The Social Web


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Social media presentation for ULearn conference

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The Social Web

  1. 1. The Social WebAngie Simmons U-Learn 08
  2. 2. Sharing on the web - W 2.0 eb“ idea in people’s heads rather than a reality It’s actually an .idea that the reciprocity between the user and the provider is what’semphasized. In other words genuine interactivity if you like, simply ,because people can upload as well as download.” Stephen Fry
  3. 3. Implications forthe classroomW as a platform ebUser controlled dataEvolving dataFree service rather thanpackaged softwareCollaborative learningenvironment within differenttime and place
  4. 4. How do we connect?Social bookmarkingBloggingW web sites ikiPodcastingPhoto/video sharingInteractive gaming andsimulationsCollaborative documentsShared interactivewhiteboards/virtualclassrooms
  5. 5. Challenges QuickTimeª and a are GIF decompressor picture. needed to see thisConnectivityInternet safetyNetiquetteValidityAppropriateLinks to curriculum goals
  6. 6. Create your own class wikiT a walk through my akecluster wiki Create your own wiki(Y need to make a plan oufirst!) Follow my instructionson the workshop wikiAn alternative to wikispaces isW etpaint
  7. 7. Some examplesfrom our clusterschoolsSt Josephs SchoolMarist School
  8. 8. Fun Stuff T making a Glogster poster as a background. In the poster you ry can insert images, videos and files around a theme with wonderful graphics. Also try adding a jazzy title in Glittertext from Rock you See mine at My glog and another one
  9. 9. And what else.......Set up class blogs at - you are the controller andeach student has a blog. Use this for writing, reflection and response.Collaborative learning with another class distant in time and placewith Google Docs Check out all the tools you can use at - see examples at set up your own Use the instructions on my Cluster wikiresource sectionVoice Thread - a collaborative slideshow!
  10. 10. Google deserves a separate pageCollaborative learning with another class distant in time and placewith Google DocsCheck out all the tools you can use at your own email, calendar, image storing/sharing page, blog,RSS feed Reader, Documents (spreadsheet, W and Ppt) and web Psite all linked to your Google page. And there is so much more youhave access too, such as Google Earth. It is a one stop shop!Check out this movie to learn more about how you can use this inthe classroom Google for Educators
  11. 11. Store, organise and embedyour photos as slideshowsin your blog or wikiY Google account gives you access to this or you could choose ourFlickr, Bubbleshare, Photobucket or many others. These image toolsallow you to embed code (HTML) T embedding your slideshows ryinto your wiki or blog.This is a Bubbleshare slideshow
  12. 12. Video in the classroomMake your own videos and uploadthem to your own account so you canembed them and show on your ownsite.T T ry eacher T ube QuickTimeª and aor Teachers TV (UK) H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.Have a look at the wonderfuleducational videos on theNational Geographic channelCheck out Viddix and see how otherNZ teachers have used video in theclassroom
  13. 13. Interact with another classin a different place or or as a virtualUse Skype in the classroom to link with others by phone or web cam try mindmapping with simultaneous users at