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Waste Management in Sobha Aster, a 49 flat complex


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Story of how a 49-unit apartment complex is contributing to sustainable living in Bangalore.

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Waste Management in Sobha Aster, a 49 flat complex

  1. 1. Sobha Aster •• Click to edit Master text styles Vijaya Bank Colony, – Second level Bilekahalli – Third level • Off Bannerghatta Road • Fourth level • 49 apartments – Fifth level • 2008 – Anoop Nambiar – Natarajan Kannan
  2. 2. Our journey Jun 2012 Sep 2012 Jan 2012 Pilot with 15 BBMP Notice, Concept Homes Internal Policy Feb-Mar 2012 Jul 2012 Oct 2012 Awareness & Dry Waste Full Launch Campaign Segregation• Processed about 1000 kg of waste in 4 months (pilot)• 100 kg of compost obtained, 100 kg in process• 50% reduction in garbage volume after pilot• Full system in place – segregation, wet waste and leaf composters, dry waste management• Investment of 60 k for the pilot, 1 lakh for full capacity – 2 k per apartment• Monthly operational expenses of 2 k, about 2 k generated thru dry waste selling• A fully sustainable model
  3. 3. Charity begins at home• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level Bins for sanitary and wet waste Dry waste stored at home
  4. 4. The daily process • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level Wet – Fifth level waste Dry wasteLeaf composter
  5. 5. From 13 bags to about 2 buckets 1 bucket 2 buckets of sanitarycomposted daily waste sent to landfill
  6. 6. Wet waste to compost in 10 weeks Compost being sieved Fill it, mix it and leave it Final compost in 10 weeks Various stages
  7. 7. Save your leavesLeaf mulch in about 6 weeks
  8. 8. Our maids are excited about dry waste Revenue of 2000 per month – shared equally by the maids and gardener
  9. 9. How do we ensure the system works?• System, advisory and training from Daily Dump• Awareness campaign internally before launch of pilot• Started with pilot – but with all components• Maids fully trained and incentivized• Internal policy and guidelines discussed and circulated – stiff penalties for default• Personal supervision• Soft launch in Oct for segregation• Focus on waste segregation as a resident responsibility – resulted in proper implementation
  10. 10. Our heroesAnasuya, Eshwaramma, Sakkamma
  11. 11. Our challenges and learning’s• Indifference during initial stages – but no active resistance• Internal campaign and selling• Make the system simple to use• Tweaking the process – trial and error• Strong internal policy – multi-pronged approach, awareness, forgiveness, arm twisting• Ownership of the objectives and process – maids, residents• Revenue generation a pleasant surprise!
  12. 12. What’s next?• Full implementation of wet waste composting for all 49 apartments (by end Oct)• Medical, hazardous and sanitary waste management – explore options and vendors• E-waste management with Saahas – setup quarterly cycle• Engage with Goonj for used item donations – setup quarterly cycle• Setup a vegetable garden at Aster• Lower operational costs – have a surplus• Ensure 100% compliance from residents• Be self-sufficient in managing our waste and be independent THANK YOU