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Describing Pictures


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A presentation with useful tips to describe pictures. We do not claim ownership.

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Describing Pictures

  1. 1. Describing Pictures Verb forms, clothes and situation vocabulary
  2. 2. What is this document?  Its a photo  Its a photograph  Its a photograph of two young children.  It’s a photograph of two young children reading a book.  A cartoon / a drawing / a painting / an advert
  3. 3. Where in the picture?  In the foreground  In the background  At the bottom  At the top  On the right  On the left  In the top left corner
  4. 4. What are they wearing?  A tie  A white shirt  Trousers  Shoes  Socks  A watch He is wearing:  A striped t-shirt She is wearing:
  5. 5. What are they doing?  They’re reading.  They’re writing.  They’re studying.  They’re taking notes for a research paper.  They’re working late in the library. Note: for actions, use the "be + V-ing" form.
  6. 6. Your turn!
  7. 7. Your turn! Its a photograph of two men at a conference. The man on the right is interviewing and filming the man in a grey suit. The man on the left is facing the camera. ln the background there are some tables and chairs.
  8. 8. Your turn!
  9. 9. Your turn! Its a painting of two people in a forest. The forest looks strange and threatening. The man is in the bottom left corner of the picture. He is wearing a red pullover and blue trousers, and carrying a brown bag. Hes holding a branch in his right hand.
  10. 10. Your turn!
  11. 11. Your turn! The scene takes place at night. The people are building a puzzle… a very strange puzzle. On the left there is a man on a ladder holding a piece of the puzzle. The man and woman in the middle are walking into the puzzle!
  12. 12. Your turn!
  13. 13. Your turn! Its a drawing of some birds in a tree. There is a plane dropping hamburgers by parachute. There is just one tree left in the forest, the others have all been cut down. The birds look sad, like they dont want hamburgers. They want more trees!
  14. 14. Your turn!