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Basic Networking Tips for Financial Advisors

  1. Basic Networking Tips For Financial Advisors
  2. One of the most profitable FA marketing methods Is In-Person Networking
  3. What Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Basic Networking
  4. Shake Hands Properly Not too hard and not too soft.
  5. Listen Carefully Recall why you have two ears versus one mouth.
  6. Use Networking Time Effectively Get there early and stay late.
  7. Share Prospect Hobbies & Interests Get prior “intel” on what those interests are.
  8. Handwritten Notes Very soon after the meeting.
  9. Use a Drip Marketing Campaign To Keep In Touch Regularly
  10. No boring Elevator Speeches Tuned out Prospects don’t become clients!
  11. Positive Body Language Relax and Smile—Often!
  12. Focus on them Limit self promotion
  13. Research Advance research is invaluable.
  14. Strategize What you want to accomplish beforehand.
  15. Long Run View HNW relationships can take years to develop.
  16. Created by Antoinette Rodriguez, MBA Sales and Marketing Consulting for Financial Advisors