An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter 2.5, Generation Two


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chapter 2.5 of my legacy :]

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An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter 2.5, Generation Two

  1. 1. An Unoriginal Legacy Chapter 2.5, Generation Two
  2. 2. <ul><li>I’m just going to point out that this chapter is a half chapter because Esme is still heiress for this chapter. My one chapter = one generation plan didn’t really work out, as Esme had the heir/heiress quite far along the chapter. </li></ul><ul><li>I’ve said too much… *shifty eyes* </li></ul>
  3. 3. Why hello, what do we have here? Esme telling the maid of her woes? This one done autonomously, but judging by how he seems sincerely interested in it…
  4. 4. Let’s get flirting! :D “ Hey baby, how about we hang out and I can ride you like a bike?” … xDD I love sim pick up lines, I honestly do. He seems to like it though, so, let us carry on with the flirt spam!!! :D
  5. 6. “ So, hun, what do you think of the little romance going on between miss Esme and that maid boy?” “ Bebz, I think it’s gonna end in disaster.” “ Why do you think that hun? o_o” “ Because relationships with service sims NEVER work out.” “ Good point…”
  6. 7. “ Marry me?” “ OMG OMG OMG K.” “ Yay!” … she rebounds quickly.
  7. 8. “ Why don’t we just get married straight away babe?” “ Your hair smells nice.” “… right. So, you want to get married right here right now?” “ It’s a pretty colour.” “ Thanks, Geoffrey, dear, but you want to get married right now or not?” “ Kk! :D”
  8. 9. MARRIAGE CONSUMATION TIME! :D On a side note, Geoffrey broke the wonderful chain of first time baby try successes, as he needed it to be done THREE times. Tut tut Geoff, learn to shoot your seed straight. :P
  9. 10. May I just add that the children in my legacy have the worst first word speech bubbles ever ? I mean: David: “Pleading for my job back! :D!” And: Chris: “COKE AND CUPS :DDDD!” My sims teach their children the strangest things =P
  10. 11. Also, I’ve set Geoffrey to go off and do inventing, because I want him to die a fiery death so I can have a ghost baby… Is that bad? *shifty eyes*
  11. 12. I wondered how long it would be until Esme would do that. /facepalm
  12. 13. Awww :[ That’s kinda cute in a sad way xD
  13. 14. Birthday time! The twins are both growing up :D
  14. 15. David Braddick: Couch Potato Perceptive Eccentric Favourite Colour: Sea Foam Favourite Music: Kids Favourite Food: Grilled Cheese
  15. 16. Chris’s turn :D
  16. 17. Chris Braddick: Couch Potato Neat Clumsy Favourite Colour: White Favourite Music: Kids Favourite Food: Cookies
  17. 18. Hey look! We have a new maid :DD He seems… happy. “ The bleach I used releases toxic fumes. x]” … So you’re trying to kill them? “ Yeah.” *fires maid*
  18. 19. Woops. >_>
  19. 21. Since the last fire we had put itself out, I decided to set up precautionary measures. Wait? You’re saying wooden tables means it’s MORE likely that he’ll die? Oh well.
  20. 22. Oh, he survived. *builds a pool*
  21. 23. Oh? This’ll kill him too? Good.
  22. 24. In other news, Esme’s bump is showing ^_^ Maybe I’ll like this baby more than it’s father *shrug*
  23. 25. Also, the first ghost so far has appeared :D Hi Zelda! “ Hi :D” … am I the only one who finds a elder ghost playing with a doll house creepy?
  24. 26. YAY DEATH :D
  25. 27. Thanks, Grimmy ;] “ Just doing my job.”
  26. 28. Geoffrey was put underneath the table that Esme’ll be on, isn’t that lovely? :D
  27. 29. ..I’ve just realised all of Esme’s husbands have died when she’s pregnant… pattern much? *shifty eyes*
  28. 30. Esme went to the spa because, A: She had a want for it, and B: I kinda felt sorry for her. “ Yeah you should be! You probably killed Archie too!” … No, he killed himself. I just forgot to feed him. “ D:” :/
  29. 31. And we decide to visit Lori, and what’s the first thing we see? A baby on the floor, and Lori yawning lazily. Lori, you’re a terrible mother. “ Meh.”
  30. 32. Luckily, Ezra is a much better father.
  31. 33. Apparently, the baby is called Laurel. Which I find funny, considering her mother is called Lori *shifty eyes*
  32. 34. Also, as promised to Katie (KatieCat) I named, not a star, but a comet after her :D Katie-21495. See? I keep my promises.
  33. 35. Ooh! Birthday tiemz! :D
  34. 36. David Braddick: Loner Couch Potato Perceptive Eccentric
  35. 37. Chris Braddick: Couch Potato Party Animal Neat Clumsy
  36. 38. And this is them after makeovers :] L to R: Chris, David
  37. 39. Dayum, look at that baby weight. ESME! “ I know, I know, go work out T_T”
  38. 40. Good girl. :P
  39. 41. OMG. You’re ACTUALLY going into labour?! And I thought this pregnancy would carry on forever. Pfft.
  40. 42. And the boys were SO much help during her birth xD
  41. 43. “ You boys are hopeless. I’m going to the hospital, you stay home. I EXPECT A FULLY STANDING HOUSE WHEN I COME BACK.” “ Yes mum *eye roll*”
  42. 44. Meet Hunter, he’s a Neurotic Slob :P (loads of boys this gen, it’s like the game is balancing out for the amount of girls last gen.)
  43. 45. Birthday time! (again!) Hunter is going first :D
  44. 46. Esme is also growing up. x_x
  45. 47. Hunter Braddick: Neurotic Slob Favourite Colour: Spiceberry Favourite Music: Pop Favourite Food: Tri-Tip Steak
  46. 48. HA YOU’RE OLD. “ Yeah, well you died, so >_>” Why do my daughters always own me? x_x
  47. 49. He pulls the cutest faces x]]]] If I was a girl, I would totally squee right now. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
  48. 50. … his first word was “Love heart,” so he’s probably going to be a heartbreaker. Especially with those faces he makes. SQUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. 51. Hey look! It’s me! :O Hi SimMe! Why the trunks? “ The swimming pools in the afterlife are AWESOME x}}}” Oh. xD
  50. 52. And since Esme isn’t afraid of ghosts, she decided to catch SimMe up on all the latest goss :P
  51. 53. I’m guessing you want a quick spare update, no? Well this is Felicia, Isabella’s adopted daughter, she is currently dating Dobson Cune (one of the members of one of those random move in families.)
  52. 54. And this is Laurel, Lori and Ezra’s daughter. She’s very pretty, but kinda boyish looking due to her haircut & clothes. :] Orson, Summer and Autumn are still rooming with each other, and only Autumn is in a relationship.
  53. 55. “ Boys, stop grinding against each other, it looks wrong.” “ Yes mum. -.-”
  54. 56. Oh, hello Archie ó_o… hmmm. HEY ESME!
  55. 57. I really want a ghost baby, okay? >_<
  56. 59. I heard baby jingles *eyebrow lift* Straight shooter as always, Archie ;]
  57. 60. And with that, Archie disappeared into yellow mist and flowed through the walls… =x=
  58. 61. I had lost Hunter in all the chaos *coughcough[GhostWoohoo]coughcough* and I found him playing with the dollhouse in front of his mothers old husband’s grave. -.- /facepalm
  59. 62. I now have Lori watching kids TV and listening to Kids music constantly to increase the chances of GHOST BABY x]!!!!
  60. 63. “ Hmm… this show… it is very… mind opening… and… clever…” Dude, it’s a social bunny, a ballerina and a plantsim skipping around a farm.
  61. 64. Soon enough, it’s time for birthdays, so now Hunter is aging into a child :]
  62. 65. Hunter Braddick: Neurotic Artistic Slob
  63. 66. That better be ghost baby puke Esme! >:[ “ *puke* Shut *puke* Up *puke* For *puke* Gods *puke* Sake! *puke*” No. :P
  64. 67. Look at little Hunter, strutting his stuff and pulling cool faces. SQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. 68. I’ve sent Hunter to the invention table, not to kill him, but because I REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY want a time machine xD
  66. 69. Of course, I get a fire when I DON’T want it -.-
  67. 71. “ Did my son just run past me with his butt on fire?” Yep, pretty much. “ Oh, okay then.” Sim parents :’]
  68. 72. Just thought that I’d skip to the next day, you don’t really need to see Hunter in the shower dousing his bottom, do you? :P And in other news, Esme’s bump has shown. It is veryveryveryvery small.
  69. 73. Ooh! Twin birthdays! :o
  70. 74. Chris Braddick: Couch Potato Party Animal Neat Clumsy Hopeless Romantic
  71. 75. David Braddick: Loner Couch Potato Perceptive Eccentric Hopeless Romantic
  72. 76. This is the twins after their makeovers. And yes, David has a Mohican. It’s just I’m running out of unique hairs and SOMEONE had to get it… so… >_>
  73. 77. They also both got jobs in the military. :]
  74. 78. Also, Chris met Mara, they hooked up. I think it’s because they’re both in stripes.
  75. 79. Later that night, Mara and Chris shared their first kiss.
  76. 80. Then they got engaged, god these sims move fast in relationships xD
  77. 81. Then they got married :P
  78. 82. Then Mara got made over…
  79. 83. And then they moved to a quaint little beach house :]
  80. 84. When the TV broke, David set his eyes on the repair woman, one Bettina Wilder.
  81. 85. After a hell of a lot of flirting, they got married.
  82. 86. Bettina got a makeover. We had a maid dress in the wardrobe, I really wanted to use it. Sue me :P
  83. 87. And Hunter had his teen birthday :DD
  84. 88. Hunter Braddick: Neurotic Artistic Slob Eccentric
  85. 89. Bettina had also recently consummated her marriage to David. Gen 4 is on the way! :D
  86. 90. Esme went into labour while painting…
  87. 91. And gave birth to healthy twin boys, Theo (the ghost toddler) and Ethan! (name suggestions from the awesome Peedieprincess on ^_^ Theo will be our Generation 3 heir, and that chapter will be up soon :] One more slide 
  88. 92. Just thought you would be interested, this is teenaged Laurel, the daughter of Lori and Ezra :] She’s pretty, and even pulls off having nearly no hair! :D Happy simming! -Thai