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  • Defining what a millenial/alumni is to us– 18-30. Include collegiate 4-H’ers.
  • Presentation for MCON 2012

    1. 1. Connecting with Millennialsthrough Social Media
    2. 2. National 4-H Council• Ashley Lusk, Manager of Marketing and Communication• Donna Arriaga, Manager of Online and Mobile FundraisingGot Q&A? Tweet us using the hashtag #4HMCON
    3. 3. Where are 4-H alumni?
    4. 4. Imagine what we cando if we connect 60million 4-H alumni toour movement?
    5. 5. Alumni State of Affairs National • No national program • Opt-in for quarterly newsletter • Receive 2-3 donation appeals annually State/County • Various programs and incentives by state • Appeals often focus on estate planning
    6. 6. Step 1: Recognize• We began our first directed approach to engage alumni: 4-H Alumni Month• Honored successful alumni as part of our annual Legacy Awards Gala• Corporate Volunteer Opportunities
    7. 7. Clovers & Company with Jennifer Nettles
    8. 8. Step 1: Recognize• We began our first directed approach to engage alumni: 4-H Alumni Month• Honored successful alumni as part of our annual Legacy Awards Gala• Corporate Volunteer Opportunities
    9. 9. Step 2: Personalize • We added a self- selecting option to allow users to designate themselves as alumni when signing up for more information. • Placed emphasis on segmenting audience and creating national registry of alumni
    10. 10. Step 3: PerspectivePartnership with Achieve• Focus groups of young alumni• Testing new donation appeals• Grow email house file through targeted campaign
    11. 11. Millennial Alumni Focus GroupsMet with three focus groups:Young adults aged 18-35Group size: 5-25Past participant in the 4-H programMet at State or County Fairs and at4-H State Congress
    12. 12. Donation • They don’t have expendable cash • They want micro-giving opportunities—the ability to give in small denominations • They are looking to give to specific, tangible causes
    13. 13. Communication&Community • They are interested in • Facebook and Twitter ways to stay local and email are preferred to direct mail • Want to serve as ambassadors for the • They want visually mission stimulating content that is both personalized and • Want to meet and geographically specific network with other young alumni
    14. 14. 4-H Focus Groups4-H alumni have a strong loyaltyto our brand.However, they dont understandwhat it means to be a 4-H alum.They want to know the benefitsand opportunities of participating.
    15. 15. Engagement: Welcome SeriesThree-Part Welcome Series1. Thanks for Joining the Community! • Content: Intro and welcome into the alumni community. • Call to Action (cta): Soft cta with Twitter and Facebook icons/links in email body.2. iPad Winner Announcements • Content: iPad winners, alumni spotlight, poll. • Call to Action: Active cta with a poll asking alum how they would like to get involved.3. Step Up & Share Your Talents • Intertwined Content & Call to Action: All content focused on driving the cta. Strong cta asking alumni to respond to the following question: ―What talent or skill would you share with the 4-H Community?‖
    16. 16. Engagement: Fundraising AppealsFundraising Appeal• Overview – The alumni welcome series wrapped up just as the end of year (EOY) fundraising campaign was about to kick off. – Council’s 2011 EOY email campaign consisted of 3 appeal messages: 2 leading hard asks and a closing ask with end of year urgency.• New Alumni + EOY Fundraising New alumni were… – Suppressed from the first appeal message. – Included in EOY appeals 2 & 3 Appeals contained… – Alumni-targeted messaging – A/B subject line testing to explore message efficacy
    17. 17. Engagement: Fundraising AppealsALUMNI RESULTS GENERAL AUDIENCE• EOY Message 2 • EOY Message 1 – Open Rate: 21.02% – Open Rate: 12.57% – Clickthrough Rate: 0.33% – Clickthrough Rate: 0.54%• EOY Message 3 • EOY Message 2 – Open Rate: 18.31% – Open Rate: 10.45% – Clickthrough Rate: 0.41% – Clickthrough Rate: 0.29% • EOY Message 3 – Open Rate: 13.16% – Clickthrough Rate: 0.4%NPO Benchmark Averages for Fundraising MessagesOpen rate: 12%Clickthrough rate: 0.5% Source: NTEN and M+R, 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study
    18. 18. 4-H Alumni Community • Two channels: – Facebook – Postcard • 4-H Alumni Month • iPad incentive • Total Alumni Acquisitions: 2,592
    19. 19. The landscape is shifting…19 9/10/2012
    20. 20. Engagement Strategy Participation Advocacy Donation Engagement
    21. 21. 4-H Facebook
    22. 22. Onboarding• Purpose – Communicate with and cultivate newly opted-in alumni through frequent, targeted, interactive communications designed to usher them up an engagement ladder.• Approach – Re-setting communication channels with an onboarding/re-entry email series, targeting alumni. – Aligning social media and email editorial calendars. – Leveraging email as a starting point for conversations as well as an aggregator for the latest news across 4-H online channels.• Each message contains… – One core message. – One strong call to action aimed at driving continued engagement on social media channels.
    23. 23. LessonsChallenges Opportunities• States often dont have • National alumni database resources to create a • Content pulled from local sustainable alumni programs program • Giving opportunities at• However, alumni are the local level most interested in local participation
    24. 24. 4-H 2.0• Testing other scalable engagement opportunities— tweet chats, live streaming, guest blogging, collegiate engagement
    25. 25. Q&AShare your thoughts using the hashtag #4HMCON25 9/10/2012
    26. 26. 4-H is the youth development program of our nations Cooperative Extension System. 26