Method of texturing paint walls


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Method of texturing paint walls

  1. 1. When it comes to applying atextured paint on your walls, itcan effectively be done in twopossible ways. You can makeuse of special paints to get yourwalls coloured or you cancreate a desired texture on thewalls before applying thepaints. Now, by special paints,we refer to the paints havingsmall solid particles in it, whichis used for creation of thepatterns on the walls.
  2. 2. The paints with small solid particles in itare quite simple to apply. The only thingthat needs to be done is to have a bigand straight metal float and a trowelusing which the paint can be spreaduniformly on the wall. There arenumerous designs to choose from butpeople preferring the contemporarystyles can start with the older romanpatterns. There are also quite a largenumber of modern designs up foroffering as well, particularly for thepeople who loves to keep themselves atpar with the latest trends.
  3. 3. For your knowledge, texture paintcan also be used outside thewalls as well. However, it isstrictly recommended to get allyour belongings, furniture andgadgets covered properly untilthe total painting process iscompleted. Being highly sticky innature, the stains are real hard toremove that that’s the reason forthis added security.
  4. 4. For painting the exterior walls, the first thing you needto do is to get a scaffolding from somewhere usingwhich the total wall area can be accessed. Unlike theregular paints, textured colors needs to be applied tothe total wall surface to get the desired results. Apartfrom this, while working on your exterior walls, be realcareful that the temperature around does not exceed25degrees and the walls are not exposed to the directrays of the sun. At higher temperatures, the paintsare going to dry out soon as a result of which texturecreation is going to get difficult.
  5. 5. Another key thing thatneeds to be done is tosmoothen the wall surfaceprior to application of thepaints on the surface ofthe wall Therefore, havinga proper support surfacelike a trowel is necessaryto get the old paint coattotally removed from thewalls. You can also usesand papers for effectivelywiping out dirt andimpurity particles from thewalls.
  6. 6. RenderWaterproofing Roof Paint Texture Coating
  7. 7. To start off with the painting process, first getthe walls colored with a coat of same coloredprimer as that of the paint. The primer helps inproper bonding of the paint to the wallsurface. After applying the primers, allow thewall surface to dry for a minimum of 24hours.When you start painting, the standardconvention is to spread the paint over onesquare meter at a time followed by creation oftexture over the painted surface using atrowel. This will make sure that an uniformityis maintained. If you are careful and follow thebasic steps, getting your walls coloured with atexture paint is never going to be toocomplicated for you.
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