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Apocalypse In Death Valley Chapter 4.2 Life Goes On


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Apocalypse In Death Valley Chapter 4.2 Life Goes On

  1. 1. Apocalypse in Death Valley Chapter 4.2 – Life Goes On
  2. 2. Welcome back to the first „real“ chapter after my little recap. Where are we now? Well, the youngest kids of generation two, Baily and Hawking, are teens and working their way up the Politics and Music teen careers. Hawking got fired from Music once, so they switched. Braille, my vamped generation two heir and currently only Sim who can hear me, has topped Athletics and her brother Kepler, also vamped, topped Law. Generation 3 has arrived with first born Diesel, who is already a teenager, and the due-to-a-glitch triplets Rouelle, Fleming and Bayer, who are doing well in school. Baily and Hawking almost got attacked by the evil vampire zombies (from now on called Vombies, credit to Lorin / lorinsv60 ;) ) but were saved by the twin sister of their grandmother (whom they never knew, sadly) and it seems the family is safe for now because the evil foes need time to recover their strength. Alas, onto restriction lifting! Let's hope. =>
  3. 3. Aaaand we start with birthdays! „ Oh, my babies are growing up...“ Uh, Braille? They are your brother and sister, not your children. „ Shush, Voice. You know just as well as I do that Dad, Kepler and I basically raised them. So let me be sentimental for a moment.“ True... Have your moment, Braille. I admit, I understand how you feel. Oh, do you remember when they... „ Moment over.“
  4. 4. Oh, look Braille, your brother has found himself a girlfriend. Aren't they cute together? „ Yeah. He told me he wants to get married to Ivy. Whatever, as long as he's happy. If she breaks his heart, though, she'll have to deal with me!“ I wouldn't want to witness that.
  5. 5. Oi, triple birthday! And synchronous sparkles, too. „ Awww, my babies, I'm so proud!“
  6. 6. The birthday was spent with much pillow fighting. Fleming with Rouelle...
  7. 7. Bayer and Fleming...
  8. 8. And Rouelle and Komei... ok, stop it know, I need those kiddos to skill! „ Voice! You're heartless, it's their birthday!“ Oh, fine. But they are all Knowledge Sims, they actually should enjoy skilling... „ I'm a bit sad none of them took after me...“ I'm not. „ Ahem. What was that?“ Er, nothing.
  9. 9. Well, they do take after you in one account, Braille. „ What do you mean?“ They sure are gorgeous teens. And it seems we've dodged Komei's nose gene, hehe. „ Hey, Voice, don't mock my man's nose! I happen do like his nose.“ Sorry, Braille. I think I might prefer your nose, though.
  10. 10. The boys still look so much alike! I can only tell them apart by the hair colours. „ Psh, please, Voice. It's not that hard.“ Must be your vamped maternal instinct or something.
  11. 11. Well, aren't you two cute together? *whisper* „Don't you dare propose marriage!“ Oh, I wasn't going to. You look happy just the way you are... *happy sigh* „ Voice... you better leave now.“ Why? „ Guess what two Romance Sims are going to do in the bedroom?“ … Have some privacy then.
  12. 12. Romance is in the air tonight. Well, I suppose they need a bit of a break after all that Vombie action and working hard on their careers.
  13. 13. I really think Braille's doubts about Ivy are unfounded. She seems just as much in love with Hawking as he is.
  14. 14. Yay Fleming! Braille, your son maxed... what was he studying? „ Mechanical!“ Oh. Right. Way to go, Fleming! „ If you're so excited about my son maxing a skill – I mean, what do you expect, my boy's smart! - what are you going to say about my sister?“ Sister? Baily? Why, what's up with her?
  15. 15. „ Well, what do you think? She did it! She brought back music into the world!“ Oh, Baily! I think I'm gonna cry now. Finally, no eternal winter anymore, hooray! I do like winter, but I think I've had enough for a while.
  16. 16. „ And she got a spiffy outfit out of it, too!“ Oh, Braille, this is great! Are you looking forward to seasons other than winter? „ Um. Not sure. It's not as if I knew anything else... but I s'pose it's going to be ok. Though sunbaths are out for me.“ Yeah. Still, you'll like it, I'm positive. „ Maybe.“
  17. 17. Hehe, Kepler seems to enjoy the rewards already. Vampire rocking away... „ Hey, bro. Havin' fun?“ „ Hehe, Braillesy, think I've got talent?“ Braillesy? He calls you Braillesy? „ Yes, he does. And he is the only one allowed to.“ Hehe. Ok... Braille. *giggle*
  18. 18. *whisperwhisper* Hey, what are you two whispering about?
  19. 19. Oh. I see. That was good thinking, Braille. Maybe we can unlock Alien Tech along the way. „ Yeah and he actually likes stargazing. Why is beyond me. But that way everybody's a winner.“
  20. 20. Hawking, you genius! Braille, your brother became Mayor! „ Oooooom... meditating, Voice, it's sunny outside.“ I know, I know. But isn't it great? We'll be able to expand the tower, finally! Still needing stilts as the ground is as polluted as ever, but yay, more space!
  21. 21. Yeah... sorry, there is no proper picture of the expanded house. I realized I suck at building. The first try I went totally overboard and the rooms became huge, so not very cosy or practical... the second time was better. I got a nice bedroom for Komei and Braille, a room for the boys and one for Rouelle and necessary bathroom on the second floor and kitchen (without oven, of course) and living room on the first floor (driveway being ground floor). In the end no one needed the beds because they all meditated around the Jumbok or used the energizer both located in the living room. My Sims don't sleep once they are teens. ^^ Plus, the lot is awfully glitchy now, can't delete some build stuff from the first try, so I had to build around that. I kinda liked the tower better! Ah well, they'll all get nice houses on non-glitchy lots once the Apocalypse is over and I'll take lots of pictures then. On with the story. =>
  22. 22. And more romance! Braille, your eldest is having his first kiss. A cute couple, aren't they? „ Hm. I just hope the boy doesn't stick with the first girl that happens to walk by this lot. After all, a great girl could still be waiting around the corner! He needs to look around more!“ I'm not sure if I should be touched or shake my head.
  23. 23. Why, Braille, you look happy! What's up with you? „ Voice, I never knew they are so cute! Aren't they the most entertaining little things you've ever seen?“ Hu? What is? What are you talking about?
  24. 24. „ Those cute little flying lights, of course! They look like the fairies in the books Dad used to read to me... let me see if I can catch a few of them. I have to show them to the kids. They will love them!“ They are called fireflies, Braille. I knew you would enjoy other seasons!
  25. 25. „ Mmmhmm, Voice. Fireflies? They are adorable. I could stay out all night watching them.“ You do that, Braille, go ahead. You deserve it. Besides, I'm sure there are going to be less peaceful times as well, so enjoy yourself while you can. … Braille, are you listing to me? „ Cute little fireflysy...“ I guess not. *smile* I can so understand her, by the way, I love them as well.
  26. 26. It truely was a calm time in the house and some family members even managed to fulfill some of their life-long dreams. Baily managed to get 20 best friends and her little popularity heart was very, very happy about it.
  27. 27. And Kepler finally got to see a ghost! He had spent quite some time near the graves of Kaylar and Drake and it paid off in the end! What else could make a Knowledge Sim happier? „ Oh, goody, my son is home. I have to talk to him.“ Diesel? Why?
  28. 28. „ Heya, Mum.“ „ Diesel, there's something I want to talk to you about.“ Would you mind letting me know first? „ What's that? And why outside?“ „ Diesel, I want you to be heir of the family.“
  29. 29. „ What?“ What? „ Why me?“ Why him? I mean, I adore him, but I really thought Rouelle... Braille, will you talk to me?! „ Honey, I know this sounds scary at first. And it's not the funniest thing to take over such a responsibility.“ „ Mum... what if I can't do it? I don't think...“ „ Diesel, first of all, know that your Dad, your uncle and I talked a lot about this. And we all believe very much in you. You can do this. And you are not alone, son. I don't age so I'll be around as well.“ „ I guess... Flem, 'Elle, Bayer and me have been wondering about it already...if you all really think I am the best choice...“
  30. 30. „ We do.“ „ Ok then. I guess.“ I don't have a say in that matter, do I? „ No, Voice. It's my choice. Just like it was Dad who picked me I'm naming Diesel heir.“ Ok then. I guess. „ Uh,... Mum... who are you talking to?“ Ooooh, here it goes. *sigh* „Well, Diesel... you're lucky you can't hear her...“ Hey! „ ... but there is this Voice. The creator of us Sims. And I'm the only one who can hear her.“ „… Mum? Did you spend too much time out in the sun today?“
  31. 31. „ Hey, watch your tongue, mister! I know it's hard to believe. But you can ask Grandpa, he heard her, too. That is, until he became an elder, then she started talking to me.“ „ Grandpa?“ „ Yup. It seems that actually all Sims are supposed to hear her. But whatever caused this Apocalypse also damaged the relationship between the Voice and us. So we have to fix that as well.“ And fight the Vombies. „ Right. I was coming to that. The Vombies.“ „ Vombies... Mum, do you want to lie down a bit?“
  32. 32. „ Diesel! Listen to me! I know it's a bit much to take in all at once. But I never told you much about the danger because I wanted you and your siblings to grow up as peacefully as possible!“ „ Ok, ok, Mum. Sorry. It's just... you mentioned a Count who is trying to sabotage our family and we all knew that we would have to work hard to reinstall the one thing or another once we're grown up... but you never mentioned Vombies – whatever that is – or a Voice or anything like that before!“ „ Well, I'm doing so now.“ „ So what are those Vombies?“ „ Vampire zombies. They can actually attack during the day.“
  33. 33. „ Wha... what?? But...“ „ Don't worry about it now. And don't tell your siblings yet. That still has time. See, the Vombies attacked your Aunt and Uncle but couldn't hurt them in the end. And it seems they need a long time to recover from such an attack in sunlight, so they can only try once a generation. Since you and your siblings were already born I suppose we don't have to worry about them until you have kids.“ „ Er...ok... I think my head hurts.“ I think that really was a bit much for him. Poor Diesel. Let it be for now, Braille. ,
  34. 34. „ I s'pose you're right, Voice. It's enough to take in. But he'll be fine, I know it. He's my son, after all.“ I'm sure he'll be fine, Braille. ... Wait, did you just say I was right? „ Yeah, yeah, enjoy the rare moment, Voice, hehe.“
  35. 35. „ Don't worry too much, Diesel. I know it's a lot to take in, but you'll be fine. Voice thinks so, too.“ „ I guess it's fine, Mum. I'll try to make you and Dad and Uncle Kepler proud. I'm glad you'll be around, though.“
  36. 36. So Diesel had a few more days of care-free teenagehood until his birthday... which he spent working (teen slacker career) and thus grew up well, but unspectacularly on the sidewalk.
  37. 37. And then he headed right back to work without even changing first. Ha, fashion disaster, I laugh at your face, I've got Show Business lifted! … Sorry. Just had to gloat about that. „ Oi, he's got his Dad's nose!“ I noticed. ... He's still cute. „ Of course he is! He's my son.“ Yeah... Braille, have you already thought about who he is going to marry? „ Psh, Voice, sure I have.“ Great. Who?
  38. 38. „ Her name is Shenene. And she's an old friend of Komei from college.“ Hopefully not an old friend friend. „ Actually, she is the only female 'just friends friend' he remembered...“ Oh. Ok, good. I hope she and Diesel will get along well enough. „ I wouldn't worry about that, Voice. I told you I've got it all sorted out... she's the right girl for him.“
  39. 39. I see what you mean, Braille. Fine, so that's sorted. Great. I'm happy for those two. They even have two bolts for each other! „ Told ya.“ Ok, I admit it, you did great, Braille.
  40. 40. „ By the way, Voice... My brothers and my sister are going to move out now. Right across the street next to Dad and Aunt Marie. We talked about it and they need to lead their own lives.“ Sure, Braille. We need the space, anyway. „ They'll be close by, in case we need them. Or they need us.“ Right. I do think that they won't be targets for another attack, though. I'm pretty sure the Count is going for the main family line. „ You're probably right but still... make sure they arrive at their new home safely.“ Of course.
  41. 41. And here we are. Baily and Hawking are having fun in the front yard and Kepler is safely tucked away in his coffin in the basement. I guess they are fine. Braille and I don't need to worry for now.
  42. 42. Braille, your siblings are fine and... oh my god, what is it? „ It's Diesel!“ What? Where? Are the Vombies back? Oh dear, what is it?
  43. 43. „ My poor baby! He had an energizer accident!“ Phew, Braille. At least no Vombie attack. Unless they manipulated the energeizer... „ Stop babbeling, Voice, you gotta take care of my son and make sure he doesn't die on you or the whole challenge is over right here and now!“ Don't worry, Braille. We can still make hamburgers today, he'll have some and then head straight to bed. He doesn't have to go to work until morning.
  44. 44. Or we skip the bed thing and just let him sleep on his hamburgers. Wake up, boy, you still need to eat a few bites! Oi, wake up! Braille, wake him up! In the end, Diesel survived. Phew. No need for Vombies and plots, I'm perfectly able to fail this challenge on my own... *sweat*
  45. 45. So after I managed to save my heir *still sweating*, onto more happy events. Hawking got on his knee and Ivy was very happy to accept his proposal. Which calls for...
  46. 46. … a wedding and a wedding party! Aren't they a cute couple? By the way, I only realized after the party that I wasn't allowed the wedding arch because of the Natural Science restrictions. I checked parties and since Show Business was lifted, I thought I was fine... never occured to me that the wedding arch was restricted specifically. *sigh* Well, at least it wasn't the main lot.
  47. 47. As for the wedding, the whole family was thrilled! Ok, maybe Möbius isn't showing it, looking towards the kitchen, but I know he was as well!
  48. 48. Much fun was had! I didn't pay much attention to what Kepler and Möbius talked about with Hawking, but they seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously.
  49. 49. Braille? What are you doing down here in the basement? Why are you not upstairs celebrating with the rest of the family? „ I just need a bit of time to myself, Voice.“ Something specific on your mind?
  50. 50. „ It's just... I know Diesel and Shenene are planning to get married soon as well. And then it's only a matter of time before the next generation is being born. And then...“ You are worried about the next attack. „ Yes. The Count has managed to surprise us every time and he's gotten stronger. First zombies, the vombies, what's next? And I'm also wondering about the prediction Kaya made.“ The girl who brings the green into the family? I've been wondering about that one, too.
  51. 51. „ Well, Shenene managed to find a job in the field of Natural Science. So she might be that girl. But how that's supposed to help us, I don't know.“ To be honest, I don't know, either. Why don't you ask Kaya about it? „ I tried to reach her, but I can't find her, Voice.“ Oh. That's not so good. „ No... but y'know what, Voice? I've had enough with all that stupid threats and solving the puzzle and all! We'll just live our lifes and that's that! If they want us to fail, let them come! We'll show them! Prophecy or not, we'll kick their asses!“ Woot, Braille. That's the spirit! „ Yep. And now excuse me, I have a party my butt off.“
  52. 52. Good thing they had something to celebrate. *sigh* Oh, Diesel. I really wanted those Slacker restrictions lifted... ah well. I know something that'll cheer you up.
  53. 53. Very romantic Apocalypse wedding right on top of the stairs in front of the front door! They still look happy, don't they?
  54. 54. Well, other than Diesel this generation is lucky with promotions. Rouelle topped the teen Journalism career.
  55. 55. „ Voice?“ Yes, Braille? „ It's Komei's birthday.“ I know. „ I told him to move out.“ Oh? Why did you do that? You got along great with each other! „ Yes... and I don't want to loose him. If he moves out, he can still come over and visit but won't age. You know we don't have elixir and he's very afraid of becoming a vampire, so this was the only way.“ I see... bye, Komei. *sigh* I'll miss him. „ Me too.“
  56. 56. Braille! „ Bleh! One moment, Voice, busy.“ Yeah, I can see that . I don't really want two vampires in the house, though! „ Diesel's platinum now.“ Hm. Ok. If you put it that way.
  57. 57. My Sims don't like coffins, they never stay in there. So they just meditate the day away and wait for the sun to set. It's better for my sanity, too.
  58. 58. Oi! Braille, it seems you're going to be a Grandma soon! And where's the soon-to-be Daddy?
  59. 59. Ah, great. Now let's hope it'll happen before his first-born child is all grown-up...
  60. 60. „ Hey, Voice, my son topped his teen career!“ Yay, Bayer! Wait, is he in the Criminal career track or Law Enforcement? „ Sheesh. Criminal. Fleming is doing Law Enforcement.“ Right. How could I just mix them up? *cough*
  61. 61. Uneventful pregnancy due to Shenene meditating and working only. It paid off, she and the baby survived happy and healthy! „ Ooooooooowiiiiii! That huuuuurts!“ „ Why's she making so much fuss? Spin and twirl, that's it. Sheesh, I never screamed like that.“ Nooooo, never. *cough*
  62. 62. Welcome, baby Cullen! „ Who is he named after, Voice?“ That would be William Cullen. US American who invented the first artificial refrigerator. „ Awww, he's so cuddly.“ *smile* I knew you'd love to be a Grandma, Braille. „ Ah, shush, Voice. I don't have a job and can pamper him the whole night. His parents are busy enough with working and stargazing or caring for him during the day.“ You go right ahead and pamper the little cutie, Braille!
  63. 63. And after birth it's birthdays! The triplets are all grown up! Fleming and Bayer look just as alike as ever.
  64. 64. And Rouelle looks as stunning as ever. Actually, she still looks just like she did as a teenager. Being Knowledge Sims, all three took growing up uneducated pretty hard...
  65. 65. … but they understood their mother's reasons well enough and were able to cope with it.
  66. 66. And here we have little Cullen all grown into a toddler! Shenene had the honour to help him. She's quite a doting mother, isn't she, Braille? „ Oh, yes. She's very sweet and all... just pretty dull.“ Oi, that's not very nice! „ Oh, c'mon, Voice. All the talk about money and stuff... But as long as my son loves her.“
  67. 67. „ Hello there, grandson. Do you want me to teach you to walk? Yes, you do! Yes, you do!“
  68. 68. „ Mummy needs to meditate to be rested for tomorrow's work and Daddy is looking for aliens. But don't worry, Cullen, I'll have all night for you!“
  69. 69. Well, Diesel did care for Cullen, too, and taught him to talk.
  70. 70. Braille, your grandson is playing in a puddle! „ Yes, I know.“ Well, don't you want to pick him up? He's getting soaking wet! „ I would, Voice, but...“ But? „ The sun! Gotta go meditating. 'sides, it's warm enough inside the house, let him have his fun.“ Well, little man, seems like you have the day to yourself. „ Wheeee!“
  71. 71. Braille! Braille! „ Oooooooooommm!“ Yeah, I know, meditating! But Fleming did it! He became Captain Hero! „ Oooooommm... mmmmhmmm.“ We're getting closer to our goal every day! Maybe the Vombies have given up and won't bother this family anymore. „ Ooooommmm... do you really believe that?“ Actually, I don't.
  72. 72. So she may be dull, Braille, but she topped Natural Science in no time! „ So... now what?“ Um. Good question. I suppose we have our girl who brought green back to the family... but that didn't seem to do anything, did it? „ Maybe... it takes a bit more time?“ Maybe. Well, we'll just have to go on, anyway.
  73. 73. „ Yup. In the meantime I'll spend a bit of time with my grandson.“ Diesel stargazing again? „ Like every night. Voice, you sure you didn't just make those aliens up?“ I didn't make them up! It just takes time. A lot of time. „ Well, if it hasn't happened when Cullen here starts school, Diesel just has to stop stargazing and spend more time with his son. He'll need his Daddy.“
  74. 74. Oh, but Diesel taught him to talk! „ I know. I'm not blaming my son. But Cullen spends most of his time with women and once he starts school he'll want to do more with his daddy. My boys had each other but Cullen hasn't got any brothers...“ Not yet! „ ... and his uncles are busy working.“ I see what you mean, Braille, but lifting Alien technology would be really great, you know?
  75. 75. „ But it's not necessary to complete the challenge.“ No, it isn't but... „ Voice!“ Yes? „ What's that noise?“ Noise? … Oh....
  76. 76. „ Why did I agree to this again?“ Diesel! „ Diesel!“
  77. 77. *pant* „Gosh, too many stairs! Voice, why didn't you get rid of the darn stairs when you remodeled the house?“ Um... I kinda liked the tower? Besides, Braille, wouldn't you be quicker as a bat? „ No.“ *pant*
  78. 78. „ Oh, no, Voice, I'm too late! He's gone! My son is gone!“ Don't worry, Braille, he'll be back soon and he'll be fine! „ Fine? Fine?! I don't think so! Didn't you hear him scream! Oh, I can't believe we ever agreed to do this!“
  79. 79. Braille! Calm down! I know it's frightening, but Diesel will be fine. Trust me, I know it. „ I just hope you are right, Voice...“
  80. 80. Yes – I'll leave you at that! Actually, I wanted to go on writing, but the chapter has a nice length and I felt this was a good point to stop. I do have almost all the pics for the next update, only missing a few plotty ones. Next we'll see if Diesel gets back from his alien trip healthy – and happy? Will he and Rouelle and Bayer lift their restrictions? Or will one of them get fired? (Curse you, Slacker restrictions! I find them more annoying than Culinary...) And of course, what about our Count and the Vombies? Have they really given up? If not, what are they waiting for? =>
  81. 81. What else? I had Kepler stargazing for quite a while and was hoping for an abduction until I realized that his child wouldn't be egliable to lift a restriction! So he moved out with Baily and Hawking. They can use a vampire for protection, right? Then Diesel took over and I had him gaze every night, the whole night. And it happened! *does happy dance* It took maybe 15 nights which I think isn't bad. Yay! And Braille. Not only does she love to care for Cullen (she does this autonomously and even rolled the want to teach him to walk!) but now she also goes and cleans up all the time. During night hours, that is. Wouldn't be so surprising if she hadn't only two neat points. She rolls occasional romance wants, like woohoo, but mixed with other stuff, so I guess it's not that important to her. I adore this Sim!
  82. 82. Fun Facts: Cullen: Pisces; 5/2/9/3/8 The Nine Active Points of Doom are back! Hehe. Diesel: fired from Slacker, now working on Business. LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind. (Would have been fine, but I wanted Slacker lifted first and went with that... well, there's always a next generation...) Shenene: Gemini; 4/7/8/3/3; Fortune Aspiration; Diploma => Lifted Natural Science! LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind. Fleming: Knowledge Aspiration; => Lifted Law Enforcement! LTW: Become Chief of Staff. Bayer: Knowledge Aspiration; working on Criminal. LTW: Become Education Minister. Rouelle: Knowledge Aspiration; working on Journalism. LTW: Reach top of Adventure Career.
  83. 83. The End, but not for long.