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10 Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know


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Alfresco DevCon 2019
10 Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know

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10 Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know

  1. 1. keensoft angelborroy @AngelBorroy 10Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know Angel Borroy Developer at USTGlobal
  2. 2. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. A first approach to Alfresco in 2019 can be overwhelming
  3. 3. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 1 Java 8 (2014) – LTS Lambdas, Stream API, Date and Time API, no permanent memory Java 9 (2017) jshell, Concurrency API, HTTP 2.0, Process API Java 10 (2018) Local-variable type inference, class-data sharing, root certificates, thread-local handshakes Java 11 (2018) – LTS HttpClient standard, lambda parameters, dynamic class-file constants 6.0 6.1
  4. 4. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 1
  5. 5. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Spring Framework 5.1 XML based Bean definition AOP Transaction Spring Surf 6.20 Web Scripts Spring Test 5.1 SpringRunner 2 IoC Container
  6. 6. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Spring Boot 2 Auto-Configuration Security MVC Data Access Spring Cloud Discovery Service Registry Spring Cloud Stream Binders to Message Brokers Spring Cloud Kubernetes Discovery Cluster features (pods, leader…) 2
  7. 7. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 3 Server Side alfresco.war Rhino 1.7 Support JavaScript 1.7 Partial support for ES6 & ES2016+ Client Side share.war JSON YUI 2.9.0 Aikau 1.0.101 Dojo 1.10.4 JQuery 1.11 Spring Surf MVC
  8. 8. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 4 Before ADF… Angular! ES6 TypeScript Angular CLI Components Dependency Events Modules Directives Pipes i18n Webpack Packagr
  9. 9. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 4 And also Angular modules @angular/material @angular/forms @angular/http @angular/router @ngrx/store @ngx-translate/core Using the right tools
  10. 10. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 5 SOLR 6 Indexer / Tracker Cores administration Status (Transaction, ACL, Node, Cache) Cross locale configuration Facets Query languages (FTS / CMIS) Transactional metadata query Clustering Sharding Replication SOLR 7 + elastic 6.x ?
  11. 11. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 5 Alfresco Insight Engine Solr SQL Apache Zeppelin JDBC Connector Qlik Tableau nlp4j SolrCloud autoscaling!
  12. 12. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 6 BPM BPMN 2.0 Activiti extensions Java API JavaScript (Nashorn) Content Model Repo (XML) Share Forms (XML) OMG's Pizza Collaboration Example
  13. 13. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 6 Activiti Core Spring Boot TaskRuntime API ProcessRuntime API Activiti Cloud RuntimeBundle Query Audit Connectors Kubernetes Helm
  14. 14. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 7 OPENAPI HTTP REST JSON OAuth 2 CORS
  15. 15. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 8 ORM is that easy!
  16. 16. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 8 Repository JDBC MyBatis Upgrading patches (SQL) Database Segmentation Clustering
  17. 17. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 9 Dockerfile FROM RUN CMD EXPOSE Docker Compose services build image ports networks Volumes
  18. 18. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 9 SDK Docker based Public Docker Hub & private Quay Docker Images CI / CD Build custom images Docker images repository
  19. 19. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. 10 k8s Kubelet Nodes Containers Pods Services Deployments Ingress Volumes Helm Chart Tools kubectl helm
  20. 20. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Containerization challenges Security Storage Load Balancing User / App Identification CI / CD Monitoring Logging 10
  21. 21. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. )> Amazon Textract Easily extract text and data from virtually any document
  22. 22. keensoft angelborroy @AngelBorroy 10Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know Angel Borroy Developer at USTGlobal