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Food additives


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Food additives

  1. 1. Food can ‘go off’ when it is exposed tooxygen. What can we do to preserve our apple?
  2. 2. In an investigation an apple was sliced andsubjected to different preservationmethods. The apple was checked after onehour to see what had happened. Method of preservation What the apple looked like Just left on the side Really brown Placed in the fridge Slightly brown Placed in carbon dioxide No browning occurred What do the results tell you about the browning of an apple?The more oxygen that the apple is exposed to, the browner it becomes. Whenthere is NO oxygen, no browning occurred.
  3. 3. E Number Additive What the additive does? ExampleE1… colours Improve appearance Caramel (E150)E2… preservatives Improve shelf-life (help food Sodium Benzoate to keep longer) (E211)E3… antioxidants Prevent reactions with Vitamin C (E300) oxygenE4… emulsifiers Improve texture Pectin (E440)E5… acidity regulators Control pH/Improve taste Potassium Carbonate (E501)E6… flavourings Improve taste Monosodium Glutamate (E621)
  4. 4. ADDITIVES These stop food reacting with oxygen COLOURINGS These are given E numbersANTIOXIDANTS These enhance the flavourFLAVOURINGS These change the colour of food
  5. 5. Sugar can cause: • Increased weight • Fatigue • Tooth decay• Increase hyperactivity
  6. 6. Make him aggressiveAdditivesE110, E104, E102