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Finance customer reference booklet

  1. 1. Information availability IN THE FINANCE INDUSTRY Availability Services CUSTOMER REFERENCE BOOKLET
  2. 2. Information availability IN THE Finance Industry Financial services providers As a result, a highly Secure, flexible, cost-effective solutions must be able to react quickly available and flexible IT Continuous availability of systems Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives Under our Managed Recovery and data is a priority for the highly- your business the dynamic flexibility Programme, we take full responsibility to new opportunities in infrastructure is becoming regulated financial services industry. of the cloud, eliminating step-changes for customers’ testing and recovery – SunGard Availability Services can in capacity, poor hardware utilisation, capturing and managing all changes, order to stay competitive. more important than ever. help financial institutions be more lengthy provisioning and costly and ensuring scripts and processes are innovative, adaptable and competitive hardware refresh. Our highly scalable always current. This alleviates the need This means being agile Yet for many financial than traditional in-house IT approaches cloud environment can either be for financial services providers with permit by aligning compute resource dedicated to your business or shared large-scale, complex environments to enough to explore new services firms – burdened directly to business objectives. with like-minded, security-conscious manage how frequent and widespread enterprise customers. operational change will affect their markets, develop new with legacy technology, We offer a complete range of secure, recovery capability. cost-effective and flexible Information Many financial services firms product streams and adopt budgetary constraints, and Availability solutions – customised to choose to take advantage of our We have over three decades of take account of the unique composition Managed Hosting and Colocation experience of managing large-scale new business models, the increasing pressures of of your IT environment – and makes services, entrusting us anything from IT environments, and an in-depth everything work together seamlessly. productivity tools and back-office understanding of the challenges that or deepen customer infrastructure management – Our unrivalled network of facilities and support applications to business- typically keep IT leaders in the financial experienced specialists ensure your critical systems. services sector awake at night. engagement through a achieving this in-house can critical systems stay up and running, Our Business Continuity software Discover how SunGard can help no matter what. variety of new channels. prove elusive. and consultancy services help financial your organisation reduce risk, boost service providers maintain ‘business as agility and take advantage of our usual’ and recover core functions faster considerable economies of scale. in the event of disruption. 2 3
  3. 3. Liontrust Liontrust is a leading independent Business challenge Business benefits “It would have been investment management To avoid investing at least High availability of data completely illogical to buy £50,000 in two new network and services another physical server company that provides portfolio attached storage arrays, Liontrust Efficient solution that eliminates or storage device. The scoured the market for a cloud management services and expensive technology refreshes cloud is the natural solution IaaS provider able to meet its Flexibility to accommodate to capacity issues. The markets its investment products demands for flexibility, security concept of enterprise- and resilience changes in business strategy to professional investors. With class cloud computing may Ability to scale up in line with be relatively new but the continued growth pushing its Solution company growth underlying infrastructure is IaaS Low-risk transition from physical SunGard’s bread and butter. network attached storage arrays Electronic Data Vaulting to cloud environment We trust their expertise towards capacity, Liontrust and resources.” Disaster Recovery Resilient, secure and compliant, decided to place all its core giving customers peace of mind David Little, Freedom to focus on core head of IT and investment systems on SunGard’s private operations, Liontrust business by removing burden cloud infrastructure – including its of infrastructure management vital research database, trading CLICK HERE to read the full story of how SunGard Availability platform and business email. Services’ enterprise-class cloud solution gives Liontrust 4 unparalleled flexibility, security and productivity gains. 5
  4. 4. Permal The Permal Group has one of Business challenge Business benefits “SunGard has delivered the longest and most successful Permal wanted to focus on running High availability of data exactly what it promised, its business, rather than running its and services very professionally, with track records in the alternatives infrastructure. With an expensive Value for money solution a great deal of time and technology refresh looming on the industry, and today has over that eliminates expensive effort spent understanding horizon, the firm considered SunGard technology refreshes Permal’s business and 200 employees and offices Availability Services’ enterprise-class its needs. SunGard’s on- private cloud to be a secure, flexible Low risk transition from physical in nine international financial and cost-effective alternative to cloud environment demand cloud IaaS solution has enabled us to be more centres. For years, it has trusted Flexibility to mix and match services flexible: move forward, Solution according to business needs SunGard to deliver business change faster and grow IaaS Ability to scale up in line with more efficiently without continuity, disaster recovery Managed Services company growth having to worry about and alternative workspace Disaster Recovery (Technology Resilient, secure and compliant, physical constraints” and Workplace) giving customers peace of mind solutions. Today, SunGard’s Steve Conway, Consulting (Technical and Freedom to focus on core director of IT infrastructure, enterprise-class private cloud business continuity) business by removing burden Permal Group of infrastructure management hosts the group’s core systems – including its banking systems CLICK HERE to read the full story of how SunGard Availability Services enables Permal to be more flexible and future-proof through IaaS. 6 and corporate intranet. 7
  5. 5. 3i For over 65 years, international Business challenge Business benefits “We faced a daunting task investor 3i has been working with More than 120 vital servers Avoided capital outlay needed to but SunGard filled us with were relocated to SunGard’s upgrade an ageing data centre confidence. Very early on, management teams to develop data centre in a military-style they presented us with a operation over a single weekend. Peace of mind that critical project plan, which highlighted businesses that have potential for systems are hosted in resilient, With multi-million pound deals at all the actions needed and secure data centre significant growth. Recognising stake, failure was not an option the timescales. We could Liberated IT staff from routine see that they had done this that its ageing data centre was Solution housekeeping tasks many times before – their no longer fit for purpose and experience shone through. Managed Hosting Considerable cost-savings The best result when carrying required a costly upgrade, 3i opted Consultancy Services No interruption to business out a large technology move operations is that people don’t notice instead to host its systems at one Technology Recovery anything has changed... and of SunGard Availability Services’ Workplace Recovery that is exactly what happened. It’s cost-effective and, most highly resilient technology centres importantly of all, it’s improved the service delivery levels we – but only after a rigorous selection can offer the business.” process to ensure its mission- Tim Rance, CLICK HERE to read the full story of how SunGard Availability director of IT infrastructure, 3i critical systems would be in the Services took over management of 3i’s mission-critical systems without a hitch. 8 safest of hands. 9
  6. 6. Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford is one of the UK’s Business challenge Business benefits “SunGard’s size and the largest independent investment While Baillie Gifford manages Mitigates risk of downtime scale of infrastructure – its its many bespoke applications numerous recovery sites management firms, with 700 Ability to meet Recovery itself, it needs a partner with an and rollback capability Time Objectives infrastructure of sufficient size and staff and around £70 billion Preserves Baillie Gifford’s – still give us a lot of scale to meet its Recovery Time reputation for service comfort. It is light years under management in active Objectives so that it can focus on its ahead of the competition core business equity and bond portfolios. Avoids financial loss so it’s encouraging that it Solution Peace of mind for employees continues to invest.” For over 17 years, Baillie and clients Brian Hunter, Workplace Recovery Gifford has trusted SunGard Ensures compliance with information assurance manager, Colocation/Managed Hosting regulatory requirements Baillie Gifford to enable business to continue uninterrupted through a variety of workplace recovery, colocation and managed hosting services. CLICK HERE to read the full story of how Baillie Gifford relies on SunGard Availability Services to support its robust business 10 continuity practices. 11
  7. 7. Genesis When leading fund manager Business challenge Business benefits “I found it a very worthwhile Genesis found it was regularly Understandably reluctant to Data storage volumes cut by up exercise. The report and upgrade to a larger, more costly to 40% the views that we can create exceeding its storage allowance, storage allocation if it could be Savings of thousands of pounds through the portal allow avoided, Genesis wanted a clear the firm called on SunGard in storage costs us to monitor the effect picture of its vault contents to Rapid ROI, with cost recouped that our backups have on for help. Through a Vaulting eliminate unwanted data our storage resources. several times over Assessment, SunGard enabled Over time this will allow Solution Shorter backup and restore times us to streamline the service Genesis to save thousands of Consulting – Vaulting will give a head start in recovery to fit the needs of our Assessment Development of a vaulting business better.” pounds by eliminating large strategy that meets volumes of unwanted data, while Colin Cloves, business needs IT manager, Genesis Investment developing a vaulting strategy Management that would support the business into the future. CLICK HERE to read the full story of how Genesis was able to reduce costs and proactively manage vault content and data 12 growth thanks to SunGard Availability Services. 13
  8. 8. Ipswich Building Society Founded in 1849, Ipswich Business challenge Business benefits “We know SunGard is the Building Society is one of the Ipswich Building Society needed Enables the building society to biggest specialist provider an effective business continuity provide an uninterrupted service and has a brilliant track UK’s most trusted building plan and alternative workplace to to members record. With SunGard on our mitigate the risks of head office societies, providing a full range Preserves Ipswich Building side, I’m totally confident or branches being inaccessible, Society’s reputation for reliability that we’ll be able to cope of financial services for Suffolk’s and of key systems being with anything that’s thrown unavailable due to everyday Prevents defection of members rural and coastal communities. risks such as a power or to competitors at us!” hardware failure Ronnie Weston, Following an IT infrastructure Protects jobs by maintaining market confidence in the business assistant general manager outsourcing project, SunGard Solution Technical Services, Ensures compliance with Ipswich Building Society Availability Services helped the Workplace Recovery regulatory requirements Building Society’s project team Consultancy Services Avoids financial loss put in place a workable plan to ensure the continuity of key business functions. CLICK HERE to read the full story of how SunGard Availability Services ensures Ipswich Building Society to deliver uninterrupted 14 service to its customers. 15
  9. 9. Martin Currie Martin Currie is a specialist Business challenge Business benefits “We chose SunGard because investment management business With its fund managers investing Mitigates risk of downtime we wanted a trusted name and managing £5.5 billion of we could rely on. It was the with headquarters in Edinburgh Ability to meet Recovery client assets, Martin Currie only dedicated business Time Objectives recognises it has a responsibility and offices in London, New York, Preserves Martin Currie’s continuity provider we found to protect its business against reputation for first-class service that offered the complete Melbourne, Singapore, Zurich any type of disruption Information Availability and performance and Hong Kong. SunGard has package. SunGard’s rollback Solution Avoids financial loss capabilities give us the worked closely with Martin Currie Workplace Recovery Peace of mind for employees peace of mind that, no since 1994, and today delivers a and clients matter what, they have the Ensures compliance with resources to look after us.” complete Information Availability regulatory requirements Alan Davidson, package to the firm, including business continuity manager, Martin Currie dedicated space at SunGard’s workplace recovery centres. CLICK HERE to read the full story of how SunGard Availability 16 Services enables Martin Currie to keep its business online. 17
  10. 10. Contact SunGard to find out more about how our solutions help financial services organisations overcome their information availability challenges. Tel: 0800 143 413 E-mail: United Kingdom & European Head Office, Unit B Heathrow Corporate Park, Green Lane, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 6ER 0800 143 413 © 2012 SunGard Availability Services (UK) Limited SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the US and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.