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Project: Electronic circuit


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1st Term Project: Electronic circuit

Published in: Technology
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Project: Electronic circuit

  1. 1. Hi, mates !! Let's make a circuit !!
  2. 2. During the next sessions you will have to make a circuit. Not too difficult … not too simple... you know!!
  3. 3. It has to satisfy certain conditions: 1. It has to be made up of electronic components
  4. 4. 2. It must have a purpose 3. It has to be mounted on a platform small enough to be kept in a bag, together with the rest of the components from one session to next one.
  5. 5. Every connection has to be made bellow the surface, so the upper part has to be free-wires (as much as possible) 4.
  6. 6. The connections have to be made by using plastic juntions (“clemas”) 5.
  7. 7. If possible, use a relay to have a secondary circuit in charge of having some physical effect 6.
  8. 8. And, OF COURSE, the whole project has to be perfectly documented, so you have to include: 7. Report, in which you have to describe the specifications of the proyect, the circuit and its application by using a complete diagram, the places in which you searched for info, the planning... List of materials and tools Complete estimate
  9. 9. Here you have nice ideas
  10. 10. Detecting light / darkness
  11. 11. Detecting humidity
  12. 12. Detecting changes of temperature
  13. 13. Timer and rotation inverter
  14. 14. Detecting presence
  15. 15. Interesting links and places to buy electronic components. Some of them with catalogues in which you can see the different products and prices Microlog: c/ Andrés Obispo, 37 catal: Array: C/ Juan de Austria, 20 Conectrol: c/ Jorge Juan, 57 Diotronic: c/ Juan Bravo, 58 Telkron: Avda. Donostiarra, 13
  16. 16. Interesting web page (one so far) in which you can consult very nice practical ideas for your projects. NO EXCUSES TO DO A POOR THING Tecnoastro – IES Jorge Manrique: Tecnoastro – IES Jorge Manrique: - Electronic projects: - Electronic projects: - Other projects: - Other projects: