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Petex 2016 Future Working Zone

Conference Presentation

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Petex 2016 Future Working Zone

  1. 1. Information Supply Chain to increase your E&P Digital Quotient Andrew Zolnai PETEX2016 Future Working Zone
  2. 2. Geotech first Status-quo
  3. 3. Examples
  4. 4. Business first The new normal
  5. 5. Map your processes understand all your workflows lay out information in a diagram & better understand what are process vs. information & software Action Info Peopl e Syste m AssessWorkflow
  6. 6. Business process mapping helps a small team of people your asset team, engineers, executives etc. perform complex processes such as analyse a play fairway, or prepare for a licensing round Interview Process
  7. 7. Interview People Process + Process Action Info Peopl e Syste m Assess + Technology Workflow + Workflow Info Supply chain Info = Supply Chain
  8. 8. Use case How-to
  9. 9. Your day-to-day identify a region of interest with all necessary components for an oil kitchen and then propose to a joint venture team to start prospects / bids / development etc. with many steps that require different master data vs. modelling work & reporting tools
  10. 10. Get all the necessary components
  11. 11. And combine them into a portfolio
  12. 12. Process + Timeline + Dependencies + Finances + Staffing ______________ All-in-one view
  13. 13. Team Here to help
  14. 14. Business transformation tool which has been designed to 1) bridge the communication gap between technical experts and non-technical executives to 2) enable organisations increase their digital quotient by targeting the most valuable IT improvement first
  15. 15. Our Simple Language
  16. 16. GeoToolkit library for E&P visualization HTML5 E&P Viewers INTViewer Platform Software Development Services 3rd party platform-independent solutions Already used in Petrel, Paradigm, Baker Hughes & Roxar
  17. 17. propose to sit down with your team & map what you do day-to-day to help you continually improve your process & document your team process knowledge for later re-use across teams / partners via process mapping performed by your asset team in support of your management decision-making
  18. 18. Questions? Thank you! BROUGHT TO YOU BY