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Installing WordPress Blog For New Bloggers


Published on Installing WordPress Blog For New Bloggers in the final step in getting your blog/website online so let's get your WordPress installed and get your business up and running

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Installing WordPress Blog For New Bloggers

  1. 1. Step By Step Video Tips On How To Install WordPress Blog For New Bloggers Installing your WordPress blog is quick and easy using your cPanel. Your blog/website will be up and running ready for you to add all those plugins and widgets in no time at all. Log into your cPanel and scroll down until you see Fantastic DeLuxe, it's a cute little blue smiley face, and you can't miss it. Click on the blue smiley face and proceed to the next screen where we will start the installation process. You will see on the left hand side under blogs, WordPress, click on Wordpress. You are now in the screen where you will start the installation process. Click on "New Installation" to start installing the WordPress blogging platform. This new page is where you will fill out your information about the blog. Now, it's not as hard as it may look. Leave the name of your website in the first blank "Install on domain," DO NO put anything in the "Install in directory." The admin section you need to put in your user name and password that you will use every time you log into the WordPress dashboard. Whatever user name and password you use you will need
  2. 2. to remember this so if you need to write it down somewhere then do so. Base configuration, I use my name as the admin nickname, but you use what you want. The email is where you want to put the email that you set up for this domain, add your site name next I do not leave the .com on at the end, and then add a description for your blog/website. Then click install and you have just installed WordPress on your host site. The next page you see after you have clicked installed will have the url you need to log into your dashboard. Click on that link and then save it into your bookmarks so it will always be there when you need it. The url will look like this: The following video will show you step by step how to install your WordPress blog onto your host site. Barb Sibbing 317-250-3324