All My Children: A WYD Chapter 2


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C-ing and D-oing. Babies C and D arrive.

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All My Children: A WYD Chapter 2

  1. 1. Moving through the alphabet, one letter at a time…
  2. 2. Tucker: You won’t be having twins every time will you? Whimsy: I hope not… Tucker: They all have your eyes so far. Whimsy: What can I say? They’re my best features.
  3. 3. Maybe I might live to regret those custom green eyes I gave her… Blaziken Scott Aries 8/6/4/10/5 Interesting kid, takes after his daddy in hair colour but Whimsy in just about everything else.
  4. 4. His twin got the cuter genes I think. Breloom Scott Libra 6/10/1/8/10 But he got his daddy’s slouch…*sigh* can’t win em all I suppose.
  5. 5. Now that Whimsy is baby-free, the want is back. So off we go to look for Baby Daddy C, one has to be a bartender or some other NPC right? I forget now. But this guy was having heart-barfs for her so he won’t make the list of potentials. And Tucker already gave us the blond daddy requirement.
  6. 6. So after a photo booth picture, it was freestyling for tips. And Whimsy was drawing quite a crowd. They even did the arm wave thing, which I thought was pretty cool. Hair Buns gave her the only tip though so it wasn’t as profitable as I had hoped it would be. Whimsy: Yo, yo, so listen up y’all I’m Whimsy SC and I’m here to say my life day to day is all about the baby-o. From the A, to the B, to the C, to the D, all the way to the Z they call me the baby fac-tor-ree. Unn, unn the baby fac-tor-ree. From the A, to the B, to the C, to the D, all the way to the Z, they call me the baby fac-tor-ree, the baby fac-tor-ree.
  7. 7. No luck on the Baby Daddy front so another day, another place. This time at the Go Here Sunshine Park where we finally find Baby Daddy C. Meet Hayden Long, face 1, brown hair, skin 4, light blue eyes. They got along well she bought him a coffee and got some points for it, but didn’t quite hit best friend status which is required for Baby Daddy donations.
  8. 8. A lot of these faces from Hayden is why they never made it far enough along. Maybe he thought she was just boring? I don’t know… *shrugs*
  9. 9. But Mr. Big here, Jamison something was throwing hearts left and right for Whimsy. I think he’s on the list of required Baby Daddies too, I don’t have it handy at the moment to check. Jamison: So what’s a foxy red head like you doing all the way out here in the cold? Whimsy: Making friends, seeing the sights, you know, the usual stuff.
  10. 10. Jamison: Stirring up trouble huh? I can get down with that. I am Mr. Big you know. Whimsy: Are you now? What makes you so big? Jamison: Not just my wallet let me tell you. *wink* Whimsy: Oh, I see. Clever.
  11. 11. So it was a good chance for some non-glitchy bag friend building sessions. I still don’t know why Tucker was glitched… Whimsy heads home with two more potentials on the list. It was a good day.
  12. 12. Whimsy also met a witch while out so yeah for sparkles! And the Appello Simae spell too, useful for summoning Baby Daddies when the phone wants to glitch out again. *nods*
  13. 13. And after some phone stalking of Hayden, we eventually reached Baby Daddy donation point and with the money Tucker got from an Intelligence chance card, we expanded the house enough to make room for the arrival. Whimsy: Shoo flee Banette? I’m here. Carry on.
  14. 14. Ooh look, shiny points. Whimsy: Huff!! Hnnngh… Only 24 more to go…
  15. 15. And here we have it, a SINGLET girl baby C. Who will be called Clamperl from now on. Dex number 366, Water type, (Hoenn): X When it evolves, it makes a mysterious pearl that amplifies psychic powers when it's held. Y It is protected by a sturdy shell. Once in a lifetime, it makes a magnificent pearl.
  16. 16. So what are the Babies A up to? Absol is gaming, and Articuno is tub pirating. So this is how they spend their last two days as kids, they are due for their teen b- days. And the B boys are due for their child b-days. My plan is that the A babies will stick around as teens until the B boys teen then they will be off to college. And it will go like that so there will always be one or two from every life stage in the house to help out.
  17. 17. Which is just enough time for the B boys to perform the sparkle dance.
  18. 18. After changing into appropriate colours, red for Blaziken’s Fire type and green for Breloom’s Grass type, they can bond with their sister before they teen and get too cool to hang out with them anymore.
  19. 19. Blaze: Why are there not enough red blocks? I want red blocks. Bre: Really, because I want more green blocks. Arti: You don’t hear me whining about why there’s no light blue blocks do you? Abby: Or me about the lack of black ones. You are such children.
  20. 20. Abby: So here it comes, teenhood. Freedom!! Arti: College and boys!! Abby: Earning our own money!! Arti: Driving!!
  21. 21. Arti: Hey no fair! Why are you going first? Abby: I was born first. Arti: We’re twins!! Abby: Still means one is born before the other, and that was me. I’m awesome like that.
  22. 22. Arti: At least we match. Abby: Not enough black. Arti: On second thought, you’re right. This outfit is lacking the ice blue colours. Abby: Shopping? Arti: Shopping.
  23. 23. Absol Scott K/PL Pisces 6/7/8/9/10 LTW: Be Game Designer Articuno Scott FA/R Capricorn 8/0/3/10/10 LTW: Marry Off Six Kids. >_<
  24. 24. Oh and Townie visitor kid aged up too. Yay, Free Time age ups.
  25. 25. After a change of clothes, Abby had the duty of tossing Clamperl into toddlerhood. Whimsy had made best friends with Baby Daddy D over the phone from a random encounter on one of her Downtown trips.
  26. 26. Whimsy: *sigh* Another toddler birthday. *rolls have a baby want* Girl wastes no time. Good thing she spent the day phone stalking the next baby daddy.
  27. 27. Clamperl is indeed a brunette, she just got a hair that only has blond for toddlers. Clamperl Scott Virgo 10/6/4/4/5
  28. 28. And Baby Daddy D has been over visiting, the name of said daddy is Herbert Goodie, who I Townied just because it drives me up the wall to have them sit in the bin forever. I know his genes are messed up from when I age him down so I’m not even sure what hair colour he’s supposed to have. I had him age down with blond hair and a red beard, it’s like the game doesn’t know what he should be so here’s hoping Baby D will tell me. He also counts for the elder daddy requirement too.
  29. 29. After learning her spells, she comes out briefly to show the family she still lives and then Baby D decided to come along soon after. Let’s hope the mystery of Herbert Goodie’s genes get answered…
  30. 30. Abby: Well…come on then. What’s the hold up? Arti: And I want to do this six times? Maybe I should rethink that… Tucker: Now, now girls your mom doesn’t need to hear that. Whimsy: Someone come here so I can strangle them!!
  31. 31. Baby D: Mommy is a Popularity sim. Arti: Scarred for life, thanks mom. Whimsy: Aww, what a cute widdle boy…
  32. 32. And thank you for not telling me what hair colour you got. >_< Baby D: I live to serve. Baby D, also known as Deoxys; has four different forms it can take on. Normal, Attack, Defence and Speed. It’s also one I’ve never been able to catch. Psychic type, Dex number 386 (Hoenn): X An alien virus that fell to earth on a meteor underwent a DNA mutation to become this Pokémon. Y DNA from a space virus mutated and became a Pokémon. It appears where auroras are seen.
  33. 33. And now for the updated list: Bab(ies) A: Absol and Articuno (female) Father: Tucker Gray (NPC), Blond hair, dark blue eyes Bab(ies) B: Blaziken and Breloom (male) Father: Victor Aspir (playable), Black hair, brown eyes. Baby C: Clamperl (female) Father: Hayden Long (Downtownie), Brown hair, light blue eyes. Baby D: Deoxys (male) Father: Herbert Goodie (Elder), Unknown hair, green eyes. (I think)