The Practice of Enterprise Architecture - 2nd Edition - Book Review

Lead Enterprise Domain Architects at Bank Albilad
Mar. 29, 2023

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The Practice of Enterprise Architecture - 2nd Edition - Book Review

  1. Prepared by: Ashraf Fouad 1 Book Review 28-Mar-2023
  2. Trademarks • Bing® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. • All other brands, company, and product names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks that are the sole property of their respective owners. 2
  3. Disclaimer • “The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment - 2nd Edition” Copyright © 2021 by Svyatoslav Kotusev • The purpose of this book review is to provide: 1. Objective feedback for potential readers. 2. Constructive feedback for the author. 3
  4. The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment (2nd Edition) •, • ISBN (Kindle): 978-0-6450825-0-0 • ISBN (ePub): 978-0-6450825-1-7 • ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-6450825-2-4 • ISBN (Hardcover): 978-0-6450825-3-1 • Second Edition: 15-Jan-2021 • 570 pages 4 Svyatoslav Kotusev (Slava) Source: Author Official Website LinkedIn Profile: Enterprise Architecture Researcher
  5. A book based on a thesis 5 What to expect if you are reading a book based on the thesis of PhD in enterprise architecture? A book based on a PhD thesis in enterprise architecture is likely to be a detailed and comprehensive study of a specific area of enterprise architecture. The book will likely be written in a formal style, with a clear focus on the research problem under investigation, precise word choice, and a cohesive and logically organized flow of ideas. The book may also include an overview of the author’s research methodology, as well as an analysis of their findings and conclusions. Practical & Realistic Based on empirical studies Lots of references
  6. The CSVLOD model of Enterprise Architecture 6 Rules Structures Changes Business Focused IT Focused What Artifacts Describe? How Artifacts Describe? Considerations Visions Outlines Standards Landscapes Designs
  7. 7 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Considerations
  8. 8 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Standards
  9. 9 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Visions
  10. 10 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Landscapes
  11. 11 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Outlines
  12. 12 Source: Enterprise Architecture on a Page (v1.4) Designs
  13. What did I like in the 2nd Edition?(1/3) • Clarity of being able to communicate a complex topic as Enterprise Architecture in a simple way. • Diagrams are monochrome art pieces (Simple notation, Informative, Comprehensive, Reusable). • Lots of references (606). I found lots of them are very interesting, and have so much information, and provide both quantitative & qualitative evidence about a specific topic. • Always updated (WIP): EA Artifacts increased from 24 (1.x) to 28 (2.0), you can follow the author on LinkedIn to keep up to date with any other announcements. • Author is like a fortune teller  In several situations, I found examples mentioned in the book as if the author is a fortune teller who knows what is happening in your organization within specific projects and he is telling you how this can be solved  13
  14. What did I like in the 2nd Edition?(2/3) • Realistic, practical, & based on empirical studies rather than Theoretical. Full details of the studies, and findings can be found in “Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Artifacts: Questioning the Old Concept in Light of New Findings”. “Table 1. Description of the identified EA artifacts including their contents, usage and purpose”. Pages 107 – 109. • Chapter 5: Due to problems with business strategy as the basis for architectural planning, the author promoted a middle ground between business & IT to use: 1. Operating Model. 2. Business capabilities. 3. Specific business needs. 4. Business Processes. 5. Business requirements. 14
  15. What did I like in the 2nd Edition?(3/3) • Promote the concept of “There is no-one-size-fits-all”. Examples from chapter 17 “Architecture Functions in Organizations”, you will find many alternatives for the below topics: 1. Figure 17.2: The dependence of the structure on the size of an organization. 2. Figure 17.3: The dependence of the structure on the degree of decentralization. 3. Figure 17.9: The structure of Governance committees in different organizations. 15
  16. What I would like to see in next edition? • Simpler English, the words are carefully picked but are hard and require a translator for a non-native English speaker. • 2nd edition preface to use fewer confrontational messages with criticism. • If the book can have a simple business case from end to end, where various artifacts can be represented in more detail, it will be great. Or, it can be provided as an accompanied online resource (To keep the book-length reasonable). • Chapter 13: The Interaction between EA processes with other processes/frameworks (PMO, Portfolio, Demand, Procurement, SDLC, Audit, Data Governance, ...), I hope they can be converted into a graphical representation. • Chapter 14: I think the artifact "Key Design Decisions (KDDs)" needs to be added although they are classified as less popular. As the term "ADR (Architecture Decision Register)” is becoming very popular and promoted by different architects worldwide. • Add an appendix having a comparison between CSVLOD and other well-known EA frameworks similar to the BCS article “A comparison of the top four enterprise architecture frameworks”. 16
  17. Recommendations • Target Audience: Enterprise Architect. • Anyone establishing EA practice to start with the pieces of advice mentioned in “Chapter 19: The Lifecycle of Enterprise Architecture Practice”. • If you are already practicing EA, reading this book will give you multiple ideas to resolve daily issues you are facing. • IMHO, after reading chapter 3, read Appendix A, then proceed to chapter 4. There are important conclusions that are worth reading at the end of this appendix. 17 Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 19 Appendix A Appendix B
  18. References [1] Exploring the roles of different artefacts in enterprise architecture practice, Svyatoslav Kotusev, Jun-2018. [2] BCS EASG Webinar - A fresh look at Enterprise Architecture Artifacts (Old but comprehensive), Svyatoslav Kotusev, 15-Dec-2017 [3] Syvatoslav Kotusev- BCS Enterprise Architecture Conference 2019 - Presentation (New, brief but sound is not that clear), Svyatoslav Kotusev, 2-Aug-2019 [4] Enterprise Architecture Management (In German), Till Albert, 17-Feb-2022 [5] A comparison of the top four enterprise architecture frameworks, Svyatoslav Kotusev, 1-Jul-2021. 18
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