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Solid Waste Management in Ferns Paradise - A Gated Community near Marthahalli, Bangalore


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Presentation on Solid Waste Management Practices in Ferns Paradise - a gated community of around 340 plots.
Ferns Paradise has been practicing Solid Waste Management practices long before it was made mandatory by BBMP.
Ferns Paradise uses to manage the administration and finances of their society.

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Solid Waste Management in Ferns Paradise - A Gated Community near Marthahalli, Bangalore

  1. 1. Solid Waste Management Open House Ferns Paradise, Oct 2, 2012Be the change you want to see in the world -Mahatma Gandhi
  2. 2. The FRIENDS GroupFRIENDS- Solid Waste Management : A voluntary initiative
  3. 3. Waste Not Thy Waste• Segregate Waste at source – New BBMP Rule Eff. Oct 1st •Follow a three basket system at home •Wet (Organic Kitchen Waste) •Dry ( Recyclable waste) •Sanitary Waste •E-waste •Household Hazardous Waste •Garden Waste
  4. 4. Categories Of Waste-BBMP Rules
  5. 5. BULK GENERATOR-WHAT DOES IT MEAN?• We have been categorized as a bulk generator which means that we have to manage and process our waste.• BBMP will NOT do door-to-door pickup• BBMP is pushing for composting or Bio gas at site.• We will hire a contractor to pick up segregated waste door-to-door.• There may be a nominal increase in monthly waste collection charges.• The schedule will be worked out and informed to all within the next month.
  6. 6. Dry WasteClean paper/plastic /metal/glass•Milk Packets•Waste Paper•Juice cartons•Yogurt containers•Biscuits wrappers•Carry bags•Glass/plastic/metal bottles & containers•Plastic•Thermocol•Keep them clean and dry•Handover to waste collector : Twice/Thrice a week collection
  7. 7. Recycled products Paper – recycled paper products Plastic – used for roads and recycled plastic products such as chairs, raincoats, lower grade plastic bags. Tetra Pak cartons – recycled paper products and roofing sheets E-waste – plastic, metals
  8. 8. 90% of wasteis recyclable!
  9. 9. Wet Waste• 60-70% of daily household waste by weight, is wet waste• Cooked food• Uncooked Food• Vegetable & Fruit Peels• Egg Shells, bones• Tea Leaves• Coffee grounds• Flower waste• Follow home composting methods.• Do not collect in plastic bags
  10. 10. Kitchen Waste Composting• Seven steps to hassle free Composting : DAMN FUN! •Dump kitchen waste •Aerate : Stir once/twice a week •Moisture control : Add shredded paper/ dry leaves/ saw dust for excess water; add water when pile is dry •Nose control : Sprinkle soil if it smells •Food :A balanced diet of “green” and “brown” •Use accelerators : To speed up composting process •Nature’s gift : Free manure for your garden!
  11. 11. Sanitary Waste•Diapers, sanitary napkins, bandages•Old used mops, cleaning brushes•Cover in newspaper•Mark with red cross•Handover to waste collector DAILY
  12. 12. Rejects• Mainly sweeping dust, hair etc.• Please add this to your composter or put along with sanitary waste for DAILY Pickup.
  13. 13. E-Waste• All Electronic waste• Batteries• CDs• Toys• Alarm Clocks• Phone, Chargers• Store separately, deposit in ewaste bin in Manager’s office/club
  14. 14. Household Hazardous Waste•Chemicals , Paints, Cosmetics• Medicines•Syringes, razors,• broken glass•Store separately and hand over to waste collector on specified days.Perhaps once a quarter.
  15. 15. Garden Waste•Compost..
  16. 16. The 4 Rs Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle
  18. 18. SummaryWaste Category What to do with it Pickup FrequencyDry Waste Store in a bin or Weekly twice/thrice reusable bag pickup from door. Days TBDWet Waste Store in a bowl in Deposit directly into kitchen compost unitSanitary Waste Store in a bin Wrap in newspaper. Mark with a red cross. Daily/thrice a week pickup from door.Rejects Store in a bin Throw along with sanitary waste/add to composter as discussed.
  19. 19. QUIZ
  20. 20. Pick the least recyclable material Plastic Glass Metal
  21. 21. Pick the least recyclable material Plastic Glass Metal Plastic can be recycled at most 4 to 5 times, while glass and metal can be recycled over and over without loss of quality. Source: CERE, Mumbai
  22. 22. How long does it take tobio-degrade? Vegetables and fruits  3 - 4 weeks Paper  1 month Wood  10-15 years Aluminum cans  200 -300 years Plastic  450 – 1000 years Thermocol, glass,  Never, Unknown
  23. 23. Change. We make it happen
  24. 24. Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Mahatma Gandhi Happy Gandhi Jayanti!