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5. how do shadows_change_shape


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5. how do shadows_change_shape

  1. 1. WHAT do these words WHAT do these wordsmean? Click me to seemean? Click me to see if you know if you know Too easy? Click here
  2. 2. Which one(s) of these makes aSome materials letSome materials let Some materials let shadow?light light through! somethrough easily! no light through! some lightthrough! no light through!Block the circles here with each one to see.
  3. 3. Your task Shadows are made Your task when light is blocked. ARGH! Then if shadows are the ARGH! Then if shadows are the UseHAHA! and clearly to UseHAHA! He pencil to a torch and clearly a torch He pencil same as the object…. This same as the object…. This find out how a shadow can find out how a shadow can doesn´t know anything doesn´t know anything animal must be MASSIVE! animal must be MASSIVE! change inscience! change inshape. about shape. about science! E.g. how can it be made E.g. how can it be made bigger / smaller or bigger / smaller or shorter / longer shorter / longerThe shadow is the same shape as the object.
  4. 4. When the When thelight is close, light is far, light is high, low, the shadow the shadow is short! is large! is thin! long!
  5. 5. Shadows are longer when the source is closerShadows are bigger when the source is far away Click me to Click me toShadows are shortercheck! check! when the source is higherShadows are smaller when the source is lower Join them to Join them to complete the complete the sentences! sentences!