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New to e books tutorial


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Tutorial on using eMediaLibrary to download eBooks.

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New to e books tutorial

  1. 1. Tutorial: Downloading eBooks from yourLibraryNew to eBooks? Did you just get a brand new eReader and have no idea what to do next? This quicktutorial will help you download an eBook for your computer, mobile device, or eReader. In order tocomplete this tutorial, you will need a library card for the Batavia Public Library with an accompanyingPIN, a PC or Mac with internet capabilities, and if you wish to put the eBook on a mobile device oreReader, you will need this item handy. One side note, currently the Amazon kindle does not supportborrowing eBooks from the library.Ok, first off, let’s start by clicking on this button on the front page of the site that says "downloadaudiobooks and eBooks." This link will take you to a page detailing how to download an eBook oreAudiobook to a computer or other device. It also has information about different devices andcompatibility, and has a contact email and phone number for the reference desk if you have any trouble.
  2. 2. The chart shows some answers to frequently asked questions. You do need a library card, but they donot mention that you also need to have set up beforehand the PIN to correspond with your library cardnumber. This also details that titles are available for 7 or 14 days, and that they will automatically"return" themselves after 14 days. You are also limited to 5 checkouts and holds at one time.From this page, click the link that says "downloading instructions." This will take you to this page:For this tutorial, we are just going to focus on how to download an eBook, but eAudiobooks areavailable as well. These two boxes detail information on what software you need to download an eBookto your computer or portable device.
  3. 3. After following the instructions for installing the necessary software, let’s get started downloading aneBook. Click the link titled "eAudiobooks / eBooks" to the left in the sidebar.
  4. 4. This takes us back to the main eBook page.
  5. 5. Next, click the link "eMediaLibrary Website." This takes you to the eMediaLibrary site, which looks likethis:On the front page they show some new and featured books, as well as a sidebar with searching orbrowsing features. If you know the title you want, enter it in the "digital catalog search" box. For thepurpose of this tutorial, we will click on "View all eBooks", highlighted at the bottom.
  6. 6. This page lists all eBooks sorted alphabetically. For example, I chose the first entry "$20 Per Gallon."
  7. 7. Click the link titled "Place a Hold," which takes you to the next screen:On this page, you are prompted to select your library, in this case the Batavia Public Library.
  8. 8. On the following screen, you are asked to enter your library card number and pin.
  9. 9. This item was currently checked out, so the only option is to place a hold. You must enter your emailaddress, and click the button "Place a Hold."
  10. 10. A hold has been successfully placed!When the title becomes available, eMediaLibrary will email you a download link for your eBook. Thisdownload link can be used on your computer, and will be downloaded using the software installed atthe beginning of the tutorial. If you wish to use a portable device, you can also download the eBookusing the application installed.Downloading an eBook can be a tricky process, but I hope that this tutorial made it a bit easier.Screen captures from:The Batavia Public Library. Web. 24 Apr 2011. <>.EMediaLibrary. Web. 24 Apr 2011. <>.