporation has the world-wide exclusive rights to market this patented formula.
  114. 114. August 2008 – Vivix was introduced to the world marketplace A Cellular Repair Product that is stunning the Scientific World
  115. 115. Shaklee opened in Taiwan … March 2007
  116. 116. … and in China in December 2008
  117. 117. They opened in Indonesia in 2011
  118. 118. Since someone is diagnosed in America every 67 seconds with Alzheimer’s Disease, Shaklee has recently applied it’s decades of research to Age-Related Cognitive Decline, and in 2014 just released an AMAZING product called MINDWORKS that is truly changing lives.
  119. 119. And the plan is to open in India in 2016
  120. 120. When they open in India, Shaklee Products will be available to over half of the World Population
  121. 121. Dr. Shaklee built a sustainable business model focused on preserving the health of people and the planet. Roger Barnett has the same vision.
  122. 122. We are so proud of our Heritage!
  123. 123. And we are very proud that Shaklee is a scientific research company that has the largest scientific research team IN THE WORLD in Natural Health
  124. 124. This is not just another vitamin company!
  125. 125. This is not just another vitamin company! This is not a company that puts its labels on some other manufacturers’ product.
  126. 126. This is not just another vitamin company! This is not a company that puts its labels on some other manufacturers’ product. This is a company birthed in the healing power of nature that today brings to the marketplace proprietary products in harmony with nature that are ALWAYS SAFE, ALWAYS GREEN, and most importantly … ALWAYS WORKS.
  127. 127. 2015 Celebrating 100 years of Innovative Products