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Finance tutorial v4


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Finance tutorial v4

  1. 1. Real Estate FinanceTutorial 1Team Members:NgewXinJie A0074471ELau Yung Yen A0074577RLi Zhe A0078701ELiu Mengyi A0070119NGao Han A0073228HChen Tianyi A0073854X
  2. 2.  Question 2 2i) An investor obtained a fully amortizing mortgage 5 years ago for $95,000 at 11 percent for 30 years. Mortgage rates have dropped, so that a fully amortizing 25-year loan can be obtained at 10 percent. There is no prepayment penalty on the mortgage balance of the original loan, but three points will be charged on the new loan and other closing costs will be $2,000. All payments are monthly. a) Should the borrower refinance if he plans to own the property for the remaining loan term? Assume that the investor borrows only an amount equal to the outstanding balance of the loan.
  3. 3. 2(i)a Effective costs ofRefinancing EOY1  EOY5 n= 30 x12  n= 25 x12 i=11%/12  i=11%/12 PV=-$95000  Pmt=-$904.707 FV=0  FV=0 Cal pmt=$904.707  PV=$92306.413
  4. 4. 2(i)a Effective costs ofRefinancing Contractual loan  New loan Debt service amount $92306.413  n=25x12 Total cost of taking a new loan  i=10%/12 $92306.413 X3%  PV=-$92306.413 +$2000=$4769.192  Fv=0 Net loan amount  Cal pmt = $838.789 $875737.221
  5. 5. 2(i)a Effective costs ofRefinancing n= 25x12 pmt = $838.789 PV=-87537.221 FV=0 Cal i= 0.891% Therefore, Effective Costs of refinancing is 0.891%x12= 10.7% Therefore, Since 10.7% < 11%, The borrower should refinance
  6. 6. 2b b) Would your answer to part (a) change if he plans to own the property for only five more years? Why?
  7. 7. 2b No. Even he only plans to own the property for five more years, he has to continue to pay the loan.
  8. 8. 2c Assuming that the investor plans to own the property for the remaining loan term. What is the minimum rate of return the investor expects if he had used the amount meant to pay for the refinancing costs to make an alternative investment?
  9. 9. 2c Yield For RefinancingOpportunity Monthly debt service for existing loan $904.707 New loan Debt service pmt=$838.789 Monthly savings for 25 years $904.707-$838.789=$65.918
  10. 10. Yield for RefinancingOpportunity n=25X12 Pmt=65.918 PV=-4769.192 FV=0 Calc i=1.36% Yield= 1.36%x12=16.3%
  11. 11. 2d Assuming an alternative investment gives a return of 18%. Should the investor refinancing his original loan?
  12. 12. 2d No. Since 18%>16.3%, he should use this amount to $4769.192 to make an alternative investment.
  13. 13. 2(ii)What are the primary considerations that should be made when refinancing? The loan terms on your existing loan The loan terms on your new loan The cost of switching
  14. 14. 2(iii)What factors must be considered when deciding whether to refinance a loan after interest rates have declined?